Almighty Student - Volume 15 - Chapter 1433

After Qi Huan these people introduce the seat, returned to the stage, these people sit the people on that three table. At this time on -the-spot people in look at Prime Minister Island Country who a face badly smiles majority. They understand that by grievances between Xia Tian and Island Country, Xia Tian is will not forgive Prime Minister Island Country absolutely easily, naturally, Xia Tian was impossible to kill Prime Minister Island Country directly, otherwise has violated the law of UN, not only he cannot kill, but also Prime Minister Island Country must be safe in China. Prime Minister Island Country sits in the China No. 2 figure side at this time, he comes with China No. 2 Senior Official together, such Xia Tian looked that will not feel embarrassed Prime Minister Island Country in the China No. 2 figure face. However Xia Tian absolutely is impossible to let off Prime Minister Island Country easily. Now these person of places on the scene is very orderly, central place besides these tables, other is the Xia Family direct descendant person, at this time what the middle that table sits is several females, so long as the person of long brain guesses that obtained relations between these female and Xia Tian. Ye Wan also came clearly, but she sits is also nearby table. Xu and fire old also sit in the middle table. Whiz whiz whiz whiz whiz! Five forms fell on stage, afterward their five have arrived at the middle that table directly, saw these five forms time, all people have all concentrated the spirit, because they understand that the high tide program must come. These five people are not others, is Eastern Man, Northern Army, the Fire Cloud evil god, the Great General and Yin Nie. These five people are representing the strength of world highest rank. Also wants the fierce rank compared with Earth Grade greatly complete Expert. Their five people sat in Xia Tian that table directly, the seat of honor, these people all were the seats of honor, they were representing the Xia Family protector, sat has indicated their standpoint in the central position, no matter before , who they were, but from now henceforth they were the Xia Family people. These five people collaborate, unmatched in the world.

Even if were Xia Tian cannot win five people to collaborate. Friends on the scene, then, are the Boss enter the stage.” Qi Huan incomparably excited shouting. Hears the Qi Huan words, the scene was all of a sudden peaceful, a wee bit sounds did not have, they were waiting for this moment oncoming, then they can see in the legend world first Expert, the Xia Family Boss, Xia Tian. Regarding here anybody, Xia Tian is the legend. Now they must see Xia Tian in legend finally. Looks quickly, what is that?” All people all look up to midair. Seven color Xiangyun. In this time midair unexpectedly presented seven color Xiangyun. Suddenly the wind and cloud discoloration, the surrounding air current as if had the huge change. This boy, but also is really stir, but this is also right, the stir that other party leaves is bigger, the Xia Family reputation is more resounding, can protect China on exceed.” Eastern Man nodded. Seven color Xiangyun gradually to whereabouts, this those present discovered that above is standing a person, this person silver clothes, seem look like the immortal in legend are the same. But at this time the surrounding air current change was just big, these people on the scene hold on to the body hurriedly, after they are worried about themselves to throw down, loses face. Such presence way was really too aggressive. All shook all people.

Sees Xia Tian this moment, they have even had one type the impulsion that wants to worship on bended knees, this is Xia Tian intentionally, he released his imposing manner to suppress these people, naturally, he has not coped with China No. 2 Senior Official with this move. Whiz! Seven color Xiangyun vanish, Xia Tian fell above the arena. Shocks, all people deep shock were all occupied by front situation. The way that Xia Tian presents was really too the old-style fan device. All people all are the worships looks to Xia Tian, Xia Tian is in their mind the idol of highest rank, regarding them, Xia Tian is their flaunting, their idols. The Xia Family juniors are also the excited colors of whole face. Xia Tian is the god in their mind. They the worship to Xia Tian had already surmounted all. Middle that table of several females of are also very excited, Xia Tian is their men, their man old-style fan devices, they also think so very happy, the woman biggest desire is own man has the skill. Present Xia Tian has stood in the most peak of world, this did not have the skill issue, but is the powerful, super powerful. No. 2 Senior Official satisfied nod of China, the important people in several other countries this matter at heart, them must also write down, then goes back to report gives above that oneself see, this can decide after them, treats the China manner. But the complexion of Prime Minister Island Country was becomes is simply uglier than the pig. Xia Tian is stronger, his is not happy on exceed.

His time is looks for the Xia Tian negotiations, now their Island Country has injured does not get up, therefore he must recognize instigated that waits later to have the opportunity to retaliate Xia Tian again, the goal of this time coming wants to reach an agreement the matter with Xia Tian. Em?” At this moment, Xia Tian turned the head to look suddenly to Prime Minister Island Country, Xia Tian unexpectedly in these many people saw him: I have not invited you probably.” Xia Tian expression ice-cold. Xia Tian, my this time comes to want with Prime Minister Island Country who you chatted well, although was not happy that usually radically nobody dares such to speak to him, but Xia Tian unexpectedly dares such to speak to him now, but did not turn over to happily happily, he does not dare to display. The goal of this time coming is clear, is comes the negotiations, regardless of Xia Tian gives him big mistreating, he must endure, Xia Tian cannot kill him in any case, so long as he today had been very good. Discussed? What has to talk about? Do you match with me discuss?” The Xia Tian sound is cold, moreover his imposing manner covered on the body of Prime Minister Island Country instantaneously. Cold sweat of Island Country Senior Official instantaneous face, afterward he to the vision that China No. 2 Senior Official throws seeking help. Was good, Xia Tian, he truly wants to chat.” China No. 2 Senior Official saw that Xia Tian has taught Prime Minister Island Country , was coming out to mediate. Good, since Senior Official said that you said that discussed?” Xia Tian has taken back own imposing manner. Prime Minister Island Country is a whole body loosen, almost directly sits on the ground, at this time his appearance must distressedly distressed: What I want to discuss, neutralize among us grievances.” neutralize you B, I asked you, ****** was whose.” Xia Tian cursed at people directly, generally Expert like him will not export to curse at people, but Xia Tian scolded directly exits.