Almighty Student - Volume 15 - Chapter 1406

The face of that man thorough was green. He a moment ago still in boasting one are rich, but Xia Tian is how is not good, now Xia Tian unexpectedly has seated the theater box, but he can only in the hall disorderly. The surrounding person is a face bad smiles. Excuse me.” Xia Tian is showing a faint smile to the stewardess. Please!” The stewardesses have given a hand signal to Xia Tian. That man has closed tightly his mandibular joint, face shouting of anger: Why he has the ticket of theater box, I cannot buy, your this is unfair treatment, should everybody be able to buy the ticket of theater box to be right.” Sir, so long as you several months on the order form, can subscribe to the ticket of theater box ahead of time.” Saying of stewardess face smiling face, manner very good. I do not believe him am several months ago ticket that books.” That man does not believe Xia Tian will buy a ticket several months ago, then sits for today. This we do not know that you can consult the order form.” The manner of stewardess is still very good. Is unfair, he absolutely is not ahead of time several months of buying ticket, which fool has to sit the ticket of theater box specially, but several months buy ahead of time.” That man loud shouting. Is unfair?” Xia Tian turns the head, puzzled visits him: Does not know that was who said a moment ago own one year paid several million taxes, should have the special amenities, now mentions on the contrary was unfair.” ! Hears the Xia Tian words, the people in theater box applauds in abundance. This man thorough biting mouth was speechless, he felt that his face has lost completely, the face is he living the hope, lost face now, he felt immediately one have not soon gone on living, but he also understands, the words that oneself present continues to speak, can only let oneself humiliation. Therefore his dingy sat. Xia Tian has also seated in the theater box, in theater box most flamboyant can lie down, naturally, all has not lain down, but depends to lie down, very comfortable. Sir, what need do you have? I am the special-purpose stewardess of this theater box, only provides the service for you, you can tell at any time.” The stewardesses said.

Although Xia Tian the position is a theater box, but gate not related. After that man heard the words of stewardess, a moment ago was angry, this service attitude also completely is not a scale. Gives me to select to drink.” That man shouts loudly. Sir, you want to drink anything.” The stewardesses asked. I must drink the red wine, good of how much money, I am money am many.” That man enlarged sound intentionally. Sorry, Sir, here does not have the red wine.” Stewardess tactful saying. That white liquor is also good, Maotai, I want Maotai.” That man said again. Sorry, Sir, this does not have.” The stewardesses said again. Then on beer.” That man said. Sir, here anything liquor does not have.” Stewardess helpless saying. Hey, have you taken plane?” Xia Tian is shouting to that man. Hears the Xia Tian words, that man felt one by face-smacking, in addition his moron issue, immediately were thought probably the surrounding these people looked his vision is different. Probably has the discrimination with disdaining to be the same. I have certainly sat, depends on your this poor wretch also to match to ask that my this issue, really laughed aloud, do under I meet the airplane also to have the private car to meet me, you? Hits to hire, thought that hires the expensive words, rides the bus to be also good.” That man said. Xia Tian shows a faint smile, anything had not said. However he could not fall asleep at this time, possibly was must arrive home immediately, therefore was too excited.

Sir, don't you rest?” The stewardesses inquired. „, Arrived home immediately, a little small excited, therefore could not fall asleep.” Xia Tian said. „, The gentleman were you for a long time have not gone home very much.” The stewardesses opened the topic with Xia Tian. Was very long.” Xia Tian very for a long time is not the time, but is the life and death, Xia Tian had experienced too many life and death, where therefore has not compared the family to make him anticipate at this moment. You make certainly any bulk bargain.” The stewardesses asked. No.” Xia Tian polite [say / way]. Do not deceive people, how is not the person of bulk bargain possibly to buy here ticket.” The stewardesses said that although she said a moment ago does not know here ticket when Xia Tian buys, but in fact they understand that here ticket is not rich can buy. This is the friend helps me buy.” Xia Tian has not known that really his ticket unexpectedly is the theater box ticket of first-class cabin. Your friend had certainly the big skill person.” The stewardesses said. Is.” Xia Tian has not lain, because gives the person who he buys a ticket is the mayor. Your family in Jiang Hai City, recently for these years Jiang Hai City became more and more well, many people rushed to Jiang Hai City to develop, I have wanted to go to Jiang Hai City well took a stroll.” The stewardesses said. Has a vacation goes.” Xia Tian said. Your this person also is really the elm head, can't you act as my tour guide?” Saying that the stewardesses disguise to be angry, the sound that they spoke was not loud, therefore outside person could not hear. However before that person noticed that Xia Tian and stewardess are merry there was angry. He is envies the envy to hate. I was possibly very recently busy, wait after a period of time.” Xia Tian light saying.

This time Jiang Hai City. A high-speed over a hundred meters post, is inspecting everywhere . Moreover the entire road was sealed, this road leads to the Xia Tian family's road. Little Fei, your there how?” Qi Huan was asking to the earphone. „The Qi Huan elder brother, here has been ready completely and ensure cannot have any problem.” The Little Fei response said. Special Operations Office person, how?” Qi Huan inquired again. Here has prepared completely and ensure cannot have any illegal person to come.” The special Operations Office person responded. Traffic police comrade there how?” Qi Huan continues to inquire. Has sealed up completely entered the road of this [say / way].” The people of traffic police team responded. „The people of National Police Agency prepare how?” Qi Huan asked. Airport has blocked completely, guaranteed safely absolutely.” The person in police station responded. Xu Grandfather, your there preparation how?” Qi Huan asked. Is ready completely, 1666 to run quickly is ready completely.” Xu Grandfather response said. Fire Cloud evil god, your there?” Qi Huan asked. Jiang Hai City all ultra can the army be ready completely, but we final safeguard.” Saying of Fire Cloud evil god face smiling face. This time, Xia Tian is doomed to be going to be the peak returns.