Almighty Student - Volume 15 - Chapter 1401

The females suddenly accelerated then fiercely to step on a foot brake. . Then suddenly gets on the brakes, the safety belt is painful female unusual of chest: Hateful, certainly was the slam on the brakes injury.” However the female turns the head to look immediately to Xia Tian. Because Xia Tian has not worn the safety belt, he wants to see Xia Tian most miserable side. But when she sees Xia Tian, her whole person hoodwinked, a Xia Tian unexpectedly matter did not have, but also slept there, the slam on the brakes his scope did not have, own safety belt used fortunately. Xia Tian looked like by tying up stubbornly is been same on the chair. unexpectedly has not shivered. How is this possible?” Female whole face inconceivable looks at Xia Tian, she also intentionally with hand in Xia Tian has gesticulated, looks to have any thing continually above, but she discovered finally that anything does not have. „Does parking do? Continues, was right, delivers to the airport on the line.” Xia Tian very optional saying. I had not said that must deliver you, I must attend the car race.” The females shout loudly. Vehicle race, quick.” Xia Tian lazily saying. Snort, said resembles you to understand to be the same very much.” Saying that the females disdain. I have driven.” Xia Tian said. „.” The females have raised up the middle finger to Xia Tian: Person of driving were many, but can attend the competition several, I am a rider, my technology may good be too more than your rookie.” „.” Xia Tian one is such expression.

The females see the Xia Tian expression, was angry, what although Xia Tian displays was he has believed the words of woman, but she how, regardless to think that Xia Tian really did not believe. You when the time comes are mentally prepared, on the traffic lane of competition altogether on our three trolleys, the vehicle speed is quick.” The females saw sat the person who her car(riage) sat spits. Also can have me to be quick again quickly?” What Xia Tian wants to say is his speed, if he erupts the instantaneous speed to amount to fully 50 meters one second, naturally, this is fully the condition of eruption. Moreover cannot insist too for a long time. Started to blow, probably you opened quickly was the same than me.” The females think what Xia Tian said is drives to be quicker than her, therefore she naturally thinks that Xia Tian was boasting, Xia Tian just only had said that he has driven. Good, as far as possible the time should not be too long, otherwise I must call the helicopter to meet me.” Xia Tian does not want to lose the too long time, he already too long not chapter of Jiang Hai City, but also wants to go back to have a look earlier. He is the senior general, the Dragon Group teacher, transfers a helicopter is not the difficult matter. Moreover he, so long as hits to call with China No. 2 figure, that surely did not have any issue, the key was he does not want to go to be so troublesome. Said that you were act high and mighty violate have not said are unfair to you, but also called the helicopter to meet you, how you did not say that made the rocket meet you.” The females bicker saying. This is not really good, the rocket cannot deliver to Jiang Hai City to go me probably.” Xia Tian said. „Do you think incorrect matter?” The females spoke of here time suddenly remembered Xia Tian words to mention Jiang Hai City a moment ago: Was right, you said that you are the Jiang Hai City person is right?” Em.” Xia Tian nodded. Jiang Hai City, but in the present nation the most famous place, it is said there can achieve law and order prevail, zero crime rate, I heard that some thieves think the skill, wants to break this legend, happen to can leave the name, finally just getting angry station was grasped.” Female very curious asking. Has the possibility, I for a long time did not have much.” Before Xia Tian, in Capital, has gone back on before such several days, then embarked outside Heavenly Connection the hole, he does not know that now Jiang Hai City was any situation.

What thief you should not be, wants to become famous, then goes to Jiang Hai City? I advised politely you to lose heart, was careful that you were seized by the police directly.” Female ill-humored saying. Your imagination did not write the novel simply is Bai Xia.” Xia Tian said. „Are you since childhood life in Jiang Hai City? Jiang Hai City continuously this?” Female very curious asking. I lived for 18 years there, before was not this.” Xia Tian said. Right? What that beforehand Jiang Hai City is? I heard that Jiang Hai City has legendary figure, was that person changed the Jiang Hai City overall situation, can you say to me?” Asking of female face anticipation. Did not say, I was stranded.” Xia Tian said. You did not speak me not to send you to the airport.” The females have also discovered that although Xia Tian likes boasting, but he does not have what evil intention, therefore the female has not had the heart of too big protection to Xia Tian. Good.” Xia Tian helpless saying, first he does not know the direction, next he does not want to walk, therefore can only submit. Said quickly.” Asking that the females anticipate. Beforehand Jiang Hai City, is a very chaotic place, the wealthy family young masters wants to cope with a pauper is very easy matter, even if wants the opposite party dead can also with honest price tag displayed.” Xia Tian has not known how really should say, after all the actor is he, if he is many are he were boasting probably one are the same. I must listen to the story of that person.” The females urged. That person most starts is a poor student, he lives unusual is orderly, attended class, is on vacation from school, works, contributes money for the thing that the girlfriend buys to like.” Xia Tian spoke of here time as if recalled his period of student time. „Is his girlfriend very certainly happy?” The females asked. No, possibly is he to oneself the girlfriend are not enough, therefore he took the package that his girlfriend most is wanting to see her on that day, hopes to give her a pleasant surprise, what a pity.” Xia Tian shook the head.

„Did his girlfriend die?” Female surprised asking. A heavy line of Xia Tian face, he completely by the imagination of female being defeated. What incurable illness was his girlfriend has had, then had a chilly beautiful and frigid love story?” Saying that a female face yearns, Xia Tian had defeated by him completely, but also some people envy the incurable illness. Or you are the brain make up.” Xia Tian thought that should make this female think, Xia Tian should not break her imagination. No, you said that you said.” The females said hurriedly. He sees, his girlfriend with a second generation of rich in the same place.” Xia Tian said. Dog blood, this plot too dog blood.” The females acted crazy once more their view. „Do you listen?” Xia Tian also soon collapsed. Listens, should not be angry, you continued.” Females grinning affable. Parking.” Xia Tian has enforced suddenly. What?” Asking that the females have doubts. A bit faster parking.” Xia Tian said again.