Almighty Student - Volume 15 - Chapter 1421

Volume.” Li Dong awkward smiles, after all the opposite party is a woman, he cannot say anything. Em, this looked by you.” Saying of Xia Tian very exaggeration. Several people understand that Xia Tian is teasing that female intentionally, Li Dong and Sun Wen are also a face bad smiles, they think that this female is the Xia Tian girlfriend, two people mump here. You smile anything to smile, lose your three.” That female in the fit of temper, was looking whose is not pleasing to the eyes, especially Xia Tian the appearance of that exaggeration, she was angry a moment ago. She the only idea is to look at Xia Tian now loses, then taunt Xia Tian well, air vent well. She thinks, only then this can vent spleen. Won! That three people in field six have won streak, they three strength very formidable. Here Zha Pai is seven balls, a side of score serves. However Xia Tian they are on new, therefore first they are served by Xia Tian, but Xia Tian directly has also acted as the person of serve. How I must have a look at you one to lose but actually.” Female enraged saying. Start! Xia Tian has passed to Li Dong the ball directly, Li Dong in the instance of catching a ball, starts to dribble to break through, although his is not tall, but his speed is fast, a dislocation has evaded one person directly. Afterward he takes off directly, in the instance that he takes off, that plays the center to jump block directly, he jumps unusual is high, completely blocks the angle that Li Dong can shoot all of a sudden. Whiz! Sun Wen, catches a ball.” At this moment, Li Dong has downloaded from the crotch of that center ball directly. Second biography! All people said an attractiveness, Sun Wen also directly goes forward to catch a ball. But at this moment, a big hand has blocked the ball directly, is in this team the person of that pass, he has passed to that point guard the ball directly. !

The point guard got rid directly, enters. 1 : 0. Good.” Nearby that female noticed that Xia Tian they came up to lose a ball, immediately excited shouting. Good quick speed.” Li Donggang started to observe these three people under, although he felt that the strengths of these three people were very strong, but at that time he was an observer, when he was authority, he understands that these three people were actually fierce. His second of biography is he displays a moment ago temporarily, but opposite party unexpectedly can also see through. Too fierce. Opposite party gets the ball, was served by the opposite party. keep it up.” Li Dong has gesticulated a hand signal to Xia Tian and Sun Wen. Em.” Xia Tian prepares against person, serve short distance cannot defend. ! That person passed to the point guard the ball directly, Xia Tian wanted the defense, but that point guard unexpectedly passed the ball at this moment directly, that person with ball has passed to that center in bottom line place the ball instantaneously directly. This set of movement moving clouds and flowing water. Perfect. Bang! That center jumps Slam Dunk directly. 2 : 0. Is Li Dong of match also has to commend that opposite party ball was really too brilliant. Quite fierce, it seems like that this that bastard was loses, I now if thinks how one will be mad him, making him refer to me intentionally wrong said.” Although that female does not understand Basketball, but she could also watch that ball game is very a moment ago attractive. She thinks that Xia Tian they lost.

Sun Wen, watches him, cannot make them continue, otherwise we ended.” Li Dong also felt that sense of urgency, a moment ago quickly the enemy this attacked was really good. That person serves once more, he has passed to their point guard the ball directly, afterward that point guard instantaneously dribbling attack, they not silly to similar means use two, therefore this time he must play the quick attack. The technology that he dribbles is good, sees Xia Tian the time, his corners of the mouth slightly one slanting, afterward cuts the footsteps directly. But Xia Tian stands there is motionless, gives the feeling that he one type is unable to go forward. Should be the misconception.” That point guard said to oneself that afterward he dribbles directly flushes away forward. Bang! The ball broke, that point guard whole face inconceivable looks at own hand, his unexpectedly was stolen. ! The Xia Tian ball passed to Li Dong instantaneously, Li Dong until the ball fell the time in his hands responded that the hurried jump shot, was he, because was startled, therefore the ball has not thrown into. Rebound.” That center of Sun Wen and opposite party also takes off. Hateful, he jumped too high.” Sun Wen cursed angrily one, afterward he stretched out his palm directly, this ball he does not snatch, but he will not make the opposite party snatch absolutely, therefore he flew the ball point directly, in the instance of landing, they simultaneously once more took off, this time Sun Wen has selected the ball with the fingertip directly. Scrambles for the ball.” That point guard of opposite party shouts, at the same time that person of opposite party seam protector jumps directly, his spring is also good, the right hand embraces, must embrace own bosom the ball directly. Bang! At this moment, a big hand directly directly racket. What?” Surprised of that person of face, the ball almost arrived in his hand completely, but some unexpectedly also people can rob. ! Xia Tian passes instantaneously. The ball fell in Li Dong hand directly.

This time Li Dongke will not let up such good opportunity. ! Hollow entered the net, the ball enters. 1 : 2. „!” Shouting that Li Dongxing exerts, they broke this deadlock finally, he even had presented a moment ago the idea of flash. „, This is also good.” That female noticed that Xia Tian they have scored point, naturally is not very feeling well, but she does not think similarly Xia Tian they can win. Xia Tian has been giving a hand signal to Li Dong gently, Li Dong nods silently. Xia Tian serves. He issued Li Dong the ball instantaneously, the Li Dong direct feedback has given Xia Tian. Bang! The instance when Li Dong passes the ball, the Xia Tian right palm direct racket to the ball, Bang, the ball was passed on, fell in Sun Wen's hand directly, Sun Wen looked at the ball, direct taking off, under backboard, his relaxed has had the ball, although was not Slam Dunk, but regarding him, shot under the basket does not have what difficulty. Quite quick!” At this time opposite party that several people all are surprised look to Xia Tian, others pass after the hand catches again to throw, flash that but Xia Tian unexpectedly flies in the ball racket, this needs the big strength . Moreover the just right ball falls in Sun Wen's hands. Attractive, this ball a moment ago passed on was too attractive.” Speaking of that Li Dongxing exerts. 2 : 2. The score has put down, sees this score time, surroundings these person spirits, before this team six had all won streak, they even think that nobody can win these three people. But now this sudden three people of squad unexpectedly tie the score.