Almighty Student - Volume 15 - Chapter 1403

Hears that moment of Toyota, all people were shocked. Hears the blue rain , on Toyota, two people who driven were also shocked, blue rain unexpectedly drove Toyota to participate to compete. However they responded immediately. Driving is not the blue rain, the person who because disseminated news a moment ago what said is the blue rain sits on the copilot. „The speed of Toyota is quick, it two car(riage)s in front of pursuing, but can Toyota be used to compete really? Front was a curve, the speed of Toyota absolutely did not have the means to be excessively curved, it will overturn a vehicle.” The voice of broadcaster reached in the earphones of all people. At this time everybody understood that this Toyota is attended the competition, at this time what all people cared, actually Toyota must how such as curved, its speed was too fast, once entered curved either decelerates, either overturned a vehicle. Toyota prepared to enter to bend, was it doing, its unexpectedly in pasting inside mountain was walking, in this case, entered the curved time front was busy, so long as responded that on slow, will directly hit on the mountain.” Toyota entered to bend, it has not decelerated, it was accelerating.” Broadcaster surprised saying, each crossroad broadcaster, they can under the clear record. What? Toyota unexpectedly drifted, no wonder he a moment ago must close right up against the mountain to walk, the end of Toyota is too heavy, will fling the vehicle, he chooses the backer to accelerate for not to hit on the guard rail of surrounding, was really too extraordinary.” Two female expressions that hears in front of the words of broadcaster driven are different. Hateful, her unexpectedly this can come, I destroyed the car(riage) of eldest sister head, has abandoned her, the winner of this competition was I, but her unexpectedly came, well, was not right, the one who sat on the copilot was she, in other words drove was not she.” That female said suddenly. In another car(riage). Blue rain is all right well, I also worried that she also encountered with my same situation, what a pity, my car(riage) in a short time could not fix, this time could not win her.” Eldest sister said. Whiz!

At this moment Toyota flushed from the vehicle of eldest sister head, was impartial with her vehicle. Eldest sister head, how your car(riage) runs to be so slow, you will not be also by the violent treachery of that cheap person.” The blue rain opens the glass to shout. My car(riage) was all right, cultivates to be good, you were all right, your car(riage)?” Eldest sister shouts. My car(riage) has discarded temporarily, the eldest sister head, you rest first, the attention security, we give you to vent anger.” The blue rain shouts loudly. Blue rain, careful.” Eldest sister shouts. keep it up, tornado boy.” After the blue rain closes the glass, shouts. Dashes, Toyota.” Xia Tian gives a loud shout, afterward pursues directly to the front car(riage). Tornado boy, cannot think that your car(riage) unexpectedly can open such well.” Blue rain excited saying, this she experiences fierce of Xia Tian all the way, was elegant with Toyota, Xia Tian absolutely was the first person. Careless.” Xia Tian said. Quite quick, Toyota really quite quick, the person of driving soon displayed the limiting velocity of Toyota, was really too inconceivable, such quick speed, actually his eye how saw, how he also responded, even if front had the curve, met arrives in a flash, without enough time prepared to drift radically.” The broadcasters were soon insane. Hateful, although is not the car(riage) that the blue rain drives, but I cannot make it such show off.” That female said that has also proposed vehicle speed. After three minutes. Overtook, Toyota unexpectedly overtook.” Broadcaster excited shouting.

Hateful, I will not make you pass.” That female wants to block Toyota with her car(riage), when she car bumper in front of Toyota she has had a weak feeling suddenly, although her car(riage) is a race car, but compared with Toyota is really too short, Toyota as if momentarily can grind to be the same her. Her hurried shunt. Whiz! At this moment, Toyota elegant passed another vehicle directly. Toyota passed another vehicle.” Broadcaster excited shouting, their first time sees such competition, competes with Toyota, moreover, pursues, unexpectedly overtook. Terminal. Toyota won. Tornado boy, you were too fierce.” Blue rain excited must kiss one on the face of Xia Tian. But Xia Tian directly shunted. ! The scene cheers are unceasing, Xia Tian returned to the position of copilot, then closes the eye to continue to sleep, since competed has completed, he must rest well, then waited for the blue rain to send back him. Cheap person, your trick-cycling is really rotten.” When the car(riage) of that female starts blue rain grinning scolding. Blue rain, you leave are too wild, what today wins is I, is not you, because drives radically is not you.” That female angry shouting. „, That you won.” The blue rain vented anger in any case, she did not care about this noun, although has missed the following competition, but these many people present today, all people saw she won, but that female lost.

Before long, the car(riage) of eldest sister head also started. Blue rain, congratulates you.” Eldest sister said. Person who eldest sister head, wins is I.” That female shouts. If you do not fudge on my vehicle, did not ask the person to persecute the blue rain, you think that you possibly did win?” Eldest sister very serious saying. I do not have.” That female quibbled directly. Has you to be clear, although you have won today, you can participate municipal have competed, but you actually ruined the later competition profession.” Eldest sister has the status in this circle, moreover today here looks at the person of competition is honored and popular big figure. Cheap person, this.” The blue rain said. Blue rain, a moment ago the one who drove is your friend? He is the professional rider.” Eldest sister asked. Eldest sister head, you do not need to manage him, he is a act high and mighty suspect.” The blue rain said that she still remembers Xia Tian just started with the appearance of her boasting time, anything made one to locate to him, bought the airplane ticket for him, said that must call airplane anything. You, really do not understand the respect person, this, I asked you to eat meal in the evening.” An eldest sister proposition said. „It is not good, eldest sister head, I promise him to send him to the airport.” The blue rain said. Goes to the airport? I and you go together, on me your car(riage), how long happen to my car(riage) could not insist, but must continue to service.” Eldest sister said. Good.” The blue rain said. Hey, the fool, is good not to have, I rush to time.” Xia Tian impatient saying, hears him to shout that very blue rain fool, all person complexions changed, because they know that shouted the consequence of blue rain fool.