Almighty Student - Volume 15 - Chapter 1417

No one has thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly goes ahead. Ha Ha Ha Ha, this boy, interesting.” Eastern Man laughs was saying. Senior, I told a moment ago, gave you nearby approaching Boss' residence has arranged several rooms, the environment definitely was best.” Qi Huan goes forward to say. Em.” Eastern Man nodded: Makes everybody get down the rest, the Fire Cloud evil god and Great General remain to accompany us to fight several, the skilled person was itchy, not being feeling well that a moment ago and Xia Tian that boy hit.” Good, Senior, happen to I also want to ask for advice with you.” Fire Cloud evil god excited saying, although he now was also Earth Grade greatly complete Expert, but he depended his Toad Style to defeat other Earth Grade greatly complete Expert. In fact he is insufficient to the Earth Grade greatly complete comprehension. But Eastern Man and Northern Army were different, they were greatly complete this Realm to treat for dozens years in Earth Grade, moreover they and various world Expert have battled, operational experience very sufficient. Hidden Sect deep place. Corrupt wolf.” Sir Lei Feng.” The corrupt wolf sees sudden Lei Feng, cups one hand in the other across the chest hurriedly, shows the respect. My this time comes to bring the news to you.” Lei Feng kept a serious look saying. The corrupt wolf has not spoken, because he understands that oneself present no matter how asked that is inappropriate, therefore he decided that peaceful anything do not reach an agreement.

This is in five spirit stone and 100 low grade spirit stone, gathering miracle cure 1000, is above makes me give you, your boy must treasuring well, you know that transports to need to spend the big strength these things from that place?” Lei Feng looked that asked to the corrupt wolf, but his oneself replied immediately: 100 : 1, wants to ship the thing from that place, finally can only transport 1%, in other words, that side grants you are in 500 spirit stone and 10,000 low grade spirit stone, strikes 1000 gathering miracle cures.” Many thanks Lei Feng Daren.” When the corrupt wolf hears these many treasure, two shine, he has not thought that his luck unexpectedly is such good, Lei Feng made these many treasure to him. spirit stone five, although is only five, but spirit stone in this world is extremely rare. Moreover Lei Feng also said that procedure that these things transport very complex. Do not thank me, the person who gives you thing is big figure, moreover that big figure also makes me have the words to you, lets your well cultivation, if you can cultivation in ten years arrive at Heaven Grade, he personally will receive you for the disciple.” Lei Feng said. Thanks Sir Lei Feng, thanks that Sir.” Actually the corrupt wolf accepts disciple not to care regarding anything, he only cares about the benefit, moreover he does not know that is any big figure, therefore he has not cared. Sees the appearance of corrupt wolf, Lei Feng understands that he thought anything, therefore Lei Feng said: Corrupt wolf, I warned you, received your contempt the manner, that big figure in that place was also the highly respected person, it seems like I must say that place to you well.” Lei Feng prepares to the corrupt wolf talks about the spirit world matter, after all that person requested Lei Feng to covet the wolf to train, therefore the corrupt wolf sooner or later will go to that world. That place, is called spirit world, the spirit world may this world want to be bigger than us now, the spirit world possibly is here 100 times, 1000 times, even are more, can be divided into three big influences in the spirit world, the world of human beings, demon and monster, must receive you are demon advocates Sir Wang Bao for that big figure of disciple, but I must remind you, the name of that Sir cannot raise casually, cannot discuss, especially before that Sir, otherwise you died to decide, in the spirit world, said others life is the same level rank figure has. Qualifications.” Lei Feng saw the shocking look from the face of corrupt wolf at this time finally. Many thanks Sir Lei Feng.” The corrupt wolf knelt on the ground directly, he believes before that big figure, possibly was just Heaven Grade Expert, abused power in this world, but he has not thought that big figure unexpectedly was the demon lord. Demon advocates unexpectedly to receive him for the disciple.

This is his luck full house is the result absolutely. This is just like an ordinary worker, every day to make several hundred dollars rushes about, suddenly some day the presidents in America must become sworn brothers with this worker, the worker in this analogy is the present corrupt wolf. He could not conceal oneself innermost feelings completely was joyful. Gets up, the corrupt wolf, your this time has soared, perhaps later I must flatter you, when the time comes do not pretend not to know me.” Saying that Lei Feng disguises to envy, he a little envied the corrupt wolf actually. Can become the disciple of that Sir, this is the unsurpassed glory. You must remember, in ten years, you must cultivation arrive at Heaven Grade, otherwise you did not have the opportunity.” Saying that Lei Feng enforces. Sir Lei Feng, I have a proposition, does not know that you can promise me.” The corrupt wolf looked that asked to Lei Feng. Said.” Lei Feng impatient saying, he thinks that the corrupt wolf also thinks the seizing the chance main point anything advantage. Sir Lei Feng, I wants to seek friendships your, ties the sworn brother with your righteousness, becomes the life and death brothers, does not know that I do have this qualifications.” The corrupt wolf opens the mouth to say suddenly. „?” Lei Feng just started also to think that corrupt wolf must want any thing with him, but hears the words of corrupt wolf at this time, he is a little also surprised, he has not thought that corrupt wolf unexpectedly set this request. However he has not thought that corrupt wolf unexpectedly will set this request.

How however to see that the present corrupt wolf is figure that possibility soars, even if in demon, if some people heard that Sir must receive the corrupt wolf is the disciple, then definitely will have large quantities of people to visit to flatter the corrupt wolf. But corrupt wolf unexpectedly at this time proposed that must tie the sworn brother with Lei Feng yi. This lets Lei Feng is also unusual satisfaction, actually Lei Feng a little looks down upon the corrupt wolf, but after he listened to the words of that Sir, understood a truth, that is the talent, the corrupt wolf is the person who uses the big destiny, his talent is to go against heaven's will absolutely, sooner or later, the corrupt wolf will become extraordinary big figure, many corrupt wolf brothers like this will always be better than many enemy: Good, today our two died for a good cause to tie the sworn brother, from now henceforth the life and death depends on, just likes the betrayal, the condemned by heaven and earth.” If there is a betrayal, condemned by heaven and earth.” Corrupt wolf very earnest saying, the thoughts of corrupt wolf person are meticulous, in his opinion, he must certainly go to the spirit world in the future, even if he became the demon main disciple, the words of that few trusted subordinate and backer, perhaps the day do not feel better, then Lei Feng absolutely is a best candidate, therefore he decides and Lei Feng binds together. Aqing.” Xia Tian has sneezed. Yeah, must come in the winter, Jiang Hai City it was a little also cold.” Xia Tian sighed, at this time Jiang Hai City came many people, all kinds of people of all forms have. Hey, Brother, knows how Xia Family does walk?” The sudden man has blocked Xia Tian.