Almighty Student - Volume 15 - Chapter 1414

Yin Nie. first under Heaven sword Saint. Most mystical man. Few people and he has battled. But with he has battled person is an idea, that is they do not know the Yin Nie true strength. Regarding them. Because they spell to try each time, is Yin Nie can still relaxed neutralize. In the past Yin Nie Earth Grade Expert dares to have the hostility to arrive at Jiang Hai City, especially injured Xia Tian, he killed anyone, these words were not casual can say, that was the symbol of strength. Moreover these words definitely will cause the disaffection of many person, can these discontented peaceful only, has means. That is, kills! Nobody knows that Yin Nie has killed many people. But truly again did not have Earth Grade above Expert to visit Jiang Hai City. They were frightened by Yin Nie. The Yin Nie life has a friend. That is Xia Tianlong. All people know that he affirmed has fought with Xia Tianlong, who loses finally who wins actually nobody to know. Master.” Xia Tian bowed. Puts out your complete strength, I with sword, therefore you do not need to care about Spirit Tool, so long as you have, you can use.” Yin Nie light saying, his these words are were not boasting one fierce. But is the symbol of strength. Em.” Xia Tian nodded, at this time in front of him the person is master Yin Nie that he most respects. Today he has the opportunity and his master finally face-to-face came a showdown.

Has won, represented him to finish an apprenticeship. Lost, nobody will say anything, but Xia Tian does not want to lose, he wants to make Yin Nie know that he had the qualifications of finishing an apprenticeship, at this moment regarding Xia Tian very important. Probably is the large number of students in that moment of waiting college entrance examination. The left hand of Xia Tian double refers to stretching out, points to Yin Nie. ! Famous sword in Yin Nie right hand already sheath. Whiz! Yin Nie moved, the Yin Nie disposition is this, the idle talk were not many, said that began to begin, sees Yin Nie to move, Xia Tian hurried went to retreat, this was first time with the Yin Nie frontage resistance, before Yin Nie trained his time was to stand is making him attack same place. This time, Yin Nie attacked on own initiative. Although the Yin Nie sword seems does not have the Wei Guang sword to be quick, however the Yin Nie sword has actually given him one type compared with a Wei Guang more terrifying strength. Whiz! Flickers the body technique. Xia Tian wants to use to flicker the body technique to shunt Yin Nie strikes. Puff! On his arm left a wound. Hateful, how I this matter forgetting, to have flickered the body technique the application method I to tell to Master, he to flickering the body technique should understand.” A Xia Tian brow wrinkle. First round fights, he was injured. It seems like Yin Nie has not planned to keep the hand.” Eastern Man said. Em.” Northern Army nodded, first round fought Xia Tian injured, this fully has indicated his strength: „It is not right, you looked quickly the Xia Tian wound is healing, that is the place that the Yin Nie famous sword stabs, unexpectedly will start to heal, moreover speed unexpectedly that heals is so quick.” Real.” Eastern Man has also discovered that he saw the wound on Xia Tian arm is healing, moreover is healing at the naked eye obvious speed.

! Yin Nie uses the sword once more, although he leaves the way of sword to be ordinary, however his each sword as if blocked Xia Tian all the angles of escaping to be the same. „It is not good, flickers body technique is unable to shunt.” Xia Tian body fast retreat, but he discovered before own retreat speed cannot compare in the Yin Nie hand the sword , the speed of flushing. Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step! Xia Tian flash, Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step full. But he has still not shunted Yin Nie the sword. Puff! On arm of Xia Tian were once more many a wound. „The sword of good terrifying, cannot avoid, worthily is Yin Nie, it seems like today can appreciate the first under Heaven Swordsman swordsmanship well.” A Eastern Man face anticipates looks at Yin Nie to say. Does not know how Xia Tian must deal with the swordsmanship that Yin Nie this cannot avoid.” Northern Army already worried that has the anticipation. Xia Tian had just defeated Eastern Man, this had indicated his strength has how formidable, talent how high, but his opposite person was known as now first under Heaven sword Saint pinches, is his master. The Yin Nie sword, was known as sword that cannot avoid. He gets rid twice, has left behind two wounds on the body of Xia Tian, if Xia Tian does not try to find the solution, he can only by nibbling of Yin Nie sword then sword. Finally, the Yin Nie third sword appeared. ! Xia Tian this time has not dodged, but is the left hand double refers to selecting instantaneously. dāng! His double referred to direct above the long sword in Yin Nie hand. However a Yin Nie sword blade revolution, gave the body of Xia Tian to leave behind a wound once more. Puff!

Great, although Xia Tian has been injured, but this time actually the Yin Nie sword selecting, this is the good sign.” Eastern Man excited saying, he is in this world figure in most Expert, can make him look at excited fight not to be many so. Master! Since thank you continuously to my attendance.” Xia Tian looked that said to Yin Nie. ! Yin Nie has not spoken, his fourth punctured. Quick, this sword very quick, before Yin Nie three seemed is very optional, has probably not used is fully same, but this fourth sword he has used the quick sword. Before thought Yin Nie not Wei Guang that quick sword Xia Tian, but he understood now, the Yin Nie quick sword used not in the least compared with slow of Wei Guang. Eastern Man and Northern Army all are look at Xia Tian that a face anticipates, actually they want to take a look at Xia Tian to how deal with the Yin Nie following swordsmanship. dāng! Under Eastern Man and Northern Army inconceivable vision, two fingers of Xia Tian the Yin Nie sword gripping. Gripped.” Northern Army surprised saying. This boy unexpectedly the Yin Nie sword gripping, was unable.” On the face of Eastern Man has also written all over inconceivable, although Finger of Consonance can grip others weapon is not the difficult matter. But the Yin Nie sword is different from others' sword. His sword speed is fast, moreover Yin Nie regarding the transformation of sword is also the ghosts and gods not measured that once Xia Tian presents the slight error, his finger might directly cut off very much. Yin Nie also somewhat is surprised, but on his face had the smiling face immediately: Your talent really compared with your father.” Yin Nie is looks that Xia Tian arrives step by step today, he will not turn from a Martial Arts average person can grip his sword now, has only used six months. This talent, can describe with the monstruous talent simply. Master, I must begin.” The Xia Tian voice just fell, he has inspired the hidden essence and blood of oneself within the body, at the same time, his eye grow darks completely, the white pupil vanishes, around his body presented the incomparably intense black air/Qi. Bang! A black illusory wing jumps out from the left shoulder of Xia Tian.