Almighty Student - Volume 15 - Chapter 1432

This is not only the threat, is not the threat. The goal that he threatens is to let those present knows that here cannot stir up trouble, but same is not the meaning of threat is, so long as you do not stir up trouble, that future is the guest, Xia Family completely entertains. Although his words are not a little pleasant to the ear, calculated Earth Grade greatly complete Expert in inside, where regardless of after all Earth Grade greatly complete Expert arrived may be command respect, but Qi Huan unexpectedly dares so flagrant disregarded Earth Grade greatly complete Expert. This is in itself disrespectful. If this saying said from others mouth, that must carry on a war unavoidably, but this saying said from the mouth of Qi Huan, actually any Earth Grade greatly complete Expert does not dare to say anything. First, Qi Huan strength nobody knows, next, here is Xia Family, Xia Family in the world that is the colossus, here has most top Expert, on Eastern Man and Northern Army in China four big Expert, this generation of China four big Expert Great General and Fire Cloud evil god adds on Yin Nie this first under Heaven sword Saint also to be known as world most Expert Xia Tian again. Here causes trouble. That dies absolutely, looks like, Earth Grade greatly complete Expert that Qi Huan said that will also die. Peaceful anybody has not spoken, Qi Huan opens the mouth to say once more: Second, no matter before you, is, has any grievances with our Xia Family, so long as you step into here that moment, is most minimum, today's our Xia Family did not investigate, but we similarly not to dog face, so long as our eldest children think who is the dog, that same hits.” Qi Huan these words can be said as very aggressive. He the dog in mouth to himself has not defined, the dog refers to any person in the final analysis, but the meaning in his words is very clear, Xia Tian said that who is the dog, who is the dog, in these people that therefore comes must pay attention to a matter, that is thinks one and is the enmity between Xia Tian big, if not big, that on gives a present many, among them grievances possible on the past, but Qiu Da that on must pay attention.

In the will of the people in scene has own abacus, but they have not said anything, but is other Qi Huan said the third point. Third, arrived here person today is a guest, we will conduct a drawing link, the luck good person will obtain Spirit Tool, our time altogether puts out five Spirit Tool ranks the weapons, gathering miracle cure ten, false Spirit Tool 30, were right, the wondrous use of gathering miracle cure I must explain, the words that it takes directly, will increase rapidly Inner Strength of person, the Earth Grade following can break through Rank 1 directly, but this not gathering miracle cure true use, the gathering miracle cure will be links Earth Grade greatly complete Expert to use will obtain the advantage, before taking, prepared well a day of material. The treasure, takes auxiliary, afterward can the cultivation seven days, the cultivation speed in seven days compared with normal quick about three times, so long as is the luck good person has the opportunity prize, the way of drawing is you favors own table number and seat number, after our eldest children come out, he will extract the list of winners, when the time comes he pulls out to several, wins an award on the several th.” Qi Huan said directly. Using both kindness and severity. Qi Huan the uses both kindness and severity is truly fierce, such those present could not say anything. Meanwhile they also sigh with emotion the Xia Family the wealth of powerful strength and Xia Family, unexpectedly make the reward with these many treasure. False Spirit Tool, that is the extraordinary treasure, treasure that everybody envy, only then Earth Grade Expert has the opportunity to have, but here Spirit Tool is only the reward. However what in this is most beckoning is the gathering miracle cure. Listens to Qi Huan to the explanation of gathering miracle cure, these Earth Grade greatly complete Expert were also excited, after all Earth Grade greatly complete Expert wanted to be the matter of spiritual energy very hard sledding the Inner Strength transformation. But this gathering miracle cure unexpectedly has such big use. Suddenly, all people all start to anticipate that drew this link, Xia Tian that but regarding them, they most cares about now, regarding them, Xia Tian is a legend, living legend, they, so long as can see Xia Tian one, they sufficiently boasted for a lifetime.

Arrival of Xia Tian therefore they most anticipate now. However some people are also curious the remaining that four tables to come any person. At this moment, on the stage some people's in the ear of Qi Huan spoke several words. Qi Huan walks toward the side gate hurriedly. Saw that Qi Huan appearance everybody understands he definitely was meets the person, can who Qi Huan met personally, was Xia Tian? Immediately all people look to the side gate that they were waiting for there will present any person. When Qi Huan arrives there, hurried respectful opening side gate. First enters to here person is a person who all hot China people know, China No. 2 Senior Official. Sees his time, all China people have all been shocked, unexpectedly came including China No. 2 Senior Official, this also too exaggerated, Xia Tian birthday unexpectedly such big figure came continually. I will not misread, is China No. 2 Senior Official, usually can only in the television see that my unexpectedly saw figure in this legend in the reality today.” You look at behind quickly, these unexpectedly are the important person in each country.”

Sees the energy, although Xia Tian is world first Expert, but he status on Jianghu is also high, how possibly so many big figure came to offer birthday congratulations to him.” All people had all been shocked by such lineup, if were Jianghu Expert came, they so possibly will not be shocked, but the important people in unexpectedly these countries came at this time continually, moreover came with China No. 2 figure. Thus it can be seen, Xia Tian world status actually high. However quick, they had discovered a person, Prime Minister Island Country, saw his arrival peacefully, the scene, all people know that Xia Tian and Islander had very deep enmity, Xia Tian have ruined Island Country these proud capital. But this unexpectedly came including Prime Ministers Island Country, this has to make everybody surprised. Prime Minister Island Country comes personally, will then have the possibility he to take this opportunity to want with Xia Tian thorough neutralize grievances very much, because Island Country has injured now does not get up, when they will be afraid Xia Tian to come one in Island Country to slaughter really greatly. However they have also remembered Qi Huan then a few words, is the opposite party the dog, must look how Xia Tian said that important person 11 handshakes of Qi Huan with these countries, but to Prime Minister Island Country there, his face all of a sudden cold, then has passed through Prime Minister Island Country directly , to continue to shake hand with the next person. Awkward! Prime Minister Island Country at this time very awkward, he had put out a hand a moment ago, but Qi Huan unexpectedly wrong passed him directly.