Almighty Student - Volume 15 - Chapter 1415
When this shoulder appears, three people of scene are startled. Wing. Person unexpectedly grew the wing, this too has exaggerated simply, although on the Xia Tian left shoulder grows is not the wing of feather, but that illusory feeling actually probably really exists. Black wing. Has one. This is any situation.” Eastern Man a little hoodwinked, he has not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly also had such method, unexpectedly carries on the back to transform a wing after. „Does wing, what do? How this boy grew the angel same wing.” Northern Army does not know that should say anything. Yin Nie has circled the sword in hand, afterward a sword thorn to Xia Tian. ! The speed is fast. This sword seems evades not to be possible to evade, all people looked to Xia Tian, they wanted to have a look, actually Xia Tian planned how to avoid Yin Nie the sword. Whiz! The tip of the toe of Xia Tian has selected on the ground, afterward his body rises with a spring. This boy must do, although jumps truly to shunt the attack of Yin Nie, but Yin Nie will change will incur absolutely, how that Yin Nie next move of he must avoid, has not borrowed the point of force in the midair.” Eastern Man does not understand that Xia Tian such does must do. Xia Tian did moron, short-circuit? But the Xia Tian following movement made him open the mouth surprisedly.

Xia Tian tip of the toe unexpectedly in the air, afterward the body directly moved in the midair. Fly! Xia Tian unexpectedly is flying, saw that such scene may all shake their three. Although they had heard Heaven Grade Expert can fly, but they also understand that definitely is not successful directly can fly. But at this moment Xia Tian unexpectedly is flying. His foot back and forth is shuttling back and forth in the air. „Does he achieve? Is his behind wing? But I had not heard a wing can fly.” Northern Army puzzled looks at Xia Tian. He is not flying, even if not possibly flies casual from the sky moves, you have a look at him, unexpectedly can move the body in the air, his unexpectedly steps on the air to transfer, this means I have tried not to know that many returned, I cannot achieve.” Eastern Man plays with the air Expert, he also attempts to want using the foot to step on the air airborne transfers, but he cannot achieve finally. However at this time, Xia Tian actually achieved. Whiz! The body of Xia Tian vanished in the air, presents again time, the body of Yin Nie flew, Xia Tian appears in Yin Nie behind carries on the sneak attack, although Yin Nie has counter-balanced some injuries in the final flash with the sword, but after Xia Tian changes the body, the strength increased, therefore a fist hit to fly him directly. dāng! Yin Nie worthily is the first under Heaven sword Saint, although the body was hit to fly, but he was still uses the famous sword in hand to select several on the ground, melted completely the strength. „The strength of this boy is so big, Yin Nie unexpectedly unloaded ten strength completely to download the strength.” Eastern Man surprised saying. If this fought with the fists on my cold ice armor, the armor should crush immediately.” Northern Army has compared in the heart, he discovered that he cannot catch Xia Tian this absolutely.

Although Xia Tian now is Earth Grade late stage Realm, however his striking power has definitely been able Insta-kill ordinary Earth Grade greatly complete Expert. Whiz! The body of Xia Tian falls to the ground steadily. Afterward his behind wing vanished, the eye also restored original installation, now the before body of Xia Tian is not, such, after having used Vampire changes the body, body painful must die. The body of Xia Tian present body dying, his body definitely cannot withstand changes behind pain, even Xia Tian could not feel the feeling of pain completely. Moreover he can also control Vampire now with ease changes the body. Master, you are all right.” Xia Tian asked. All right!” The long sword in Yin Nie right hand stretches out. Master, the apprentice wanted disrespectful.” The left hand of Xia Tian stretches out directly, shows the posture that has seized dragon. „? This boy also has the card in a hand, what he uses seizes dragon, this move should unable to catch Yin Nie is right.” Eastern Man does not understand that Xia Tian must do, but can hear from the Xia Tian words, Xia Tian as if also has any card in a hand to be the same. Moreover this time, probably is any super big unique skill, otherwise Xia Tian will not say to Yin Nie disrespectful. Meanwhile demon entrance. Lei Feng, looks for my anything matter.” The illusory person's shadow asked together. At this time Lei Feng knees down, but Lei Feng in this world one of the most Expert, but he so is respectful to this empty shade: Sir, I found one to have the big destiny person, the name of this person is called the corrupt wolf.” „The person of big destiny has, specially what he has?” The empty shade asked.

His destiny is strong, the aisle can pick spirit stone, eats meal to be able by the compounded drug to be caught.” Lei Feng said. Volume, such outstandingly able person?” The empty shade also slightly stares. Em, therefore I contact you, what to do wants to ask you one!” Lei Feng said. „The person of this big destiny, is very big in the spirit world use, he can make any influence move toward powerfully, the spirit world everywhere is the rare treasure, will have him with having the big destiny in the entire strength, such person will have the big use.” The empty shade said. Em, I received him for the subordinates now.” Lei Feng said. This, I will make the person deliver a number of compounded drugs and spirit stone within three days to you, this batch of compounded drugs and spirit stone you are used to give him to promote the strength, then after he broke through to Heaven Grade, making him come from the demon entrance, I will receive him for the disciple.” The empty shade said. Sir? Is worth? To transport to need hundred times of commodities the thing from the spirit world, for he is worth? Moreover your unexpectedly must receive him for the disciple personally.” Lei Feng's surprised saying, wants to transport the thing from spirit world not to be simple, needs to spend very big Kungfu, 100 spirit stone can only finally the coming out same place, this is the rule, otherwise this world already became the spirit world back garden. Lei Feng, your boy which good, does not understand the potential, this is also I makes you guard the gate of demon intention, my this is to let you hits steady Earth Grade, like this, you can soar.” The empty shade said. Many thanks looking after of Sir.” Saying that Lei Feng is grateful. Does not need to thank me, I hope some day you to replace your father's position, becomes my right-hand, reason that I have regarded as important you, because of your potential, this time you understands why I must receive the corrupt wolf am a disciple.” The empty shade said. Good, Sir, my this informs him.” Lei Feng nodded. Another. Master, I must start.” The left hand of Xia Tian moves slightly. Technique of Third Layer deep meanings eight Qi.