Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1395
Xia Tian believes that the third type of treasure certainly is the treasure of next to last act, at this time the first two treasures enough have made him surprised, one is the compounded drug mountain, 2 billion compounded drugs, one is the spirit stone mountain, 100,000 low grade spirit stone, in 5000 spirit stone and high-grade goods spirit stone. The first two treasures absolutely are existences of local tyrant rank, that third? Xia Tian has filled with the anticipation to the third treasure. Afterward Xia Tian Spiritual Force entered in jade Jane once more. „The third treasure is Formation, my life studies in Formation, I also relied on Formation to have the list third title, in the spirit world, understood that the Formation person were many, but their meeting was just most common Rank 1 Formation, even if were these respected families and schools can grasp Rank 2 and Rank 3 Formation were extraordinary, but I was grasping from Rank 1 to Rank 5 over ten thousand Formation, was relying on these Formation, therefore I can able to move unhindered the spirit world, where arrive at am honoured as Master, all Formation in the Chu bangle that on my right hand wore, as for me. The weapon and treasure have all destroyed, destroys in my final during that fights, therefore did not have the means to leave you, being predestined friends person, I can your many, do not consider too little, must help me complete my final desire.” Xia Tian hear these words time, he does not know that should say anything, Formation is formidable he to be clear, initially Jiang Tianshu use should be Rank 1 Formation, but has that big might, if were not he has seen through that Formation, perhaps they will lose seriously. Rank 1 Formation so is fierce, that Rank 2 Rank 3 Formation? These big influences also understand these, that Rank 4 Formation? Even Rank 5 Formation? Xia Tian does not know that should describe this third buried treasure with any language. If compares with the third buried treasures and first two buried treasures, that first two buried treasures are [gold/metal] Dan, but under the third buried treasure meets [gold/metal] Dan the chicken. If Xia Tian learned Formation, after that he can use such craftsmanship everywhere to make money absolutely. Meanwhile he also understands why the broken day will die. Formation of his meeting suffered others' envy, truly, envies his person to be definitely many, these people definitely have want to snatch his Formation, some people hug me unable to obtain others also unreachable thought that therefore his was killed.

Xia Tian really does not know how now should thank the broken day. Broken day Senior, you could rest assured that I will certainly complete your wish, although only then a name, but I believe that I think certainly the means give the person who this letter you want to give, moreover there is an opportunity, I will certainly revenge for you.” Xia Tian has knocked three heads on the ground to the broken day, he can definitely study Formation, then the broken day was also his half master. Therefore he should knock these three heads. In Xia Tian will break to be big letter to take directly, believes above to have a character dream. This may be a little difficult to manage, who is the dream? in any case must have a name.” Xia Tian depressed took in the letter the small cauldron, afterward he will focus on the broken day wrist|skill. Offended.” He will break the day wrist|skill the Chu bangle to pick, afterward wore in own hand, when he put on that moment of bangle, he felt that own head corona, a huge knowledge entered in his knowledge sea. This knowledge was really too huge, he suddenly had to accept after checking unable to bear, was good year to year studies I Ching and Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step because of him, therefore his computing power was also very terrifying, because of this, he has not fainted. Because Formation many places also need to calculate. Xia Tian sits cross-legged there has not moved, he understands that this probably is fills to go against is the same, a huge information directly entered in his mind, this sat is three days three nights. Three days later, Xia Tian has opened own both eyes. Now that over ten thousand Formation have carved firmly in his mind, and he can use Rank 1 Formation and several simple Rank 2 Formation.

After having really understood Formation, actually Xia Tian understands some Formation multi- cow B. Kills, defends, sleepy, gathers spirit, imaginary wait / etc., each same in has extraordinary Formation. Each same can jump the ranks the challenge. So long as does not bump into the person of familiar Formation, that Xia Tian can definitely the true jumping the ranks challenge. In the Chu bangle also has some bases and practice techniques, but these Xia Tian could not use, because these already in his brain, normal, although has to fill the top, but the average person will absorb 1/10 to faint, after fainting, the broken day to protect being predestined friends person, other filling will go against will dissipate, thorough waste, but Xia Tian will be a monster. His Spiritual Force is more terrorist than Heaven Grade Expert, the computing power is to also exceed all people, because of this, all knowledge that therefore he can filling to go against all directly remember, and obtained a strength of lineup directly, enabling him directly to arrange Rank 1 Formation and several simple Rank 2 Formation. Many thanks Senior.” Xia Tian bowed to the broken day once more, afterward he plans to leave here, when he just went out of that moment of cave, the hidden essence and blood in within the body enters in his both feet once more, turned back this cave directly. What situation?” A Xia Tian brow wrinkle: In this cave also has the treasure?” Xia Tian believes this hidden essence and blood absolutely not for no reason leads him, but broken day three types of valuable beta have succeeded in obtaining, what treasure will that have? He walked intentionally once more. This hidden essence and blood has delivered him once more. When Xia Tian third time walks, this hidden essence and blood was not only loose him, but also flowed in directly in his finger.

Does?” Xia Tian discovered that own finger unexpectedly goes to the broken day forehead point, this may frighten him to jump, dead for big . Moreover the broken day has given back to his these many treasure, he how possible to destroy the broken day the corpse. Stops to me.” The left hand of Xia Tian held own right hand directly, is at this moment, inconceivable appeared. In broken day forehead departed blood, the scarlet red blood, in the blood cellule as if, sees this blood the time, on Xia Tian face immediately one happy: This hidden essence and blood.” The second drop of this hidden essence and blood, this hidden essence and blood altogether three drops, this is the second drop. In this hidden essence and blood leaves that moment in broken heavenly body, his corpse changed into the flying ash instantaneously, bones of-and-a-half crystal appear in the Xia Tian front, at the same time that drop hidden essence and blood enters from the Xia Tian forehead to his within the body. The flash, the eye of Xia Tian turned into the black, does not have the pupil, completely is the black, his hair turns is specially black, the fingernail also turned into the black, around the body also presented the black air/Qi. A black illusory wing has pushed from his back.