Almighty Student - Volume 15 - Chapter 1423

„? Got out?” Xia Tian has stood suddenly, when he stands, discovered the surrounding person is all laughing visits him, at this time he was clear, oneself were played. He obviously in classroom, how possible over-carriage. When he looked to front discovered that shouted his is not others, is his beauty leading. Do not make, I am having a dream to take a wife.” Xia Tian depressed saying. Volume.” A heavy line of beauty leading face, she knows that the Xia Tian status, her Little Sister still goes to work in the Xia Tian company after all, Xia Tian is so rich, taking a wife naturally is not the difficult matter, but Xia Tian unexpectedly said one have a dream is taking a wife. So long as Xia Tian thinks, perhaps that wanted to marry the Xia Tian person to add to circle Jiang Hai City three, he also with having a dream to take a wife? After Xia Tian sits, has not rested again, since he awoke, that could not fall asleep. On the other hand, how you ran to attend class.” beauty leading very curious asking. Naturally thinks you.” Xia Tian smiling saying. Really has failed to study more and more, unexpectedly sexually harassed including the teachers.” Teacher beauty ridicules to say. classroom inside student is a face strange visits them, this teacher and student unexpectedly start to flirt with one another in the classroom, at this time the student in classroom admires Xia Tian more and more. Either does not come to the school, comes to the school to cause such big tumult. Although the person in this classroom has not seen Xia Tian several times, but they are quite majority of familiar with Xia Tian, several people with the Xia Tian a little friendship, for example Zhao Long Little Sister, that female schoolmate of beforehand friendship. They are look at Xia Tian that a face badly smiles. Was good, has not made with you, today our classroom came a new schoolmate, she is transfers schools, she also especially recruits students, is the swimming star athlete, had attended the competition above the provincial level, but also has won the champion, the later swimming class, everybody can exchange with him.” Teacher beauty said that beckons to outside: Qin Hua, came.” A female walked from outside directly.

When Xia Tian saw that female covered own face directly, in the world also really had such skillful matter, that female was not others, in the morning he referred to that female of wrong road. The females came in later to see Xia Tian. When she sees Xia Tian, just started to stare slightly, afterward is face angry Xia Tian. Xia Tian has not paid attention to her, switches through has stolen to look to out of the window, not zaili society she. Hello, my name was Qin Hua, later also please assist me in any way you can.” Qin Hua said directly. Was good, Qin Hua, you sat in Xia Tian side that position, happen to there nobody.” Teacher beauty said. Hears the words of Teacher beauty, Xia Tian turned head directly: Why sits side me? Doesn't behind have other place?” I am leading, are you leading?” Mr. beauty asked directly. You are.” Xia Tian helpless saying, he finally understands now what was serves as an official the Freshman level to run over the person. Good, in the past sat.” beauty leading looks that Qin Hua said. Qin Hua a face badly smiled looks at Xia Tian, seemed is telling Xia Tian, I well will then repair you, saw that Qin Hua the badness smiled, Xia Tian has disregarded her directly, the vision looked once more to out of the window. Bang! Ping! At this moment, the corridor has broadcast the sound of fight. Em?” A Xia Tian vision revolution. Hit.” beauty leading walked hurriedly.

Xia Tian has stood: Makes way, I must exit.” Because Qin Hua sat in his outside at this time, therefore Xia Tian must exit to pass through Qin Hua here. Now attended class, why to make me make way.” Qin Hua said directly. „Do you let?” Xia Tian looked that asked to Qin Hua. Does not let, have the skill you to fly, your Basketball hits is so good, perhaps you really will fly.” Qin Hua also wants to taunt Xia Tian in the morning, but she has not thought that Xia Tian skill in ball games unexpectedly was so good, although a ball has not thrown, but actually long won the team hitting that a temperament did not have. Whiz! At this moment, inconceivable appeared. Xia Tian body unexpectedly appeared in Qin Hua outside directly, nobody knows how he came out, Qin Hua also there, because she has not let the place to Xia Tian absolutely, was the Xia Tian such frank and upright appearance in her outside. Regardless of how she wants unable to think through, Xia Tian flies. Xia Tian has not paid attention to her, but is walks toward the corridor directly. At this time the corridor is having the tangled warfare, a class of student is carrying on with an important goods person to the war, the school uniform of school uniform Shenlong martial arts school that important goods person wears. What's the matter?” Xia Tian arrives at the side of beauty leading to ask. Yeah, the Shenlong martial arts school recently was more and more wild, they looked for the trouble of each university everywhere, in name was Martial arts compares notes, in fact bullies the person, they all were practice martial arts, how the ordinary student possibly was their matches, now other Jiang Hai City university is almost hit to take by them, remaining our Jianghai University, but classes of our Jianghai University only remaining nursing departments.” beauty leading sighed to say. „Does nobody manage the control?” Xia Tian puzzled asking. Control? How to manage? On the Shenlong martial arts school has the person, moreover others are compare notes, if you recognized have instigated, others did not hit, but, suffered to bully unavoidably, how Ban a schoolmate possibly recognized instigated that fought with these people, recently for these days does not know has hit many, even if were the warning is also useless, both sides had injured, once reported to the police, our students will have the trouble, but the student of opposite party was only symbolic closed for two days on putting to come out.” beauty leading helpless saying.

„.” Xia Tian nodded, afterward is direct stand forth. Hey, Xia Tian, do not stir up trouble.” beauty leading said hurriedly, but her words have not said. Bang! A person in Shenlong martial arts school has fallen to the ground. Bang! Also was a person in Shenlong martial arts school has fallen to the ground, Xia Tian such kept walked forward, fist, saw that hit one, each fist ensure can overthrow one, saw such situation, now all person attention all look to him. Ban a schoolmate saw Xia Tian time was very excited: Boss.” Master, I want dead you.” Huo Lajiao is excited flowed out the tears quickly. Em, I heard that the person in Shenlong martial arts school was very recently good?” Xia Tian looked that asked to a class of student. Em, the Boss, they adjust instructor newly, it is said is fierce, the background is also very big, therefore they bully the person everywhere.” Good, everybody follows me, we get the Shenlong martial arts school.” Xia Tian waves, walks toward front directly.