Almighty Student - Volume 15 - Chapter 1411

The skin of Xia Tian could not endure this type to stimulate. This hidden essence and blood flowed his whole body instantaneously, was only the flash, his eye turned into the black, the white pupil part vanished completely, around his body presented the black aura, at the same time a black illusory wing appeared in his back. Good pain!” Xia Tian clenches teeth to say. He felt that his back had any thing to be long to be the same probably. However he discovered that own this unexpectedly maintained the spirit wisdom, moreover his pain also vanished, the skin also no longer bled. „After me, what carried on the back to have?” Xia Tian is curious, therefore he wants to look to the following mirror. After he saw one that wing that carries on the back, the whole person has been shocked, his back only then left has a wing, the right does not have, probably is the angel of flap is the same. Naturally, he is only fallen angel. Wing, my unexpectedly had a wing.” Xia Tian surprised looks at own wing. However has not waited for him to be surprised, he discovered that his body started to change suddenly, the meteor tears of place of his chest started to go to his body class in all directions, but strength that in the pool contained also little entered in his skin. My body is changing.” Xia Tian discovered that own skin tissue starts to change, moreover is changes layer by layer, the first strength of monkey liquor protects his underlying tissues. Next gathering miracle cure strength his flesh and blood reorganization. Finally spiritual energy starts to temper his body and underlying tissues. At this time his body probably is the same in the refiner, repeatedly is striking. Insisted that I must insist.” Although the body of Xia Tian is very painful, but he has been insisting, he understands, so long as have insisted these days, he will certainly win brand-new Realm. Ten minutes passed by.

Xia Tian is still insisting, if not Vampire changes and meteor tears helps him relieve the pain, perhaps he already the pain died. At this time his in the body has five strengths to carry on the impact. The strength of monkey liquor, gathering miracle cure strength, spirit stone strength, the strength and strength of meteor of tears this hidden essence and blood. 20 minutes passed by. Paternal grandmother, so is how painful.” Xia Tian can endure the flash the pain, but now this pain is continuous, Xia Tian can only clench teeth to insist. Meanwhile. An explosive news travelled in world. Seven days later is the Xia Tian birthday. Who is Xia Tian? Jiang Hai City genuine giant, China one of the four big Expert , a Xia Family world two big influences leader. Although he is also China four big Expert, but these Earth Grade greatly complete Expert know that Xia Tian fights with the fists in the entrance of Heavenly Connection Neidong but actually similarly is of corrupt wolves China four big Expert. Is only a fist. Moreover in hundred dawn fresh four big Expert ranks also writes was very clear, the hazard index of corrupt wolf is 15 stars, but the Xia Tian hazard index is 100 stars. Although Xia Tian this year is only 18 years old. However in these well-known Expert regarding the world, seven days later is the Xia Tian birthday, they must give Xia Tian to offer birthday congratulations.

This becomes friends with the Xia Tian best opportunity, but these before and Xia Tian had the person of conflict also to plan that took this time opportunity to relax between them the relations, after all by the present Xia Tian strength and influence, wants to destroy completely them to be it can be said that easy. Each country has also heard the Xia Tian matter, therefore besides Island Country, some people prepare Jiang Hai City to offer birthday congratulations to Xia Tian. The Island Country admirals also died in the hand of Xia Tian. This time Island Country internationally again did not have the rampant qualification, now absolutely does not have any country to regard them is a matter, before Island Country could be said as powerful nations in two country, they have even thought one were a country. But this time, Island Country directly became three countries, and is sliding. Let Island Country turn into such miserable person is Xia Tian. A person made a country become three countries from the top two countries. This sounds a little to exaggerate. But Xia Tian has truly accomplished, Xia Tian has destroyed the Island Country air-defense base first, has blasted the Island Country arsenal, then steals away the hat that Prime Minister Island Country has been the continuation, finally has ruined the Island Country secret aircraft carrier and navy corps, cut to kill the Island Country navy four senior generals, has stolen away Island Country all atomic bombs, now the Island Country navy grand marshal also dies in the hand of Xia Tian. This Island Country thorough planting in the hand of Xia Tian. Now General Jianghu the Xia Tian birthday calls the heroic congress, all Expert go, but these want the famous person or think own strength good person also in abundance hurries to Jiang Hai City. Three days later. Xia Tian walked from the pool, this time pool has done, the compounded drug vanished, the monkey liquor vanished, in 66 spirit stone also turned into ordinary Jade Stone, but Xia Tian has not discarded them, because spirit stone can restore voluntarily, 70-80 years later, but can also turn into spirit stone once more. Father.” Xia Tian shouts loudly, three days, these three days he experienced the taste of hell, he walked one to be the same in the hell probably, for these days he was not to mention miserable. Pain!

He can feel the pain of his body. However his harvest is bigger, although he has not arrived at Earth Grade greatly complete Realm, but was also similar, what is main, his all Inner Strength completely the transformation is spiritual energy. Present he is having with Heaven Grade Expert same spiritual energy. Reason that Heaven Grade Expert was called Heaven Grade Expert, because of spiritual energy of their within the body, spiritual energy is higher than Inner Strength a level existence, if uses commensurability spiritual energy and Inner Strength collides, that finally only then, Inner Strength disintegrates instantaneously. Therefore Heaven Grade regarding all Earth Grade greatly complete Expert, is a dream. This time Xia Tian within the body did not have least bit Inner Strength, completely is spiritual energy, regarding him present, so long as saved enough enough many spiritual energy, that naturally was successful, turned into Heaven Grade Expert directly. What is main is. Xia Tian puts out a false Spirit Tool rank the dagger, delimited on the arm, the arm has not been injured, has only left behind a scratch. His these delimits on own skin. However dagger unexpectedly of false Spirit Tool rank has not broken his own defense. He has put afterward out a dagger of Spirit Tool rank, looks this in own hand the dagger of Spirit Tool rank, in the heart of Xia Tian has filled the anticipation, actually he wanted to have a look at itself to have the big change. Started.” Xia Tian at present one bright, the dagger of Spirit Tool rank delimits to approach own arm directly.