Almighty Student - Volume 15 - Chapter 1419

Em.” Xia Tian nod of gently, walks toward front with Xu Dali afterward. Here has a two meters high fence. Xia Tian and Xu Dali go from the main entrance, when Xia Tian goes in also by the present situation shocking, him has thought now on the Jiang Hai City avenue presented many outside people, but after he came to here, discovered that originally Jiang Hai City came these many people, the people who at this time in this lined up have achieved 7,000-8,000 people. But these lose the person of competition either to watch in the surrounding, either left here. Arena here provides the water and food, therefore tired or hungry the person can dine here, but cannot waste and produce the trash, otherwise will directly be eliminated the qualifications, even watches the right of competition not to have continually. Here has 50 arenas, each arena five people in turn go on stage. But these people who holds the arena, is the Xia Family Profound Grade greatly complete person, these people may be greatly complete with ordinary Profound Grade differently, their cultivation is Advanced Martial Arts, moreover in each individual hand has false Spirit Tool. Therefore their battle efficiencies can be said as in the Earth Grade following are almost invincible, only if there is a super talent to appear, has the opportunity to win. Naturally, here is the stipulation, Earth Grade above Expert cannot challenge here, must go to internal arena. Earth Grade greatly complete Expert does not need to attend the competition, can attain the written invitation directly. Earth Grade was greatly complete following Expert to need to carry on the competition to obtain the qualifications. Perhaps some Earth Grade Expert will refuse to accept, so long as why the Profound Grade person defeated outside arena to be qualified, but so long as their these Earth Grade Expert defeated infield Expert to enter. The explanation that Xia Family gives is, talent, what Xia Family regards as important is the talent, only then the true talent can attend the Xia Tian birthday feast.

At this time outside arena nursing Little Fei their several, Little Fei they broke through to Earth Grade. But outside superintendent is Han Zifeng and Zhong Chuhong they, these two person present Realm have consolidated completely, so long as is not Earth Grade greatly complete Expert gets rid, they can deal with ease. They are used to frighten outside these person of dishonest hearts. Is unfair, is unfair, as soon as why he strikes the Profound Grade people qualified for participating, my this Earth Grade does not have the qualifications to participate.” Shouting that just eliminated the person who is not convinced from the infield. Whiz! The person's shadow fell on that Earth Grade Expert front together. Looked to stipulate?” The sound of that person's shadow is very cold, as if momentarily can get rid the murder to be the same. Looked, is this stipulation is unfair.” That Earth Grade Expert felt suddenly opposite party cold probably cold to own bone , the sound also reduced at once much. Either shuts up watches the competition here, either tumbles out Jiang Hai City, if you dare to shout a moment ago again, some people will throw Jiang Hai City you.” The expression of that person's shadow is light. However person in the content by his words had all been shocked, this is threatening. The opposite party is Earth Grade Expert. In any place, Earth Grade Expert was considered as on is true Expert, where they arrive at to be command respect, was in Jiang Hai City, was the dragon you plate, was the tiger you must lie.

Do not say that is Earth Grade Initial Stage Expert. Even if Earth Grade greatly complete Expert does not dare to be dissolute in Jiang Hai City. That Earth Grade Expert clenched teeth, any words had not said that also has not walked, but chose a place to watch. Little Fei imposing manner was getting more and more serious.” Saying that Xia Tian thought aloud, Little Fei was the wolf lives together since childhood, therefore he had the fondness of countryside of wolf inborn, Xia Tian thinks he cultivated to be higher, this cold fondness of countryside will vanish, but Little Fei cold air Earth Grade Initial Stage Expert cannot bear now: Does not know that is the luck is the calamity, ok, making him consider.” „Do you know that person?” A Xu Dali face strange looks at Xia Tian. Volume.” Xia Tian hurried shift topic: You looked quickly that the front that person strength is good.” Where?” Xu Dali looks directly forward, but his anything has not seen, when he turned head, Xia Tian has disappeared. Whistling, I did not plan that lines up there, first goes to internal arena to have a look, is actually who to hold the arena?” Xia Tian also a little anticipated, outside arena, can make Xia Family these ordinary Expert hold the arena, however in internal arena? Xia Family can not be many with the person of Earth Grade late stage Expert resistance . Moreover the strength must result is compares ordinary Earth Grade late stage Expert to be strong. How otherwise to hold the arena. The inner courtyard has the person of guarding a gate, Earth Grade following Expert, the person who or has not challenged the qualifications does not let. Whiz! Xia Tian has not gone to accept the inspection, the person who because, guards the door there is Zhao Long, if Zhao Long knows that he came, that is definitely serious, will bring when the time comes to the attention of other people.

Therefore Xia Tian only planned that has a look at present Xia Family as observer. Well, felt that resembled some people to pass?” A Zhao Long brow wrinkle, but he shook the head immediately, but he now Earth Grade Expert, even if the speeds of some people are quick, he should also be able to see. Here did not have outside that many people, had more than 600 people, but more than 600 people were uniform Earth Grade Expert. They there very orderly lining up. Can let Earth Grade Expert like is average person lines up, perhaps also only then Xia Family could achieve. These Earth Grade late stage Expert also line up there, nobody dares to have the slight complaint, a strength stronger person is lower-key, moreover a strength stronger person knows the Xia Family terrifying on exceed. Therefore they naturally do not dare to cause trouble, only then these think that the strength good fellow, can not know profound wants to cause trouble. Do not say that is these ordinary Earth Grade Expert, even if Earth Grade greatly complete Expert does not dare to cause trouble in Jiang Hai City absolutely, does not dare to cause trouble in Xia Family, otherwise he absolutely impossible complete going out Jiang Hai City. Here has five arenas. However when sees the holding the arena people in these five arenas, Xia Tian has smiled, owes he to think that really such means that making these five people hold the arena, that rule must certainly change, because can win existences of these five people, perhaps in the world cannot take several. Before should be others, their five should just move, Qi Huan, Qi Huan, you also really make me be surprised.” Xia Tian stands below helpless shaking the head, at this time that five people on arena..