Almighty Student - Volume 14 - Chapter 1399

! Xia Tian has used the war boots in three sages immediately, afterward followed. The speed of this pair of war boots is quick, was less than two minutes, Xia Tian overtook the shadow, when he must surpass the shadow immediately, the shadow stopped the footsteps, Xia Tian also stopped own footsteps. Em?” When Xia Tian sees clearly the appearance of opposite party, brow immediately a wrinkle. He can determine that this appearance absolutely is the appearance of deicide, but her the imposing manner completely is different at this time , before is not that school beauty, does not kill the Shenning small jade, but is the third imposing manner. You are.” Xia Tian doubts looked to the opposite party. Who I am unimportant, since you had the means evade that two people have chased down, I did not need to get rid.” „The meaning that I fear is actually you are Ning Xiaoyu, is the deicide.” Xia Tian asked. „It is not.” The opposite party shook the head. shit, abnormal, your unexpectedly has three personalities, schizophrenia after schizophrenia.” Xia Tian this time was shocked completely, he has not thought that this world unexpectedly has existence of this abnormal rank. A person has three personalities. We are not the schizophrenia, but is a body, three souls, I in the dormant state, this body am usually controlled by the small jade, once comes across the crisis, the deicide will come out, naturally, the small jade did not know existence of me and deicide, but the deicide knows my existence.” The opposite party said. Quite chaotic, is quite chaotic.” Xia Tian was a little blurry, but he can determine that a point, this fellow is rescues own: Is the deicide makes you rescue my?” Em, she said before her, owes you a favour, therefore asked me to rescue your life.” The opposite party said.

„Are you victorious Lei Feng and drunkard they?” Asking of Xia Tian doubts. Snort, Lei Feng they are any things, if not I now is the severe wound, my casual finger can be run over and die they.” Opposite party very self-confident saying. Expert.” Xia Tian says with emotion. You now are safe, the drunkard they have used that strength outside, causing the spirit world entrance defensive power that they protect to be weak, seized the chance to invade, if that person successful goes from their entrances, they guilty received.” The opposite party said. „, They should not come out again.” Xia Tian said. Comes out? Calamity that this time they rush to is not small, unexpectedly has carried over the spirit world entrance that strength, this is the big crime, they do not die, which perhaps also very.” The opposite party said. Xia Tian nod of silently, afterward he at present suddenly one bright: Was right, can I ask the matter of deicide related crevice prison?” I know that you want to ask anything, did not need to ask, was grasped in the crevice prison, was impossible to live coming out.” The opposite party said. But the deicide does not run from the crevice prison?” Xia Tian asked. „If not I, she early died.” The opposite party said. Senior, I know before you, certainly is extraordinary figure, can you tell me to enter the crevice prison and method of crevice prison?” A Xia Tian face anticipates looks to the opposite party, reason that he hear from the opposite party words, the deicide can leave the crevice prison, is she helps, otherwise the deicide is impossible to leave there. I, so long as you must go to do, although your elder brother has not died, but he is half disabled person, you impossible to save him, moreover you have gone , is also impossible to live departure.” The opposite party said. „Can Senior, tell me entrance?” Xia Tian knows one impossible to ask the escaping method of crevice prison from the opposite party mouth.

Entrance very Jane Da, after you entered the spirit world, inquired that knew, do not ask again other, I that was impatient, boy, although I have not saved you, but this time I came out after all, therefore was also the deicide also your favour, from now henceforth you and deicide did not owe mutually, you prepared to look for her, did not permit to disturb her life, otherwise do not blame me not being impolite.” The opposite party said that vanished in the Xia Tian field of vision directly. Although Xia Tian has not asked the matter of related crevice prison, but he had actually known matter that he extremely cares about. That is Brother Xiaoma has not died. Yeah, although I now compared with her, but I have not been able to start to her.” Xia Tian understands, if oneself wanted to deal with that person not to be difficult a moment ago, he can catch greatly this person, then tortured, presses for an answer to leave the method of crevice prison. But he cannot achieve. After all this person is deicide also has Ning Xiaoyu to share a body. Ok, tries to find solution.” Xia Tian said that continues to go forward, after Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step fights the boots in addition, his speed was faster than about three times before, he to pass through will fight spirit stone on boots also to change into spirit stone. Now fights the boots to give him the amplification three times of speeds. After three sages has replaced spirit stone, had the huge change. The vestment can resist below Heaven Grade any attack now. The Saint sword can defeat Heaven Grade following all Expert. Fighting the boots can promote three times own speed, but fights the boots to have the limit, must Earth Grade late stage above Expert be able to put on. Three sages, although is good, but is only also restricted on Earth, once after I entered the spirit world, that these three types of things lost the value.” Xia Tian understands that these three types of Saint most major characteristics can help person of the ordinary practicing martial art obtain in this world the strongest strength and defense, but similarly, is only restricted in this world.

After Xia Tian ran for two days two nights, he arrived at a transmission position finally. He does not have the slight hesitation, directly entered in transmission. After entering transmission, his present all changed, here fine spring day, air very good. „, This is Earth.” Xia Tian excited saying. Here naturally was Earth, otherwise Mars.” At this moment, some Xia Tian nearby people said. Well,” Xia Tian has not thought that here unexpectedly has the person, he has sized up carefully this person, this person wear is ordinary . Moreover the body also has the bow and arrow and dagger and so on thing: „Are you going hunting?” Naturally, I said gentleman, can you let, although does not know where you come, but your this will run away in fear my game.” That person very discontented saying. „, Excuse me.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, afterward his body vanished in same place. Em?” The person of that going hunting has hoodwinked, he was still speaking a moment ago with Xia Tian, but was only time Xia Tian unexpectedly of a twinkling vanished, as if baseless vanished was the same: Damn, am I was having a dream a moment ago?”