Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1397

A black wing, probably is the wing is the same. This wing instigation, the body of Xia Tian vanished in same place, presented again time he appeared in cave most peak. Whistling! Xia Tian big mouth is panting for breath, he still does not know a moment ago what happened, but he knows that own present came out, after coming out, his vision looks to below, the present is the black day. But he has the X-Ray Vision eye, this does not affect his field of vision. People. Many people, are away from his 500 meters place to have over a hundred people, one kilometer place has 400-500 people, five kilometers place, several thousand people, Expert, is uniform Expert, at this time is away from his recent person to visit him. shit, my also light.” Xia Tian wears one clothes hurriedly. Was staring by over a hundred eyes, Xia Tian feels unusual not being feeling well. He comes out from inside, he obtained certainly the treasure, kills.” At this moment does not know who had shouted, directly flushed from the Xia Tian recent these people afterward. Saw that many people fire into themselves, Xia Tian arranged one to gather hurriedly spirit, Xia Tian finds through the broken day experience that gathered spirit is most practical Formation, there are many wondrous uses, can save spiritual energy. Meanwhile he has arranged one imaginary directly. His technique is skilled, probably was one practices several hundred years of Expert to be the same. The flash, Xia Tian throws more than ten low grade spirit stone.

Afterward gathers spirit and imaginary also forms, Xia Tian is closes right up against the instinct in brain to move completely, he does not know why must arrange imaginary first, but that sound in brain is telling him, first arranges imaginary. These Formation are Rank 1 Formation . Moreover the Xia Tian technique is mysterious, the speed that therefore he arranges is fast. After arranging imaginary, Xia Tian has not stopped the movement in oneself hand, arranged one to kill fast, he has not thought that his technique unexpectedly can be so mysterious. After killing, is sleepy, after sleepy, is to defend Formation. The Xia Tian movement is getting quicker and quicker, he is also more and more excited. Formation, that person is Formation Expert, cannot let escape, must grasp, caught me to render meritorious service, the old fogies in family layer on layer will certainly reward me.” Do not let him run, he is our.” Is our, snatches, who can hold this Formation Expert I to reward his ten spirit stone.” Respected family juniors crazy shouting of one after another, Formation Expert regarding them, that is the treasure, compared with existence of any treasure treasure, in a family, if the Formation master, their this families will turn into the respected family, the value of Formation master does not spend money to weigh, even if will arrange only the Rank 1 Formation Formation master, regarding their these small families, absolutely is existence of most precious object rank. Moreover Xia Tian unexpectedly can in such a short time arrange Formation, this itself inconceivable. He arranges Formation speed unexpectedly to be so quick, he is not the Rank 1 Formation master, is the Rank 2 Formation master, certainly cannot make him run, the Rank 2 Formation master, has been able to make our families turn into the respected family.” You looked quickly that he is doing? Is that Rank 2 Formation? Too extraordinary, unexpectedly has met Rank 2 Formation.” „The Rank 2 Formation master, the Rank 2 Formation master, who can hold his me to give 50 spirit stone.”

The person discovered in the presence of everyone Xia Tian is the Rank 2 Formation master time, they thorough was crazy, if the Rank 1 Formation master is the wealth, that Rank 2 Formation master is the buried treasure, when they had discovered Xia Tian is arranging Rank 2 Formation this moment, they have been able to get rid all. 50 spirit stone high prices make many Expert crazy. Bang! At this moment, in summit one kilometer range was surrounded by Formation. Large-scale Rank 2 sleepy, looked how you catch me.” Xia Tian said that complete vanished in personally same place, afterward his fast ran to the mountain, after he has been separated from Formation, he has used the hidden rest/breath technique, quietly dived to the mountain. Although moves can reduce hidden rest/breath technique the effect, but the present is the darkness . Moreover the goals of these people are the summits, therefore nobody notes Xia Tian. This time Xia Tian left hand is taking the monkey liquor, the right hand is taking spirit stone, rapidly is restoring, he has not thought that arranges Formation unexpectedly such to consume Inner Strength, if a moment ago were not he first arranges one to gather spirit, he absolutely did not have that many Inner Strength to arrange final Rank 2 sleepy. Crisp!” Xia Tian can only say a crisp character. If must ask that his anything crispness, he can only say anything is crisp, the treasure that obtains a moment ago arranged Formation, is crisp, he unexpectedly had faced over a thousand Expert a moment ago, moreover these people were played by him run around in circles, was only a pity that he arranged Rank 2 to kill without enough time, otherwise here these people can live the person were not perhaps many. What person is called cow B? After is annoyed to finish up, swaggering walks the person on avenue, at this time Xia Tian not only swaggering was walking, but also the left hand monkey liquor, right hand spirit stone, this must simply crisply crisp. This feeling was wonderful. Jiang Hai City, my Xia Tian must come back immediately.” Xia Tian excited saying, he how long, although has not left, but he does not know that has experienced many time life and death, after the life and death edge struggles, he most wants to get his home.

Looks that here person are getting more and more, Xia Tian discovered that ominous beast unexpectedly disappears. Here person skill is good, unexpectedly rushed to the two sides to go the ominous beast, but that volcano was the critical line, crossed the ominous beast after volcano to be terrorist.” Xia Tian on the volcano has discovered that another of volcano is having very terrifying ominous beast. Rank 3 ominous beast? Even possibly is existence of Rank 4 ominous beast. Xia Tian does not think one have to resist the skill of Rank 4 ominous beast, therefore he not thorough, but is the plan leaves here. The treasure that he lives now has sufficed many, he must go back to use these treasure cultivation, although he also hopes to obtain the treasure, but he is not corrupt, he understands, if are too corrupt, he might die there very much, when the time comes gave him many treasures also to be useless. Wine, I finally found you.” At this moment the Xia Tian front presented two unexpected visitors, this generation of were few, Xia Tian has not gone to pay attention, leisure taking a walk, but he has not thought that these two fellow unexpectedly discovered him. Drunkard, you do not have drink that many liquor in vain, this time also really made you find him.” Golden hair man satisfied nod of. You are really also haunted by the ghost.” Xia Tian vision ice-cold looks to these two people: Monster jade?”