Almighty Student - Volume 15 - Chapter 1404

Peaceful. Scene exceptionally peaceful, they were waiting for that the blue rain acted crazy. Was good, this walks.” But under the people surprised vision, blue rain unexpectedly has not acted crazy, moreover she also so calmly said that must walk. This is really the unprecedented flash news. Some unexpectedly people shouted blue rain fool also to be able sitting well there, moreover blue rain also so polite saying. Eldest sister head, we walked.” The blue rain said. „!” Eldest sister nod of slightly. She also thought a little inconceivable, blue rain unexpectedly has disregarded fool these two characters. The vehicle started, afterward Xia Tian has closed the eye directly, starts to sleep, eldest sister thought that the atmosphere is a little awkward, therefore opens the mouth saying: Blue rain, you did not introduce to me your this friend.” Hey, have you also had other liking besides sleeping, eldest sister asked your words.” The blue rain looks at Xia Tian to say. Blue rain, you introduced to me on the line.” Eldest sister said hurriedly. He is called Xia Tian probably, other anything do not know that was right, I also know that he especially likes act high and mighty.” The blue rain said. Volume.” Eldest sister stares slightly: „Isn't he your friend?” I do not have rare and beautiful flowers the friend of such, blocks the car(riage) on the highway.” The blue rain said. On that road that you do come? That road was not usually known as that a live person doesn't have?” Eldest sister surprised saying. Has, his such.” The blue rain said. When eldest sister Vung Tau words that the heavy line of whole face, thinks so, Xia Tian truly is rare and beautiful flowers.

However, your this friend car(riage) starts truly good, I first time noticed that some people come the vehicle race with Toyota, moreover opens that quick speed, the eye could not follow, if trades to do is I, if saw that the front curve without enough time responded radically.” Eldest sister said. His car(riage) starts truly good, before also told me, but has opened.” The blue rain felt that the mouth of Xia Tian does not have any truth, this blowing does not blow, should not bragging of blowing. Possibly is others is quite modest.” Eldest sister said. Modest anything, you had not seen before him, blows, any aerial incendiary dart , the GPS localization, does probably is 007 is the same.” The blue rain saw that fragrant direct both hands that Xia Tian rests make an effort has pressed according to the loudspeaker. Drops the drop! How? Ate meal?” Xia Tian blurry hearing has any sound, he awoke. Hears the Xia Tian words, two female thorough was speechless. Awoke has been thinking eating, you were a pig.” The blue rain almost soon collapsed. I also think that you called me to eat meal, but the words said that you did have to eat, I have not eaten the thing for a long time, the water was also a little good.” The hole and Heavenly Connection Neidong of Xia Tian outside Heavenly Connection in casually has been coping, has not eaten any proper thing. The water drinks is few pity. Left the Heavenly Connection tower already quick small day, he was the water drop has not entered, anything has not eaten. Here has the water.” Eldest sister has given Xia Tian one bottle of water directly. Thump. Xia Tian drinks, sees the Xia Tian appearance, probably was several years has not drunk water was the same. „, This is the feeling of Earth.” Xia Tian excited saying, he drank the water of Earth finally, this feeling probably was leaves home many years of traveller far from home to go home the food that ate a mother to make to be the same suddenly. This feeling is the happiness.

Elder Brother, Earth is very dangerous, you return to Mars.” The blue rain hears the Xia Tian words to say directly. Volume, I do not live in Mars, I live in Jiang Hai City.” Xia Tian said. „Are you Jiang Hai City?” Eldest sister heard Xia Tian saying that he was Jianghai, specially excited, because Jiang Hai City now is the place that everybody yearned, therefore hears now is the Jiang Hai City person, everybody will think very novel. Em.” Xia Tian nodded. I hear Jiang Hai City law and order prevail, moreover is zero crime, is really this?” Asking of eldest sister head face anticipation. Xia Tian this was speechless, he suspected really very much after is everyone saw him, will ask this question again. Jiang Hai City has legendary figure, do you know him?” Eldest sister asked again. Eldest sister head, you did not need to ask, you could not hear anything from his mouth.” The blue rain said. The words and blue rain that a heavy line of Xia Tian face, an eldest sister institute asked asked simply was exactly the same. However from these questions, Xia Tian knew a matter, that is Jiang Hai City now is very good, will therefore present these many fables, sole law and order prevail not to speak thoughtlessly to say. Zero crime is not casual can achieve, after all the human nature is greedy. Sometimes the desire can move toward the crime the abyss. Was right, you did not make one to buy the airplane ticket, they do not know that your several points, how bought for you.” The blue rain asked. Each time bought one not to be good.” Xia Tian does not understand why the blue rain will ask such question of idiot. Eldest sister head, you looked that he started to boast, said probably was the airplane ticket does not spend to be the same . Moreover the airplane ticket had to limit purchases, you have not sat including the airplane..” Saying that the blue rain is not feeling well. Has sat several times.” Xia Tian thinks that now the most convenient transportation vehicle was an airplane, only took several hours from a city to another city.

May knock it off, how you did not say that you have ridden the rocket.” The blue rain does not believe that Xia Tian has taken plane, regardless of actually the present Xia Tian mouth says anything to come, she does not believe. Has not sat.” Xia Tian shook the head. Good, you have a look at you, probably is creating obstacles for him to be the same.” Eldest sister gang Xia Tian said. I do not have, how I will lower oneself to the same level with a fool.” The blue rain said. Who is a fool?” Xia Tian asked. You.” The blue rain said. You called Xia Tian.” Eldest sister asked. Em.” Xia Tian nodded. Your mobile number is many, later I went to Jiang Hai City also to dine with you well.” Eldest sister said. My cell phone lost.” Xia Tian said. All right, said that on line, you must make up the card in any case.” Eldest sister said. 13888888888.” Xia Tian said. After hearing the Xia Tian words, a blue rain face angry looks at Xia Tian: Does not want to tell speaks frankly, but also plays us intentionally, how you did not say that your number is 11 eight.” This truly is my telephone number, after dialing, you said that found some Xia Tian people to help you switch over.” Xia Tian said. „, Said resembles you are 007 is really same, front turned is an airport.” The blue rain transferred the front directly, when she has transferred the front, stepped the brake directly, at this time in front of her has the scene of having shocked: shit, carries out reviewing troops.”