Almighty Student - Volume 15 - Chapter 1427

Jumps down from three buildings, falls to the ground steadily. This in the average person eyes is the impossible matter. Therefore those present give him to define a Expert given name in that moment that he presented. That person kept off in front of the remaining that two teachers directly: Friend, looks in my hardship old face, how does today's matter such consider as finished?” hardship always spoke is also very natural. Opens the mouth looks like must adjust today's contradiction to be the same. All people think that this time matter possibly on such neutralize, after all the opposite party had the student who these over ten thousand meet the military, but also presented such Expert, Xia Tian this time more or less will select the face to them. But will Xia Tian casually give others the face? Naturally cannot. Even if Lei Feng this super Expert, Xia Tian has not given him the face, say nothing of Xia Tian. You are any thing, why I must to you face, I say, today calculates a head, cannot be inescapable, comes out to mix, said that punches your to punch you.” Xia Tian gaining ground slowly looked that always said to hardship. „?” The Ecuadoran old complexion somewhat changed: If I can guarantee these people?” Your primary language is sports teacher teaches, probably cannot understand the logical expression, I said that has one to calculate a head, you are also in head, you first think how one guarantee itself.” Xia Tian scolded directly, he is looks for a job today, must hit clothing these people, how possibly casual on neutralize. Like this type the person who has the sense of purpose to come, changes own idea easily. It seems like today I cannot let off you.” Ecuadoran old facial color thorough cold, he is Expert, usually keeps aloof, was respected, but currently unexpectedly has one seems the under 20-year-old boy looks for his trouble, he absolutely cannot let off the opposite party, moreover he either does not get rid, will get rid absolutely not to put Xia Tian to walk. He does not hope after a talent such high boy, asks him to revenge again, naturally, he will not begin in the front of these many people, but will be the choice will get rid from now on. However now he must to a Xia Tian lesson, otherwise after him, how to gain ground in the front of these many students.

Was right, you said a moment ago can guarantee that two people?” Xia Tian corners of the mouth slightly one slanting, afterward. Bang! . In remaining two teachers fall to the ground directly, another person was also caught by Xia Tian in the hand, probably was carried the chicken same has carried, that person thorough lost the ability of revolt. Do not guarantee them? insurance insurance looks.” Xia Tian very impolite saying. This all people were all shocked, is old including hardship, before Xia Tian hit the person, although was fierce, but looked like the speed is not quick, did not have the speeds of opposite these teachers to be quick, but this time his unexpectedly bypassed hardship to be old directly, the Ecuadoran old behind people knocked down. At this time Xia Tian behind crown prince was shocked completely, she understands how finally Xia Tian in the morning is, quick, Xia Tian that walks from inside was really too quick. hardship old also slightly stares. He was just about with the Xia Tian speech a moment ago, was in the flash of his god, Xia Tian unexpectedly arrived at him. „The speed of this boy has strangeness, must be careful.” hardship old is an age, he does not want to capsize in Yingouli. How not to speak, weren't you a moment ago very good B?” Xia Tian provocation looks that hardship always said that he has not thought in this small Shenlong martial arts school unexpectedly also has Earth Grade Expert, although is only Earth Grade Initial Stage, but Earth Grade Expert, regardless of arrives is command respect. But his unexpectedly will come to here to be a teacher, here Student Association so is no wonder wild. Snort, the boy, who your master is, said that otherwise do not blame me under not to be forgiving, words that if I and your master knew, I can also look in the situation let off your one time.” hardship old opens the mouth to say directly that he asked Xia Tian this issue was not afraid one of us really since the family member, what he was worried was the Xia Tian master is Expert, afterward had retaliated him. Although the Jiang Hai City public security is very good, but if the Xia Tian master is really Expert, that fears nobody to preserve him. After all looks like Xia Tian this age, the speed can be so fast, definitely has a Master Expert. Depends on you also to match to know the name of my master?” Saying that Xia Tian disdains, Yin Nie, but first under Heaven sword Saint, even if he and Yin Nie contends in martial arts, the pressure will also be very big.

Moreover he is gives the trick to win, otherwise and other Yin Nie put out the real skill, he loses definitely is he. Yin Nie Expert that Lei Feng does not fear. How ordinary Earth Grade Expert possibly has the qualifications to know Yin Nie. It seems like I am teach your this not to know that today well profound boy, this time is you visits to provoke on own initiative, even if were your Master came, some of my also words said.” hardship always said that flushes away to Xia Tian directly. Bang! Xia Tian that teacher fights with the fists to fall in the hand is carrying to the ground, afterward he has hit a fist to the air directly, this fist seems soft, does not have the strength, but this is actually on Eastern Man China four big Expert Unique Skill. Spatial bright fist. All people saw, the fist of Xia Tian has not attacked China , Ecuador to be old absolutely. But the Ecuadoran old body like this has flown upside down. Bang! His body throws down on the ground, has not stood again. A fist, is a fist. But this time fist seemed makes everybody blurry, hardship false was always falling, or touches the porcelain? Otherwise why Xia Tian has not projected on him, he falls to the ground not to get up. This, these students in Shenlong martial arts school were all shaken, hardship is old, but the Shenlong martial arts school fiercest person, that strength early has surpassed their cognition, by existence that they worship. But the unexpectedly hardship old also fought with the fists to pour by Xia Tian in the place, do they have the possibility of revolt?

The Xia Tian vision looked that has shouted to the front these Shenlong martial arts schools People sounds: Also anyone.” Also anyone. The echo has spread over the entire square, answered without any person. Scene peaceful fearfulness. I give you an opportunity, I look up three integers, after three integers, you all lie to me on the ground, if after three integers, but also some people stand are living the face toward on, I personally get rid.” Saying of Xia Tian coldly. Three integers! Hears the Xia Tian words, the person in Shenlong martial arts school all looks at each other in blank diamay. One! Xia Tian shouts, scene very peaceful, nobody spoke. Two! When Xia Tian looks up two, some people started hesitant, they do not know what to do one then should. Three!