Almighty Student - Volume 15 - Chapter 1416

The Xia Tian voice just fell. Yin Nie unexpectedly discovered that own body was uncontrolled, his body unexpectedly flew directly to Xia Tian. Puff! The palm of Xia Tian held the neck of Yin Nie directly. What?” This Eastern Man and Northern Army were shocked completely, they understand why finally Xia Tian must say a moment ago the following matter was disrespectful, Xia Tian unexpectedly grasped directly on the neck of Yin Nie. This situation only appears generally, in the rank differs on very big two people, if the same rank cannot achieve. Because the opposite party will not give you opportunity. Moreover they are also rush go to grasp. But left hand like Xia Tian does not wield, Yin Nie flew his control. Master, offended.” Xia Tian loosened own left hand, at the same time Yin Nie discovered own also recovered the original condition. Boy, actually do you how achieve?” Eastern Man excited running over. In ten meters, stands in same place one second, I can control his soul, and uses special Inner Strength to attract the opposite party to my control, naturally, Spiritual Force the person who I was higher, I cannot control.” Xia Tian answered, he with these person not slight taboos. Good terrifying Martial Arts.” Eastern Man surprised saying. I will seize dragon to use here, to increase the attraction speed intentionally, this can also avoid being broken, although I do not know Heaven Grade Expert Spiritual Force strongly, but I believe that I should not be more vigorous than any Heaven Grade Expert Spiritual Force.” Xia Tian regarding own Spiritual Force is very self-confident.

After afterward his former Spiritual Force on the far ultra same level person, had learned the super refiner technique, his Spiritual Force rapidly is growing. That can restore the Spiritual Force stone thoroughly already was used up by him. Fierce, was really too fierce, the boy, this you were below Heaven Grade do not have the rival.” Saying of Eastern Man face admiration. No, must cope with Lei Feng not to have is so simple, I also need to promote my Realm.” Xia Tian does not think own this can fighting Lei Feng, in gate of there demon, Lei Feng's strength can promote Heaven Grade. When the time comes Xia Tian copes is Heaven Grade Expert Lei Feng, but is not Earth Grade greatly complete Lei Feng. Now you most need to do does not save spiritual energy, but is the sensibility, goes out for a walk, you fight for a long time, is maintaining very intensive Spiritual Force, so long as you relax, will obtain the unexpected effect.” Yin Nie said. Yes, Master.” Xia Tian had also considered this matter, his does Realm want to promote already the quilt? Accumulation of spiritual energy, but is the sensibility, but he has felt the stone to cross river, therefore not clear suspect is right. At this time a Yin Nie such saying, he understood, oneself truly needed to relax well. Boy, your here good, we later lived here, did you have the opinion? Some opinions also retain.” Eastern Man very impolite saying. Wishes for earnestly.” Xia Tian said that has Expert of Eastern Man this rank to assume personal command, he also without enough time, how can not want happily, moreover Northern Army or the Bing Xin grandfather, he in this, Bing Xin definitely can also be very happy. Was right, did your monkey liquor have?” Eastern Man was always impolite with Xia Tian, wants anything directly saying that Xia Tian also liked Eastern Man the disposition. Remaining are not many, made me use, this jug, you were drinking first.” Xia Tian has put out jug monkey liquor. „Did your ruined family boy, that many monkey liquor unexpectedly such quickly drink not to have?” Eastern Man this depressed.

Volume.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head. You quickly walk, do not appear before me, otherwise I cannot bear want to choke to death you.” Eastern Man indignant saying. Good, but before I walk, must do a matter.” Xia Tian is also very helpless, this is his family, Eastern Man unexpectedly caught up with him to walk directly, but he also understands that Eastern Man this was good for him. If continues to treat at home, the Xia Tian pressure will be only getting bigger and bigger. What matter?” Eastern Man asked. Arranges Rank 2 to kill.” Xia Tian has shown the mysterious smiling face. Lineup!!” Heard Xia Tian to say lineup time, on three people of faces presented many surprised, Formation was the most mystical thing, although they too did not understand Formation, but they also understand that Rank 2 Formation was not absolutely ordinary, especially killed. Em, perhaps will be very troublesome, I must in Rank 2 this mountain village arrangement kill, in this case, this mountain village on thorough security.” Xia Tian said. Wait / Etc., I can ask that Rank 2 does kill a might?” Eastern Man has broken Xia Tian. Earth Grade greatly complete Expert absolutely Insta-kill.” Xia Tian has not seen Heaven Grade Expert, therefore he did not determine that this Rank 2 kills to cope with Heaven Grade Expert, the broken day also only taught to his Formation application method. Had not said that Formation can cope with any rank figure. Insta-kill is Earth Grade greatly complete? This was also too terrifying, that later mountain village was impregnable.” Eastern Man thorough was shocked, before Earth Grade greatly complete Expert, that was figure of this world Pyramid most peak, but since Xia Tian grew, Earth Grade greatly complete Expert as if turned into the vegetable to be the same. Existence that can pinch conveniently.

Expert of three world most tops, a face anticipates looks at Xia Tian. The Xia Tian right hand throws, in 20 spirit stone fell in the mountain village in the different positions, afterward the Xia Tian both hands fast knot seal, every ten times tied seal, his right hand on fast racket above ground. Quite quick, that many postures, his hand unexpectedly achieves? Has shown that many postures.” Eastern Man whole face inconceivable looks at Xia Tian. Looks at the ground quickly, he every time will strike against the ground, the ground will spread a strange strength, this strength as if here spiritual energy will be interwining.” The Northern Army vision carefully is observing in the ground. dāng! The Yin Nie sword has rapped in the ground, a strength passes on to all around from his sword. This strength was not disturbed by external force, I tested Inner Strength the strength that a moment ago goes to around neutralize to disseminate, but this strength penetrated my Inner Strength directly.” Yin Nie light saying. Fierce, this unexpectedly is Formation.” Eastern Man has traced in the ground with the hand. Then, they have stood are looking that but both hands of Xia Tian are transforming fast, transformed for 45 hours, the sky of mountain village has covered entirely the colored ray, is very attractive, Qi Huan and Fire Cloud evil god and other audiences Expert early arrived at the inner courtyard, they stand there together look at the Xia Tian movement. Knot! ! The flash, a ray of light curtain covers thoroughly the mountain village, afterward the Xia Tian form disappeared in the mountain village: Mountain village gave you, I exited to stroll.”