Almighty Student - Volume 15 - Chapter 1409

Heard Xia Tian to say the big ritual, everybody at present immediately. Xia Tian is any figure, now Jiang Hai City King, world first Expert, western talents China four big Expert. The talent in talent, the King in King. Big ritual in his mouth, that definitely was small. The people have not spoken, they are waiting for Xia Tian the making known truth. First is 100 million gathering miracle cures, after taking the gathering miracle cure, the cultivation speed will promote 2-3 times, in addition here poly spirit big, that cultivation speed can superimpose.” Xia Tian smiling saying. What? Also can be quicker.” All people were all shocked. Xia Tian brings to them surprised simply was too many. They think before one are pursuing the Xia Tian footsteps fast, but they discovered that their strengths are stronger, disparity between they and Xia Tian is also bigger, moreover they can have the present strength, is the help of Xia Tian. Can superimpose is any concept. Others Realm that takes 20 years to be able cultivation to arrive, you only took one year to be OK. Gathering miracle cure, after taking one, generally can cultivation seven to ten days, I leave behind 100 million compounded drugs to you, how as to assign looks your.” Xia Tian light saying. Stays behind.” Brow of Lin Bingbing immediately a wrinkle. Hears her to read these two characters, the people understand that Xia Tian this is must say goodbye with them.

„Do you also want to walk?” Ye Qingxue asked that here also only then Ye Qingxue can ask this question. Bing Xin and others are different, she thinks herself to be able with Xia Tian in the same place, even if only then such moment, this whole life also value, therefore she love to Xia Tian does not hold, she also understands that Xia Tian has own matter to do. Yun Miao had experienced happily instantaneous, is Xia Tian harnesses seven color Xiangyun to meet her moment, for that moment, she is willing to protect Xia Tian for a lifetime. The sentiment of Bai Yiyi to Xia Tian is very strange, in her eyes, Xia Tian was a big hero, Xia Tian has handled that many matters for her and her family, therefore she rather for a lifetime in the Xia Tian side was the slave is a maid. Although Zeng Ruo is very intimate with the relations of Xia Tian, but similarly, she is the Xia Tian intimate sister, she will not demand Xia Tian anything, but she will help the Xia Tian solution extra worries. But other people are also the Xia Tian brothers, but they are more like the Xia Tian little brothers, therefore they impossible to ask Xia Tian. On the spot only then Ye Qingxue this older female cousin has the qualifications to ask Xia Tian. Temporarily does not walk, but I do not have the time to handle the family, therefore I plan to manage by Qi Huan the family temporarily temporarily.” Xia Tian said. Boss.” Qi Huan goes forward to say hurriedly. Was good, matter that I decide, you think that possibly changes?” Xia Tian very serious looked that asked to Qi Huan. Qi Huan has not spoken. Starting today, Qi Huan will take over control of me thoroughly in Jiang Hai City all influences, Dragon Group, as well as the navy shadow team, his code number will change to the Lion King, the concrete handing-over ceremony seven days later, that day of my birthday carried on, helping me spread this matter, the people who let the world know that simultaneously helped me invite Eastern Man and Northern Army two Senior comes, calls to steal the day to bring the Dragon Group person, made the people of one-eyed Wang Jiang shadow team also bring, this connection I must be known our Xia Family strength by the world.” Xia Tian light saying. Xu, you distribute compounded drug, everyone governs 1 million, other giving Qi Huan, you were also tired, gets down the rest, will have the matter to say tomorrow.” Xia Tian understands that for a long time has not seen, some everybody definitely many words want to say to him, but he must arrange all now, because on him does not know one will leave when Jiang Hai City: Qi Huan, you come with me.”

Em!” Qi Huan nodded. Other people got down to rest, although several females many words want to say to Xia Tian, but they also saw Xia Tian had very heavy concern. Xia Tian led Qi Huan to arrive at the central zone of manor. Qi Huan, for these days, do not leave here.” Xia Tian said. Boss, you also knows actually that by the qualifications, by the duty by the strength I am not best, you make me take over your position, this really being hard obedience.” Qi Huan said. Qi Huan, what I regard as important is your ability, as for the strength, I gave you to prepare three types of things.” Xia Tian has put out three sages. First is called the vestment, its energy is spirit stone, I have installed spirit stone above, so long as you put on, then besides Heaven Grade Expert, is impossible to have anybody to break your defense.” Xia Tian has given Qi Huan the vestment. Heaven Grade can't Expert break?” Qi Huan whole face inconceivable looks at the vestment in Xia Tian hand. Em, you usually placed the chest to be OK it, had any danger words, it can start the defense.” Xia Tian said. Boss, this was also too precious.” Qi Huan does not dare to meet the vestment in Xia Tian hand. Taking, this does not give you, but is the Xia Family superintendent should have the family heirloom that if some day you must elect the new successor, that gives the next generation superintendent these three types of treasures.” Xia Tian filled in the vestment the hand of Qi Huan hardly. Second is called Saint sword, its energy is also spirit stone, I have installed spirit stone above similarly, now is a Yellow Grade person puts on this different thing, can defeat Earth Grade greatly complete Expert, the Saint sword can the racket fly easily Earth Grade greatly complete Expert.” Xia Tian has given Qi Huan the Saint sword. Qi Huan this time has not rejected, but his turned the difficult situation at this time at heart.

On the Yellow Grade person ship this different thing can defeat Earth Grade to be greatly complete, this simply was too terrifying. Finally same is the Saint boots, on after the ship it, the speed will promote about three times, general Earth Grade greatly complete Expert cannot avoid the speed of Saint boots, but the Saint boots need Earth Grade late stage Expert to be able to put on, the energy is also spirit stone.” Xia Tian has given Qi Huan the Saint boots. Three sages has connected with completely. Looks three sages in own hand, Qi Huan knelt on the ground directly: Boss, I ensure protects Xia Family for a lifetime.” Gets up.” Xia Tian very serious saying, in his words has the irresistible factor. Qi Huan has stood. In this Chu bag has the weapon of weapons and several thousand false Spirit Tool ranks of 400 Spirit Tool ranks, hands over by you takes care, Earth Grade above Expert renders meritorious service gives Spirit Tool, Earth Grade following Expert renders meritorious service gives false Spirit Tool, I believe that you can arrange, in this also in 100 spirit stone and 10,000 low grade spirit stone, low grade spirit stone can cause the bloody battle between Earth Grade greatly complete Expert together, therefore I want to make you understand that its precious, spirit stone cannot use, I leave behind the spirit stone goal to you on am to support three sages, in three. spirit stone should be able to make three sages insist from 30 years to 50 years.” Xia Tian said. Bang! Xia Tian just spoke Chu Wudai to give Qi Huan, outside of manor has heard a demolition sound. Xia Tian, I am Lei Feng, you come out to me.” Drinks from the manor greatly transmits.