Almighty Student - Volume 15 - Chapter 1431

You dare to say me in attire. B.” King 1 million angry saying. You are comes blind date, you think that money can solve all? Can money trade the sentiment?” Xia Tian looked that 1 million asked to the king. Cannot, but my father told me, this year comes out , if not display rich could not find the girlfriend.” The kings 1 million said. Excuse me, I have matter, first walked.” Nearby Zhang Yu could not sit still, stands up directly, afterward has left behind 200 dollars on the table, is used to pay. Yeah, do not walk.” The kings 1 million shout hurriedly. Local tyrant elder brother, you look for others, will trouble you to ask next time your opposite person issue, but will not be plays with oneself there.” Zhang Yu said that turns the head to walk, has not turned head again. How did this walk?” The kings 1 million also saying that thought aloud there. Afterward he also walked. A farce such passed. After Xia Tian and money vice- Bureau Chief finished eating food, strolled in Jiang Hai City, he walked many places, the hospital, the park wait / etc., before he went to the place almost again walked. Finally he returned to the Xia Family mountain village. Boy, Jiang Hai City may come many people recently.” Eastern Man drinks, while said. Earth Grade greatly complete Expert came 231 people quite high, the Earth Grade above talent altogether has 572 people.” Northern Army light saying, in their eyes talent quite high is that type most at least can make them see the person in flashing temperature.

After all, their five, but the person of holding the arena. „The gift that here this group of people bring may be many, especially these Earth Grade greatly complete Expert, how the ordinary gift they deliver get rid.” Saying of Eastern Man face anticipation. Even if he has not seen such big scene, world Expert gives a person to offer birthday congratulations, a 18-year-old person offers birthday congratulations. Even also has the political important person in each country. Ritual is not good to receive, now the Xia Family influence is huge, therefore they are forced to be on good terms with our Xia Family, if our Xia Family were some day desolate, these things they will snatch, will change Bengaly's snatching will go back.” Xia Tian fully realized that the will of the people are dangerous. Has to gather spirit big, Xia Tian not that easy desolate.” Eastern Man said. Not is only gathers spirit big, Rank 2 kills and Lucifer three sages in Xia Family, even if the ordinary Heaven Grade Expert attack cannot be what kind of Xia Family, let alone in this world absolutely does not have Heaven Grade Expert, what I most fear is in contracts, the dike of thousand li(500 km) bursts in the ant nest.” Xia Tian said. Xia Family compares the unity now, should not have any condition is right.” The Eastern Man comfort said. In third generations, Xia Family without cause for grief, but after third generations? Some Xia Family such big backers, that Xia Family juniors definitely will be lazy, will exit to run amuck finally, because of the entire day servants must to the Xia Family face, therefore nobody dares to move them radically.” Xia Tian most is worried is this. Boss, you felt relieved that I absolutely not ashamedly to your appreciation for being recognized.” Qi Huan knees down to say. I believe you.” Xia Tian naturally believes Qi Huan. Boss, I guaranteed, no matter, so long as has handled that matter, I let off absolutely, Xia Family also has the Xia Family family rule, moreover I will not make any youngster content with the status quo, child from childhood I will make the people in Shanzhuangli teach devotedly that will not make them fail to study, will make them exit informed and experienced, will not make them treat in Xia Family this cozy nest.” Qi Huan guarantees to say.

Em.” Xia Tian nodded. Person of the Xia Family ran: Report, the outside guest started to take a seat, all have arranged appropriately, absolutely does not have anybody to dare to cause trouble, outside of mountain village has also suspended 3000 tables.” „Are that 3000 tables to be used to do?” Xia Tian looked that asked to Qi Huan. „The future is a guest, they are give you to offer birthday congratulations, therefore our point expressed that perhaps is not good, therefore I have made 3000 tables, although is impossible all sits down, first but comes can definitely have the place, as for not having these people in position also can only stand in the surrounding.” Qi Huan said. Why aren't that many prepares a seat?” Xia Tian asked again. If seat are many, nobody treasured.” Qi Huan answered. Good, you handled matters are really more and more meticulous.” Xia Tian satisfied nod, he will little focus on reorganizing at the family and office matter, before he was also the waving the arms about storekeeper, all by Xu handling. However Xu was also old, therefore took over by Qi Huan. Qi Huan is young, is smart, moreover he is interested in the matter in this aspect very much, therefore he will handle this matter very well. Report, besides the spare three tables with the seat of honor, other 1796 tables has been filled completely.” Xia Family juniors reported. Good.” Qi Huan nodded said afterward: Boss, I exit to arrange first, one will arrive at you to enter the stage.” Em!” Xia Tian nodded.

This time banquet place, these people were also inquiring after the well being of the surrounding person, no matter knew that became friends in there, because can sit to here person, that was representing the symbol of status and strength, even if were the strength is low, was the talent greatly strengthened people. However they have not set out, probably is afraid itself to stand later position to be robbed to be the same by others. Therefore they also this table or neighbor several tables greeted in themselves. Scene very irritable. Is difficult to see outside Earth Grade Expert, but here Earth Grade Expert seems the rotten avenue, Earth Grade greatly complete Expert outside is the legend, legend that cannot see. But here, enough 200-300 Earth Grade greatly complete Expert, moreover is they is also honest sitting there, anybody does not dare to cause trouble here. Qi Huan walked from behind, he stood on a big platform directly: Everybody be please peaceful.” Hears the Qi Huan words, all people were all peaceful. In Qi Huan is taking Mike: Hello, I am Qi Huan, but everybody can also call me summer Qi Huan, I am also the Xia Family person, today everybody arrived here to my Boss, Mr. Xia Tian offers birthday congratulations, here I thanked everybody for the Boss.” Qi Huan bowing of slightly, he said afterward again: Here I must say that several customs, first, cannot some people cause trouble absolutely, today regarding our Xia Family is the big day, no matter who causes trouble here, even if Earth Grade greatly complete Expert, I also ensure will not make you live absolutely is leaving here.”