Almighty Student - Volume 15 - Chapter 1418

In Xia Tian that on the avenue takes a walk suddenly by a man blocking. „Do you look for Xia Family to do?” Xia Tian asked. Naturally offers birthday congratulations to summer Senior.” That man said summer Senior time, in the look has been full of the look of worship. Xia Tian does not have to think own unexpectedly turned into Senior, moreover some people worship him. But he this year is only 18 years old, unexpectedly turned into Senior. Moreover he is also first time hears others to call him for Senior, immediately feels funnily. What you smile, do you know?” That man noticed that Xia Tian smiles there, unusual disaffection, if he knows at this time stands before him the person is summer Senior in his mouth, he perhaps direct excited and will die. Excited also meeting deceased person? Naturally can. In the news some people said often that somebody draws a prize-winning ticket suddenly, then smiled directly, secondary language inside Fan Jin was selected is also this. Actually is also very good to explain this matter in the angle of medicine. The people in the excessively excited situation, the blood flow speed will speed up, but the blood quantity that the heart position of person can flow out is limited, if the heart blood supply is suddenly insufficient, that will have the death.

What does not have, that summer Senior birthday probably is three days later, you went now, nobody receives you, said again you do know summer Senior?” Xia Tian very curious asking. One hear of your words know you are not local, I have inquired the news, Xia Family this time altogether has held 1800 tables of banquets, one table can sit down 20 people, altogether is 3600 people, wants to enter the banquet to have two methods, the first type is understanding summer Senior or the Xia Family person, the second type competes, now two arenas of levels, one is the arena of ordinary level, won has been able to become in that 3600 person, but complied with another Advanced arena on to become the guest, sat in approaches. The summer Senior position, I did not certainly strive for being able to sit in summer Senior position, so long as can become in that 3600 people, I was well satisfied, although I did not know summer Senior, but summer Senior was my idol.” Saying that a that male face yearns. „? Currently does Jiang Hai City have the arena?” Xia Tian has not thought that the short less than four days of time, Qi Huan their unexpectedly did such to have the creativity matter. Xia Tian also thought bored, does not know where must go to stroll, at this time hears to have the arena, he also came the interest. Yeah, asked you also in vain asked.” That man sighed to say. Which I know Xia Family, but there present does not have what arena probably.” Xia Tian comes out has not seen the arena. You know where Xia Family is at?” That man suddenly at present one bright: I know certainly that there did not have arena, arena in the suburbs of Jiang Hai City another, the population of because challenging were too many, therefore the ordinary arena had 50, 24 hours of uninterrupted, but I think that certainly can win a quota, therefore I planned to inquire clearly the Xia Family position first, when I have taken the quota, I was direct in the past.” „Are you so self-confident to your strength?” Although Xia Tian did not determine what Qi Huan arrangement is who is holding the arena, but he does not believe Qi Huan will arrange the person of ordinary Profound Grade to hold the arena, that 3600 individual quota is absolutely insufficient. That is natural, looked that your appearance has moved, I told you, actually world all Expert in staring at these 3600 quotas, so long as because became a person in this quota, they had the capital of boast, outside , so long as they said that they became in that 3600 quota and ensure others will worship you.” That man felt at this time he has attained the written invitation to be common, fell into self-intoxicated Realm. Some world how many Expert? Enters outside Heavenly Connection the hole has several million people. Present Xia Tian without doubt is world most Expert, Xia Family is also world most peak one of the two respected families, this Xia Tian celebrates a birthday, in the eyes of world person is Xia Tian in the birthday, therefore world honored and popular big figure can come.

These ordinary people? They think themselves, if can also go, turned into honored and popular big figure. Regarding many people, this is a famous good opportunity. Also is an opportunity, if they and Xia Family have a wee bit relations, after them, where, regardless of arrives at to have the capital of boast, but other big influence hears him to have the relations with Xia Family. That naturally can give a Xia Family face. Even if were a person said that he was the servant who Xia Family swept the floor, after that exited, others will present him for the guest, this was the status and status difference. I also really want to take a look.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, actually he wants to have a look at arena is what, holding the arena who is, these rush strike, as well as how Qi Huan operates. After all this time will definitely come many Expert, moreover will have thorn and looks for a job, how Qi Huan solves! Good, which you told me Xia Family, I led you to go to the arena, happen to I also planned that rushed to the arena.” That man looked that said to Xia Tian. Xia Tian is very good, you have walked following this road, crossed a stone arch bridge, was Xia Family.” Xia Tian said. Em, Brother, you name, this time calculates that I owe you a favour, my name was Xu Dali.” Xu Dali individuality very straightforward, he thinks that Xia Tian told him the Xia Family position, he has owed a Xia Tian favour.

Xia Tian hears Xu to call him to smile for the brothers vigorously. If Xu Dali knew perhaps his real status, does not dare to call him for the brothers. They hired a rental car, afterward rushes to the site in arena directly, site Xia Tian of arena is actually familiar, that south Jiang Hai City abandons the factory, initially he rescued Zhao Long parents' that place. But here did not have factory at this time, but turned into Xia Family cultivation place, here is also the country delimits to Xia Family. Xia Tian has not known how at this time really should thank the country, he has established the navy dark influence, the country has apportioned several islands, these islands are his Xia Tian, the country knows that his Xia Family person are getting more and more, apportioned he such big place to let his Jianzhuang garden and cultivation place. It seems like had the opportunity must go well thanks Senior Official, moreover I must remind Qi Huan, cannot make the family juniors bully, otherwise I was ashamed to Senior Official to my benevolence.” Xia Tian innermost feelings secretly thought. We arrived, front was the arena area.” Xu Dali got out to say.