Almighty Student - Volume 15 - Chapter 1412

When the dagger of Spirit Tool rank delimits on the Xia Tian arm, on his arm had a wound. However Xia Tian discovered that wound is restoring at the naked eye obvious speed. After one minute. The wound has scarred. This was also too mysterious.” Xia Tian whole face inconceivable looks at own arm, he delimits his arm with the dagger of Spirit Tool rank, he still remembers that initially Wen Ya almost killed him with a fire dragon dagger of false Spirit Tool rank. On false Spirit Tool had some attributes, person who once was wounded by false Spirit Tool, that least also needs the rest to restore for half a month, but the weapon of Spirit Tool rank possibly will directly even cause the death. If this delimits the dagger on the average person arm, that will be delivers to the hospital also possibly to face the death, even if will be Martial Arts Expert will also find the way to stop bleeding, or clothing next restored the compounded drug, moreover wanted the wound thoroughly good also to take about one month. Xia Tian wound unexpectedly one minute was but good. I now perhaps was not the body of dying.” Saying that Xia Tian self-ridicules, he is also only says certainly, because he does not believe after some people can the heart be penetrated, can live. The head fell has also been able to eat meal. Ka ka ka! After Xia Tian outstretches own arm, his bone has sent out the sound. Shouted, should move.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, afterward he has opened the door, when he opens the door he was shocked, at this time courtyard inside three people are drinking there. Eastern Man, Northern Army and his master Yin Nie. When you come?” Xia Tian awkward saying, his unexpectedly does not know when their several come. Came more than for day, the boy, your here Spirit Tool on Spirit Tool compared with spirit stone is how rich, if I early know, already ran over.” Eastern Man smiling saying. I gathered spirit big entire mountain village arrangement.” Xia Tian said. Gathers spirit big? Your boy unexpectedly will also arrange Formation.” Eastern Man surprised saying.

Em, altogether has used 8888 spirit stone, 8800 low grade spirit stone, in 88 spirit stone.” Xia Tian said. What?” Hears Xia Tian these words, three people is a face strange looks at Xia Tian. Low-grade goods spirit stone can make Earth Grade greatly complete Expert go all out together to rob, Xia Tian unexpectedly said that he used in 8800 low grade spirit stone and 88 spirit stone arranges this to gather spirit big. Boy, in you lottery ticket.” Eastern Man whole face surprised saying. Snatched a buried treasure in Neidong.” Xia Tian to these person any concealment, simultaneously has not put out in 30 spirit stone to place on the stone table. Local tyrant, we are friend.” Eastern Man not polite, received ten spirit stone. Cannot think that we work as the elder, wants you to help on the contrary.” Northern Army helpless saying. Person who grandfather your where words, your several are has the obligation to me, this thing compares that to be not worthy of mentioning to my benevolence with you, moreover I here does not lack spirit stone now, I cannot use up.” Xia Tian said. Come, the boy, fights one.” Eastern Man has stood directly, before he and Xia Tian Realm was different, therefore he cannot bully the weak, when Northern Army celebrated a birthday, although has fought with Xia Tian, but has not used Inner Strength. However several months of after past, Xia Tian is the person of his same rank. Eastern Man is warlike elements, especially fights with Expert. Xia Tian is he looks to grow, the Xia Tian talent it can be said that goes against heaven's will, therefore he also already wants with Xia Tian well got one. Good!” Xia Tian excited saying. He just cultivation finished, actually happen to wants to try oneself present strength what, Eastern Man is a very good match, he is most Expert in older generation China four big Expert. What the Xia Tian beforehand fight depends is the combustion compounded drug, the monster king mask and three sages. This time he must by his strength and Eastern Man solid gets one. Boy, I already wants to get one with you, I can not keep the hand.” Eastern Man looked that said to Xia Tian.

Good, I also feared that you are letting me.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. I came.” After Eastern Man said that has fired into Xia Tian directly, his speed is fast, in an instant arrived at the Xia Tian front, afterward his right palm light racket to Xia Tian. This palm seems like soft, without any strength, but Xia Tian may know that Eastern Man the palm might is actually big. Spatial bright palm! Comes well.” Xia Tian gives a loud shout, afterward his right hand studied the Eastern Man appearance to pat, similarly was soft. Spatial bright palm. Was interesting, two people use is the spatial bright palms.” Northern Army also felt one one's blood bubbles up to the brim. Bang! When the right palm of right palm and Eastern Man of Xia Tian pats in the same place. Two people simultaneously retreat, on the face of Eastern Man presented the surprised expression: Boy, your did Inner Strength all change into spiritual energy?” Em.” Xia Tian nodded. What? Inner Strength all changes into spiritual energy, are you Heaven Grade?” Inconceivable of Northern Army whole face. No, is Earth Grade late stage, just my Inner Strength completely changed into spiritual energy.” Xia Tian said. Earth Grade late stage completely changes into spiritual energy Inner Strength, is really the big of every possible strange thing world.” Eastern Man says with emotion, after his cultivation to Earth Grade is greatly complete, is very long starts to condense spiritual energy, moreover needs the assistance of spirit stone, otherwise he wants the Inner Strength transformation within the body to be spiritual energy at least takes 150 years. Can he live 150 years of not to be indefinite again. But Xia Tian unexpectedly only used such short time to be spiritual energy the Inner Strength completely transformation. Good, this satisfies a craving.” Eastern Man said that flushes away to Xia Tian once more.

Spatial bright fist! Eastern Man was one spatial clearly has fought with the fists. This Xia Tian has not used the spatial bright fist, but is the right hand makes a fist, at the same time on his fist has covered entirely Frost. Cold ice fist. This boy goes with my fist with Eastern Man, is impossible to win, I experimented excessively innumerable.” Northern Army shook the head. Air current! Xia Tian use air/Qi mercury the surrounding air compression. Bang! The fist to one, the body of Eastern Man went to retreat: What?” The face of Northern Army and on Yin Nie also appeared inconceivable, they may understand Eastern Man and Northern Army ability, if to the fist, the cold ice fist could not win the spatial bright fist of Eastern Man unilaterally absolutely. However at this time a Xia Tian unexpectedly fist has repelled more than ten steps Eastern Man. Must know that Eastern Man present Inner Strength the larger part transformed is spiritual energy, he is half Heaven Grade Expert. Good, satisfies a craving.” Eastern Man not only has not been angry, instead was on the face presented the excited expression. Spatial bright double hit.