Almighty Student - Volume 15 - Chapter 1420

At this time in the arena is standing five people are not others. first under Heaven sword Saint Yin Nie, Eastern Man and Northern Army in previous generation four big Expert, Great General and Fire Cloud evil god. These five people hold the arena, who can win? Do not say that is the Earth Grade late stage person, even if Earth Grade greatly complete Expert is impossible to win. Naturally, was unable to win them to attend the banquet, but obtains the approvals of these five people, so long as these five people have approved, that can enter the Xia Family banquet. Solely is not Xia Tian this, each entered here person shaking by this luxurious lineup. Five world most tops Expert unexpectedly only the person who when here holds the arena, thus it can be seen, actually the Xia Family strength is terrifying how. Before they heard Xia Family fiercely, but they have seen at this time with one's own eyes fierce of Xia Family. Yeah!” Saw the lineup of this holding the arena, Xia Tian has not wanted to look, because of the following fight very cruel, these people may be this world topest Expert, they got rid completely nobody to block. Whiz! Body fast disappearance of Xia Tian in same place, at this time the sky was about to have shone, he plans to go to school, because he must let loose his heart, that must put down the matter that these cannot put down at heart completely. This world mountain is impossible to have the perfect person, even if Xia Tian is impossible, although his life approached in perfect, but he also has that several brothers in university dormitory, Tang Yan, Yang Buhai, the Binghua thunder wait / etc., these person of he has not related again.

He understands that something must result in put down, he impossible to change the destinies of all people, because of everyone some own dreams, naturally, he also on the quiet will ask the person to help oneself that several brothers complete the undertaking dream, completes their dreams, but Xia Tian will not say absolutely does. Tang Yan wants to work as Basketball instructor wholeheartedly, this point Xia Tian cannot add on her, Yang Buhai is Basketball headhunter, she specifically was responsible for luring the star player, Xia Tian cannot help her, therefore the Xia Tian choice did not disturb they two world, but the Binghua thunder was a good soldier, her dream own offer for a lifetime to the country, will offer to the army, Xia Tian will not destroy her dream. Therefore Xia Tian must all put down these matters. Like, his present spiritual energy that his master said enough broke through to Earth Grade was greatly complete, but he seemed hobbled by any concern. In the morning. Xia Tian goes to a Jiang Hai City ordinary breakfast shop, had the breakfast. Simple one bowl of soft bean curd and a sesame seed cake. After having eaten these, Xia Tian walks toward Jianghai University, he very long had not gone to Jianghai University, before his school register changed to Beijing, afterward after he left Capital, his school register was transferred. After entering Jianghai University, Xia Tian feels mood incomparable relaxation: If initially Wen Ya had not betrayed me, perhaps I now am also Jianghai University inside ordinary student.” Schoolmate, asked troublesome your, how Registration Place of nursing department does walk?” A female has blocked Xia Tian. Front goes straight, three crossroads have turned right, saw after a classroom building passes through, that side has a square, there person are many, you go to there to ask.” Xia Tian very optional saying.

Just started that female still to record in that the road that Xia Tian said how walked, when she heard the Xia Tian last few words, has almost not irritated. You.” The females clenched teeth, stared Xia Tian one, afterward angrily walked. Xia Tian comes is too early, has not been the school hours, therefore Xia Tian moved toward the Basketball field. Although is the big morning, but in the Basketball field has many people there dozen of Basketball, in the morning, at noon, in the evening, these three times, are the university students most like hitting the Basketball time. The person in this time field may be many. Because person are many, therefore most people in Zha Pai. Xia Tian has also collected directly. Brother, a person, happen to our two, our three racket.” A dark and thin man arrives at the Xia Tian front saying that his one meter about 65. Such is considered as in the male student absolutely on is low, say nothing of hit in the Basketball person, generally in hitting the Basketball person was generally is high. Good.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, he also happen to wants to play Basketball, naturally, he has planned playing of low key, if he comes up to shoot, that believes that here person all dispersed quickly. Good, we mutually introduced that my name was Li Dong, I played the point guard, naturally, shooting was not bad.” The black elder brother's dark and thin man said.

My name was Sun Wen, naturally, I am not Sun Yat-sen, I played the center, I grabbed the rebound to be good.” Another one meter about eight man said that he is also quite humorous, a few words made atmosphere between three people relax much. I called Xia Tian, the Xia Tian summer, the Xia Tian day, besides shooting, other I.” Xia Tian said. „, Your this physique also hits Basketball, should not be funny.” At this moment, Xia Tian heard one to have the sound of provocation, who did not need to turn head Xia Tian also to know is, a moment ago let that female of Xia Tian finger of road. You were not will have a liking for me, but also ran here to look for me intentionally.” A Xia Tian face badly smiles looks at that female. „It is not concerned about face, I inquired how Registration Place of nursing department walked, looked a moment ago your unexpectedly must hit Basketball, I naturally must watch the fun, I must have a look at your this front to go straight actually ‚, three crossroads have turned right, saw after a classroom building passes through, that side has a square, there person are many, you go to there to ask dregs male, how to be been oppressive.” The females the Xia Tian words will have repeated a moment ago. In the look is also having the indignant look. Actually does not blame her to be angry, she asked a moment ago the Xia Tian place went straight 30 meters turn left is Registration Place of nursing department, but Xia Tian unexpectedly made him turn that many to bend to ask others, she thought on the vitality. Therefore she came with Xia Tian directly, he must have a look actually, how Xia Tian this slim figure hits Basketball with others. Brother, immediately arrived at us, presently this team in the field five has won streak, their three people were Expert, center high, the backboard and block powerful, the technique of point guard are good, another person passed not to have the crevice, moreover shot is also very accurate, these three people were not good to deal with.” Li Dong reminded. You said that after is not the evil has been afraid of losing, will not have the face, therefore gives under first a stair.” The females stared Xia Tian one to say.