Almighty Student - Volume 15 - Chapter 1430

Xia Tian and money vice- Bureau Chief arrived at the day of auspiciousness gate to eat meal directly. Boss, I was too excited, you know that I have think you.” Money vice- Bureau Chief tears quickly flowed. Your big masters, I throw again like this you.” Saying that a Xia Tian face shuts out. Does not want, Boss, I, although is vice- Bureau Chief, but I in Boss' front forever am your little brother.” Money vice- Bureau Chief excited saying. What kind, becomes the feeling of vice- Bureau Chief to be crisp?” The Xia Tian accent said with a smile. Crisp is very crisp, but is also very tired, I am your little brother, I enforce the law absolutely impartially, otherwise the Operations Office person early caught specially me, the impartial law enforcement was easy to queer.” Money vice- Bureau Chief helpless saying. Do not fear to queer, Judge Bao dares to offend including the queen mothers in the past, you fear anything, moreover nobody can be what kind of you, even if your above criminal law must grasp to me, at the worst figure greeted with China on the 2nd, he can manage, so long as under the evil behindata-titlehe-scenes manipulator, that feared nobody to be able in Jiang Hai City to move you in secret.” Xia Tian very self-confident saying, in Jiang Hai City, here has absolute super Expert, which person dares the Xia Tian person, that simply to be is courting death here. Boss, I knows that you most were good to me.” Money vice- Bureau Chief must start to act like a spoiled brat probably. Was right, you later look for Xu, practices martial arts with them together, like this you go into action also conveniently, ability that can also a little protect oneself.” Xia Tian said. Good, many thanks old.” Money vice- Bureau Chief words have not said that vision by entrance one person attracting the past. Xia Tian saw that money vice- Bureau Chief appearance also turns the head to look: shit, puts on the sable.” Puts on the sable not to be strange, but the share starts to put on the sable this month may too be strange, others just on the ship the coat, this person unexpectedly put on the sable, on the face wears big sunglasses, in the hand wears more than ten strings of beads, the gold chain on neck adds thickly compared with two fingers, is a little slightly humpbacked. Yes. Who wears that thick gold chain, everyone must be humpbacked. This person is filling with the aura of local tyrant from top to bottom. Nine tables!” The vision of that local tyrant man searched, finally sat in Xia Tian by directly them that table, that table of that females of were dumbfounded at this time. You are that person who my Uncle Zhang said that I called the king 1 million.” Saying that the local tyrant man comes straight to the point.

Volume, my name was Zhang Yu.” After the females have adjusted the condition, said. Oh, is really hot.” The local tyrant man spoke at the same time has all entrained from the clothes the gold chain on neck, that sparkling gold chain, simply was bright blind the eyes of all people. But in day auspiciousness gate room 28-29 degrees, he puts on the sable, can not be hot damn. Em, is a little hot.” The females want to bear not smile finally. Oh, my Land Rover car(riage) key?” The men have put out his package directly, the package of above LV two large characters, he is suddenly enlighted afterward: „, Was right, what today I open is rules by force, looks at my this memory, in the morning I have not taken my cool Qi, Land Rover car(riage) key there.” On the female forehead is the heavy line. This local tyrant is dazzling obviously richly. Bites. Cell phone bell sound. The kings 1 million put out apple 6 P from the package directly are not this make a sound.” Afterward he puts out S6 is not this.” Afterward he has put out a three stars once more: It made a sound.” Hey, does, eats meal.” Lying trough, do 120 million you also feel all right with me open mouth? You one will call my secretary, making him call 30 million you directly.” Well, how many were my secretary telephone number? This Tiantian is busy, I look to you.” The kings 1 million said that turned in his package directly, moreover he toward leaving to turn. 20,000 cashes.

Various Gold Card. Famous table big ring everywhere is. The person who if not know also thinks that he just robbed to come back. Had found, was good, you call him, does not say.” After the kings 1 million have hung up the telephone, gold watch and gold ring anything has returned in the package, then 20,000 dollars have not received: Service person.” Hello, Sir, what need has?” Waitress very polite asking. Any need does not have, spends with 20,000 dollars.” Kings 1 million directly 20,000 Qian Pai there. These hoodwinked all person all lanes, whom this big brother really did not have, Xia Tian this whole life has not taken anyone, but this time he took, he was thorough 1 million was given to make by the king docile. Spends with 20,000 dollars. This imposing manner also who? Xia Tian is not in any case good. At this time the king 1 million opposite that named Zhang Yu female has been shocked completely, she has heard existence of local tyrant, but she also is really first time sees such local tyrant, is really too earth, was too bold. Good!” Xia Tian has raised up thumb saying. Sorry, Sir, we do not let receive money.” The waitresses open the mouth to say directly. How, with whom, I to speak is not easy-to-use not?” The kings 1 million stood at that time, the eyeball stares, that imposing manner, as if must torment to death two to result, sees this appearance, the waitress hoodwinks. Sir, excuse me, I am here manager, here truly does not let receive money.” Responsible hurried going forward answered.

„, Your this how so is how good. B, does not let receive to money, called to me your Boss, whom I must have a look at to be so good but actually. B.” Saying that the kings 1 million are not feeling well. Sir, here is the Xia Group enterprise.” The managers said hurriedly. Xia Group, I manage his anything group, I carry out the development, my one year gains over a billion.” King 1 million very proud saying. Sir, our Xia Group one year has contributed 300 billion.” Manager light saying. „It is not more than 3000.” The kings 1 million told only half has almost not sat the ground: How many?” 300 billion.” Responsible very tranquil saying. You determined that is 300 billion.” King 1 million dumbfounded saying. „The world knows that this matter, you can also ask your opposite woman.” The managers said. What he said is real?” King 1 million surprised asking. Em, Xia Group is the Jiang Hai City most famous group, is the nation, and even the world most famous company, here truly is Xia Group.” Zhang Yu nodded. Volume!” The kings 1 million felt own whole body is the cold sweat, his hurried drawing cash fan air fan. Xia Tian smiling looks at king 1 million, the king 1 million also saw Xia Tian: You smile anything.” Visits you to install. B is really interesting, does not need to manage me, you continue.” Xia Tian very optional saying.