Almighty Student - Volume 15 - Chapter 1402

You said anything.” Female very puzzled saying. Late.” Xia Tian held the shoulder of female. Hey, do you also do.” The females noticed that Xia Tian unexpectedly grasped in her shoulder, somewhat was immediately startled, she thinks that Xia Tian must kidnap her, was at this moment. ! The vehicle came to anchor. She can feel that tire by to bind. At this time her the vehicle speed is so quick, the tire by to bind, was made her feel the death immediately. Squeek. The front and tailstock transferred continuously several times, a nearby guard rail all had also been hit by her, but her unexpectedly discovered at this moment that he is all right, own body post firmly on chair, before not any , the trend of flushing, even the safety belt has not started continually. She understands, under a moment ago this condition, even if were she grips the safety belt to be also useless. But now her unexpectedly such calm and steady sitting there. Bang! The vehicle hit above stone wall, the car(riage) glass was all broken, but the female discovered that all fragment unexpectedly outward flew, but to inside, vehicle door did not shatter completely. This time she had been shocked completely. Her unexpectedly in this case lived, and has not received any wound. Yeah, then troubled.” Xia Tian sighed to say. What happened?” The females have not responded from matter. Also can what happened, some people do not hope that you attend the competition, your tire by to bind.” Xia Tian helpless saying.

Can be the coincidence?” The females asked. The Xia Tian right hand drew out to explode the triangular nail of tire to say on the tire: You think that on normal high-speed will have this thing, and entire simultaneously can grip to explode your first two tires?” Hateful, certainly is that cheap person does.” Female indignant saying. Was good, you get down.” Xia Tian said. „Do you want to do?” Female puzzled asking of: I call to call the trailer.” Eldest sister, where you do not have a look here are, if here can have the signal damn.” Xia Tian helpless saying. Did not have the signal, what to do can this? Do not go out of here, which ugly customer on telling walks.” Female depressed saying, he saw Xia Tian of face heavy line at this moment, right, Xia Tian is that ugly customer. I think that we should not use.” The Xia Tian vision looked that shows a faint smile to the front. How?” Female puzzled asking. Some people looked for trouble.” Xia Tian very optional saying. Hateful, certainly is that cheap person does, she definitely does not dare to compare with me, is afraid me to win her, then I attend the competition, therefore she intentionally uses this method.” Female enraged saying. Xia Tian helpless shaking the head, has not said anything. Is less than three minutes, a Toyota ruled by force to open from the front, the vehicle stopped directly in Xia Tian in front of them: All right, I have also brought the doctor.” Really is the ghost who that cheap person does.” The females see on the vehicle when man, angry saying, at this time man behind with three husky fellow and a doctor. Was good, blue rain, if not she asks us to come, if you have had an accident, that is one dies, we come to here, but rescues your, although you are all right now, but will compete I definitely not to allow you to participate.” Man light saying. Mean, you were really too mean.” Female face angry saying, but her unexpectedly saw on Xia Tian at this moment that Toyota car(riage), her unexpectedly had not discovered when Xia Tian passed, at this time Xia Tian was sitting on the copilot of Toyota car(riage) beckons to her. The females think that walks like the Toyota car(riage) directly.

Right, like this you are safe, follows us, your car(riage) can have the trailer to carry off.” That man thinks that the blue rain must follow them. But in instance that he turns head, he saw on own car(riage) copilot unexpectedly sat a person. Any person.” A that male brow wrinkle. Boards.” Xia Tian opens the glass to say to the blue rain. The blue rain a little hoodwinked, in front of oneself has these many people, Xia Tian this idiot unexpectedly made her board, can these people also visit her to walk inadequately? However she walks toward the position of car(riage), what made her surprised was that several person unexpectedly has not blocked her , before she arrived at the position of vehicle door, she does not dare to turn head, until after she opened the vehicle door, she discovered that these person of unexpectedly stood there, moved motionless. How was their this?” The blue rain boards asking of later doubts. Does not know that possibly is missing our great leader Chairman Mao.” Xia Tian said. Volume!” The blue rain was speechless. Whom the reason of Xia Tian did not have. Walks, do not compete?” Xia Tian asked. Yeah, the car(riage) has gone bad, the competition could not participate, but I must go, I must with that cheap person theory well.” After the blue rain sighed, on the face has been full of the anger. „Didn't this have the car(riage)?” Xia Tian asked. You are stupid, how this car(riage) competes, cannot open, moreover is opens to have no way with the race car specific speed and flexible, my car(riage) debugged for a half year to complete after figure of Master level, to increase the speed, making coordinated of car(riage) well, this car(riage) has not passed through any modified, the end was also too heavy, elegant time tail basic on flinging.” The blue rain said. „!” Xia Tian nod of slightly: „Can I try?” You? Your line?” Blue rain puzzled asking. How does not try to know that is good.” Xia Tian said.

Meanwhile. Blue rain how also?” A female looked at time. Snort, I thought that she does not dare to come.” Another female said. Closed off a mountain area?” Before that female hand asked with intercom. Mountain road has sealed, momentarily can start to compete.” Good, then waits for her ten minutes, after ten minutes, if she, that our two first ratio.” The hand said with the female of intercom. Good, that again waits for her ten minutes, was right, the eldest sister head, I heard that your car(riage) had any problem recently probably, should not affect your display, when the time comes do not lose have not been convinced.” That female corners of the mouth slightly one slanting. Has no need for you worrying.” After ten minutes. Does not wait, starts.” The hand has given nearby person intercom with the female of intercom, afterward she put on the telephone receiver to board. 123! The vehicle starts forward running directly. Whiz whiz! Two car(riage)s simultaneously flushed, their speeds are quick. Attention, the attention, Toyota ruled by force to run, we have not blocked, was not right, what sat on the copilot was the blue rain.”