Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1394
Sees in the compounded drug pile suddenly to present a person, this may have a scare Xia Tian, but he has discovered immediately, this is a deceased person, without any deceased person of breath, but this person mortal body not any rotten sign. ! After Xia Tian all absorbs the compounded drug enters small cauldron inside, Xia Tian saw clearly the appearance of this person. Handsome.” This is the first idea of Xia Tian, this person appearance very handsome, Xia Tian measures with the eye this person in the world also absolutely is ranking among the best, possibly only compared with him slightly almost. The Xia Tian vision completely by this person attracting, him has even forgotten that small insect tattoos on oneself arm. This small insect tattoos is he obtains in the Witchcraft Sect buried treasure event, had initiated at that time also the rebellion of deep sea water monster. Jade Jane! Xia Tian discovered that in this male hand takes a jade Jane, Xia Tian was bringing jade Jane directly, afterward Xia Tian directly entered in jade Jane by Spiritual Force, entered jade Jan's that moment, Xia Tian saw the last remnant soul of this man. Being predestined friends person hello, I keep here reason all wealth am because I believe that can find here person to have the big destiny to add the person of body surely, before I did not care to the destiny, because I think that I am the talent, God's favored one, even if no so-called any destiny, I am also same can able to move unhindered the world, what a pity I have made a mistake, therefore I have ended up to turn out the present fate, I hope that my being predestined friends person can be has the big destiny to add the person of body, then has the opportunity to help me handle a matter, is not the matter that helps me revenge, but is helps. I deliver a letter, letter in my bosom, where addressee I do not know that hopes you can help me find this person, and gives him the letter.” That [say / way] remnant soul has revealed the light sadness, he is only the remnant soul, moreover remained, therefore he could not see Xia Tian, Xia Tian has not spoken to him, but was static listened to him to relate there. My broken day, is the person who the list is listed third, I think that you have not necessarily heard the list, but you will certainly hear that in the future, above the list records the names of all God's favored ones, altogether ten quotas, for these ten quotas, the entire spirit world have had the innumerable bloody battles, so long as can step into the list becomes the focal point that in the entire spirit world most is a focus of public attention, super talent that the major influence institutes win over, this is my glory for a lifetime.”

Xia Tian can see his pride from his remnant soul, although Xia Tian does not know that the list is any thing, but undergoes his analysis should with the person list to be similar, is hundred dawns lives to write. I leave behind three types of things here, is the same, the compounded drug mountain, here has 2 billion gathering miracle cures, the gathering miracle cure is used to assist the cultivation use, after taking a gathering miracle cure, carries on the cultivation speed to promote two times to three times again \; 2 billion! Hears this digit time, the mouth of Xia Tian opens in a big way, he does not have to think one have miscalculated, here unexpectedly has 2 billion compounded drugs . Moreover the super compounded drug of this named gathering miracle cure, he at this time a little completely had been shocked, moreover his also finally clear gathering miracle cure wondrous use, he unexpectedly regarded a moment ago increases the Inner Strength compounded drug, but he is also clear the gathering miracle cure definitely is not to all person effects same, a strength lower person affects is bigger. However so, Xia Tian this time also crisply turned, these many poly miracle cures can make him turn into Earth Grade greatly complete Expert the Jiang Hai City brothers, but requires the time, then from now henceforth also who dares to offend Jiang Hai City, who dares to get rid to China? You dare with our China act high and mighty, to send out 100 Earth Grade greatly complete Expert directly in the past, the words that 100 Earth Grade greatly complete Expert get rid, who can block? „The second type, is the spirit stone mountain, shoves open my behind stone wall later in has a spirit stone mountain, inside has low grade spirit stone 100,000, spirit stone 5000, high-grade goods spirit stone.” Hears here time Xia Tian almost not to faint, this is the happy corona, his tears must flow, this is the happy tears. This happy heart is unable to describe with language. Bought in the lottery ticket 5 million already OUT, now the Xia Tian mood probably is Li Ka-shing kneels in a poverty ** in front of silk, must give the opposite party 10 billion, that poverty ** the mood of silk is completely same as the present Xia Tian mood.

Low-grade goods spirit stone can initiate Earth Grade to be greatly complete together the bloody battle. Here enough 100,000 low grade spirit stone, moreover there are spirit stone 5000, at that time Eastern Man to Xia Tian explained when rank of spirit stone said that spirit stone can restore the strength, spirit stone has used up together, 70-80 years can also fully restore, in spirit stone can haunch sect Men to pass from generation to generation. Actually thus it can be seen spirit stone is what value. Can let establish a large amount gate together, in that 5000 spirit stone? Especially here also has high-grade goods spirit stone together, Xia Tian does not know how should describe, high-grade goods spirit stone he does not know the function, but spirit stone had that greatly has affected, high-grade goods spirit stone say nothing, moreover the base number of this contrast is also very big, in 5000 spirit stone, only then together high-grade goods spirit stone, thus it can be seen, high-grade goods spirit stone value. Xia Tian believes that if make public these treasures, that can initiate the world war absolutely. A super world war. Bang! Xia Tian advanced stone wall, after he overthrows stone wall, he saw the spirit stone mountain, his front has two hills, stone platform, these two hills are low grade spirit stone and spirit stone. But on that stone platform is high-grade goods spirit stone, at this time high-grade goods spirit stone thought of by a crystal box.

At this time high-grade goods spirit stone looks like standing that the king same chins up and chests out there. In other words, here this high-grade goods spirit stone value in broken deva-eye distant must surpass these low grade spirit stone and spirit stone. Although does not know the high-grade goods spirit stone value, but Xia Tian the collection of its cautious and solemn. Small cauldron, attracts to me.” The Xia Tian left hand wields, these spirit stone were drawn in the small cauldron completely. At this moment, insect tattoos on Xia Tian arm had the change again, its unexpectedly spirit stone will have drawn directly together, moreover in that spirit stone unexpectedly also turned into tattoos, at this time this tattoos attractive a point, the bug has also twined spirit stone also to have a taste, likely is not before, others bright tattoos, is the left Azure Dragon right white tiger, Lao Niu in waist, main item in chest, he one bright, is an insect, seems does not have the face very much. Xia Tian now was a local tyrant, he has not cared about in this spirit stone, whatever directly the small insect has made, now what he most cares was the third treasure of broken day staying behind.