Almighty Student - Volume 15 - Chapter 1405

Blue rain and eldest sister completely present all has been shocked, their car(riage)s were blocked there, simultaneously front presented the police vehicle, over a hundred police vehicles, armed police and special troops. Each through the person must accept the strict inspection. The entire simultaneously special police officer team stands in the two sides. The police maintain the public security there, forbidding anybody to stop over and watch here. At this time here scene very magnificent. The blue rain has only seen such scene in the television. Here exactly what happened, probably is declaring martial law.” Eldest sister surprised saying. Em, should be, car(riage) cannot start.” The blue rain said. Thanked.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, he has not thought that China No. 2 figure will make such big weaponry, the phone call that he makes is notice specially Operations Office, but Operations Office definitely has given above here matter report specially. Therefore China No. 2 figure knows, only then China No. 2 figure can cause such big weaponry. Does really clearly, why will not make such big move to come, is not the leader in country must the airplane from here.” Saying that the blue rain thought aloud. They are meet my.” Xia Tian said that picks got out. „The act high and mighty suspect, you suffered a relapse, how you did not say that you are China best B that person.” The blue rain speech is always impolite. But at this moment she saw more inconceivable one, after Xia Tian got out, several looked that is the person of being an official hurriedly ran over, to the Xia Tian direct salute. This blue rain hoodwinked, eldest sister also hoodwinked. The blue rain was still ridiculing a moment ago Xia Tian act high and mighty, but his unexpectedly saw now these were an official was saluting to Xia Tian.

This can only explain an issue. That was a moment ago Xia Tian is was not boasting. You are General Xia, hello, hello, I am here mayor.” Is one person of head goes forward to shake hand with Xia Tian hurriedly. Thank you, but your this does also too exaggerated.” Xia Tian thought that was a little inconceivable. Above told, must assure all your securities.” The mayor said. Good, I will not actually have any danger.” Xia Tian cannot want that several entrances now, he in this world is first under Heaven, nobody can kill him. We must handle affairs carefully, the person who recently boarded craft we have inspected clearly, absolutely does not have any accident, moreover airplane checkoff, will not have any breakdown.” The mayor said. Many thanks.” Xia Tian nodded, afterward he has turned the head to look at blue rain and eldest sister head in car(riage): Thank you delivered me.” At this time the blue rain mouth in car(riage) opens in a big way, she was unable to believe what completely she sees was really: Eldest sister head, you knows with that person who he does shake hand?” Understanding, is Uncle Xu, the mayor in this city.” Eldest sister is also inconceivable of whole face. In other words, he had not boasted before, he called to ask the person to locate really his position, moreover he was really big figure.” The blue rain felt at this time one do not know completely anything was called to be startled. Was good, you did not need to deliver, I went on the line, otherwise others will work as the monster me.” Xia Tian said. Good, you have anything to tell although said.” Mayor very polite saying. Not anything, thanks.” Xia Tian said that walked directly, after Xia Tian enters the airport waiting room, all police and special police officers all leave, the airport returned to normal. The blue rain drives to leave airport at this time, this on she a little restlesses: Eldest sister head, you said that we must go to deliver him.”

„The police should not make us go.” Eldest sister awkward saying. I thought that after all we are friends, so long as we told the police, the police will certainly put us to pass, you said is right?” Saying that the blue rain thought aloud. Moreover we are the friends, must result to deliver him, this is also the friendship of landlord.” The blue rain said that transfers front directly, afterward hurries to the airport. When they arrive in the airport, Xia Tian already on airplane. He resembled.” Eldest sister said. Eldest sister head, I heard that Jianghai is amusing.” The blue rain said. I also heard.” Eldest sister said. I very long have not taken vacation.” The blue rain said. I was also very long have not taken vacation.” Eldest sister said. We go to Jiang Hai City.” Blue rain excited saying. I book airplane ticket now.” Eldest sister said that has picked up the phone directly. Meanwhile on airplane. Xia Tian sat in the first-class cabin. What the mayor subscribes to him is first-class cabin. Xia Tian sits that moment mood on airplane very tranquil, because he knows that he quick will arrive at Jiang Hai City, quick will arrive home, at this moment his innermost feelings full are the anticipation.

Not to mention his some were excited. Yeah, is really troublesome, does not know that today the airport how, unexpectedly presented that many police, unexpectedly has linked me to search, knows that who I am, my one year offers more than ten million taxes to the country, I am a tax payment citizen.” That person very indignant saying. Xia Tian gaining ground slowly, looked at that male one eyes. Looks at anything to look, the boy, do not think that you sat the first-class cabin to filling the rich man, has a look poor and pedantic type that you put on.” That man shifted the flames of war to the body of Xia Tian directly. Regarding him, where did not have was crisper than first-class cabin act high and mighty the matter, because in his eyes acting cool not any sense of achievement before poor person, only then front act high and mighty in front of some intermediate-level public figures was crispest. Can be able to sit up the person majority of first-class cabin is the rich men, therefore he has chosen here act high and mighty, this will make him have the sense of achievement. He he.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head, he discovers a very interesting matter, although this fellow the semblance puts on very magnificently, the clothes that but in fact in this fellow wears are the stall goods, the clothes that this fellow wears are very big, is not good-fitting. Probably is not his is the same. What do you smile to smile? The paupers, depend on you also to match to sit the first-class cabin.” Saying that the men disdain. Excuse me, Sir, you sat the wrong position.” At this moment the stewardess walked, was saying to Xia Tian. Ha Ha Ha Ha, the boy, you are the airplane ticket of economy cabin, here is a first-class cabin, is not you can come.” That man smiled loudly. Sir, your position in nearby theater box.” Stewardess very polite saying, in first-class cabin, only then two theater boxes, the tickets of these two theater boxes are difficult to buy, if not in the situations of internal some people, is almost cannot buy . Moreover the price is also outside one time.