Almighty Student - Volume 15 - Chapter 1422

The competition all of a sudden became intense. Long won team unexpectedly to tie, moreover Xia Tian that stole in addition to pass also very attractively, making very bored competition all of a sudden very interesting. Xia Tian has not used Inner Strength, has not used Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step, otherwise this competition did not have the meaning. Looks at this fellow, he passed is too quick.” That point guard shouts. Good.” The person of that seam protector nodded, since has been he has stolen others' ball, but Xia Tian unexpectedly stole his ball a moment ago, therefore he must recover this gathering place. He must steal the Xia Tian ball, wins this face. Xia Tian serves once more. He has passed to Li Dong the ball. Li Dong dribbles, Xia Tian runs forward. ! Li Dong noticed that point guard defends him, Li Dong passed the ball directly, afterward he runs fast forward. Bang! When the ball soon arrives passes to front of Xia Tian, a Xia Tian right hand racket, directly the racket, the speed quickly arrives at inconceivable, fell in Li Dong hand directly, was excellent, their unexpectedly was using this means to be excellent. Although before , they have not greeted. However this attack probably is many years the teammate who coordinates together is the same, the movement links up, does not have slight loathsome, making the person exclaim in surprise. ! Li Dongyi sharply stops direct shooting. Although his is not high, so long as after entering a range, nobody defends, his shooting average is very high.

The ball entered. 3 \; 2. Instead surpassed. How like this, that fellow will attract others' attention probably very much, but he has not shot probably.” That female very puzzled asking, he thinks Xia Tian, if shoots, everybody responded greatly also good, but Xia Tian has not shot, but side these people were commending him, resembled him very fiercely to be really same. Ha, attractive.” Laughing that Li Dongxing exerts said that he plays a ball game such crisply not. Today this ball, making him feel very crisply, pass of Xia Tian very quick, moreover accurate strength that has been able dispute, Xia Tian probably knows that his next must be why same. Hateful, is that passes, must organize him, I come against him.” That point guard said directly that but the man of that seam protector at this time is actually in same place, before he wants to report that enmity a moment ago obviously, was the present was good, he not only cannot revenge, instead was makes Xia Tian come once more attractively struck. Relieved a garrison. Xia Tian serves once more. ! He has passed to Li Dong the ball directly, afterward Xia Tian runs to front. Gave up any idea of that prevails.” That point guard rushed directly, this time must block Xia Tian. Made up against that person also to watch Li Dong, at this moment, Li Dong has thrown the ball directly, from his angle, probably was directly throws the ball to that point guard of opposite party was the same, that point guard prepared to catch a ball immediately, saw that the ball entered to his hand. Bang! A big hand has played the ball directly, the ball fell in Li Dong hand once more. I come!” That center flushed, he wants to seal Li Dong. Bang!

Li Dong in the flash direct second of biography of catching a ball, the ball fell in Sun Wen's hand. ! 4 \; 2. A Sun Wen blue under jump shot, the ball entered the basket once more. This their score thorough has been in the lead, this time quick attack conquered all people thoroughly, a Xia Tian second of biography has added on Li Dong response ultra-fast again and trusts, made their relaxed again a point. Boss, is really you.” At this moment, nearby charming man excited shouting. Xia Tian turns the head, the discovery is Fang Li. Fang Li.” Xia Tian has not thought that here can also bump into Fang Li. Is I, the Boss, has not thought that your unexpectedly also such already played a ball game.” Fang Li listened to the person to say a moment ago here dozen quite looked splendidly, he comes time happen to sees a Xia Tian second of biography, at that time he very surprised, at that time but looked is the Xia Tian backs, therefore he has not recognized, when Xia Tian turned head, he discovered that originally this person is not others, is known as Xia Tian of god of Basketball. In the morning gets up bored, moves the physique, happen to you came, meets my.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Fang Li. The super talent of Basketball department. These people on the scene may be know his, but Fang Li unexpectedly calls Xia Tian for the Boss now. This makes them start to suspect that the Xia Tian status, simultaneously they also understand Xia Tian so will be why fierce, because Xia Tian is the star player Fang Li Boss, therefore he such fierce. Boss, how I just came, you must walk.” Fang Li depressed saying. I am move, walked.” Xia Tian said that walks toward outside directly, Fang Li has helpless shaking the head, to walk up afterward: Come, I meet my Boss' position.” Joining of star player Fang Li, makes the competition immediately had the quality of being worth looking.

Basketball Expert that star player Fang Li is worthy of the reputation. That female noticed that Xia Tian must walk, followed hurriedly: You are afraid of losing, therefore gets the advantage while you intentionally must run away.” How to think as you like.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, afterward walks toward the direction of nursing department directly. Hey, you why with me.” The females look at Xia Tian indignantly. Elder sister, obviously is you in my anything, how to turn into me to track you.” Xia Tian feels is speechless, oneself walk in front, the opposite party in behind, opposite party unexpectedly added one track him, this is makes people very speechless. Snort, you clearly know that I must go to the nursing department, you also intentionally move toward the nursing department, this did not call to track me to call anything.” That female angry saying. Xia Tian has not spoken, but continues to walk forward. Mean and shameless, lower reaches.” The females scolded several. However is quick she to discover that is not right, because Xia Tian walks toward classroom of nursing department, but she is Registration Place, she is transfers schools today, must therefore register. Xia Tian arrives at classroom time, in classroom came several people, when they see Xia Tian was shocked. Because Xia Tian year to year does not come classroom, since begins school to the present has only come one time, is now, Xia Tian unexpectedly came, under all person strange vision, Xia Tian lay on the table falls asleep. Goes to college, has not escaped the class, has not located the object, has not attended class is not the big student who has slept. Xia Tian escapes the class, has located object, has not attended class to sleep on the difference, happen to yesterday evening he, as soon as Su has not rested, therefore he planned that making up well thinks, this thinks he does not know how long one have rested. Xia Tian, over-carriage.” Xia Tian in sleep is being awakened suddenly.