Almighty Student - Volume 15 - Chapter 1407
On airplane. Has not thought that the time passes such quickly.” The stewardesses complained. Em.” Xia Tian had not thought actually the world crosses quickly, although after all he person on airplane, but in fact his heart already had flown back to Jiang Hai City. Now can tell me your mobile number?” The stewardesses asked. Volume! Has the paper and pen?” Xia Tian asked. Has.” The stewardesses have put out the written records hurriedly. Xia Tian wrote own telephone number on the paper: „After dialing, said that looked for Xia Tian to be OK.” Volume, is this your telephone number?” Stewardess surprised asking. Em, is the call switches over, you can also add my micro letter, is this telephone number, but I not on frequently.” Xia Tian said. Mentioned the micro letter, the stewardess this time entirely believed. At this time she had been shocked completely, although before her, guessed that Xia Tian possibly is big figure, but he has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly such extraordinary, who this telephone number is not wants with be able to use. This is not only rich can obtain, this is the proof of status, the symbol of strength. Finally arrived at Jiang Hai City.” Xia Tian excited saying. Boy, follows up I, do not walk away, I must make you have a look at anything today to be called the strength.” Before that man endured Xia Tian to be very long, on before him airplane, has related with here, some people will meet his. He must make Xia Tian have a look at anything to be called the rich man. Before Xia Tian sat the theater box, this made him not have the face very much, therefore this time he must all win the face. Xia Tian anything had not said that walks toward outside directly. Hey, the boy, I spoke to you.” That man noticed that Xia Tian must walk toward outside, shouts hurriedly.

But Xia Tian still has not gone to pay attention to him. Good, I know that you worry to escape, I together go out with you, I must make you have a look at anything to be called the strength.” That man pursued directly. In the first-class cabin other people are also to this person thorough was speechless. However they have not said anything, after all the multi- incident is inferior to few incident, afterward they followed Xia Tian, when they walk discovered that here atmosphere is very different, everywhere is the police. These police probably stand guard to be the same there. In the airport are when many these many police. However when they left that moment of airport, all people all in same place. What does?” A that male brow wrinkle, at this time the entrance everywhere is police, entire simultaneously police, moreover their front is a to run quickly long line, a very long very long Mercedes-Benz team, does not look with the eye to the end. The entrance of each to run quickly stands to wear the straight man of black western-style clothes. That man has made a phone call hurriedly, he intentionally has also put outside the sound the telephone: Hey, where are you at? Didn't mention meets me? This motorcade is not will meet my.” In airport has sealed, our car(riage)s cannot go, you walk.” Telephone that response said. Volume.” About that man sound to install, although hears the Mercedes-Benz team is not meets his, he is very disappointed, but the most minimum people hear him to have the car(riage) to meet: How is it? The boys, must see to meet my car(riage).” Surroundings these people soon could not tolerate this fellow. At this moment, wore the man of western-style clothes to move toward Xia Tian, at the same time periphery other people and police also simultaneously followed in that man, team very neat. They walk, do they want to do?” At this time the questions in all person hearts, but they have not asked that because of present this situation, not the suitable speech, they to hide obviously remains silent, now all people hoodwink. They do not understand that these people must do.

Boss, welcome back.” Is the man of head arrives at the Xia Tian front. Boss!” Hears this glossary time, all people all hoodwinked. Em, came back.” Xia Tian nodded. Heard the Xia Tian words, Xia Tian behind that man has opened the mouth, these person of unexpectedly were calling the Xia Tian Boss. Bang! Meanwhile the fireworks starts to explode from all around of airport. Scenes of over a thousand fireworks simultaneous firing are really magnificent. All people by the present beautiful scene deep has shocked, but the fireworks has only continued for five minutes, although is only five minutes, but also enough people surprised. Sets off the fireworks near the airport, this regarding the normal person, is the impossible matter. Boss is good!” All people shout together. Goes home.” Xia Tian nodded, afterward moved toward is that vehicle of head, under Xu was Xia Tian opened the vehicle door. Xia Tian such stepped onto is that Mercedes-Benz of head. But the beforehand that man stands in the wind disorderly, this time he understands that anything was called the person of act high and mighty to bump into really good B person, oneself probably were the clumsy mischief-doer is the same. One also with others boasted that one rich, oneself good, has the car(riage) to meet, but he was saw now anything was called really good, others were one looked that the Mercedes-Benz team not to the end met. In the grid, oneself anything does not calculate. Entire airport all people saw this scene, because that fireworks attracted their attention. They understand anything to be called at this time finally, a richer person was lower-key, Xia Tian has not shown off to be rich, the scene of but at this time picking has shocked all people.

That stewardess was inconceivable of whole face, when she saw that moment that Xia Tian boarded, her whole person hoodwinked, although before him, guessed that Xia Tian definitely was big figure. But at this time she is clear, oneself have bumped into the put on airs in legend. Before and Xia Tian sat these people in first-class cabin not to go to look at Xia Tian similarly, but all looked at the vision to that act high and mighty man, they want to take a look at that act high and mighty man now are any expressions. That act high and mighty man was embarrassed, at this time after he feels the vision of surrounding these people, that is wishes one could crack to worm one's way into simply, he lowers the head, planned that walks toward outside. But at this moment, more than 20 police have encircled him: You have been arrested, you is a suspect of the murder offense of robbery, your partner also had been grasped a moment ago outside of airport.” What?” That act high and mighty male complexion turned into the sauce purple immediately. „If not we looks up you intentionally, but also cannot think really that you just killed complete human unexpectedly to dare swaggering to take plane Jianghai, but you have been arrested now.” The police said. You have any evidence.” That act high and mighty male shouts hurriedly. On you puts on was killed that Wealthy businessman clothes by you, moreover we also collected your DNA a moment ago, after the chemical examination comparison, with exactly the same that on the dead keeps.” The police said. At this time periphery these people were all shocked. This fellow unexpectedly is a murderer. In Mercedes-Benz. Xu, was laborious you.” Xia Tian said. I am not laborious, all are the Qi Huan arrangements, was right, one will go home, should not be surprised.” Xu has shown mysterious smiling face.