Almighty Student - Volume 15 - Chapter 1435

Prime Minister Island Country collapsed thoroughly. After Zhuge Wanglang unexpectedly has become the Island Country citizen, has bombed the Island Country 16 large-scale arsenals, like this that most calculates that a Zhuge Wanglang treason thief, is this can be what kind of? Can he Zhuge Wanglang be what kind of? Can he Xia Tian be what kind of? Cannot. He can only suffer loss without redress dry. Anything did not do. He cannot the present probably make an arrest directly here, perhaps that is who begins who dies, even if Xia Tian does not begin with the Xia Family person, here person does not look absolutely when the time comes he same cannot pick up any problem. The people have not gone to pay attention to Prime Minister Island Country, what they are interested is the Zhuge Wanglang following those words, Lei Feng. Lei Feng's given name presents all people are has also heard, he with Expert of Xia Tian same rank, compound world first, moreover his Lei can also with the big influence of Xia Family relativity. Under Expert like clouds. But all people also know, Xia Tian and Lei Feng, but enemy. However Lei Feng unexpectedly will also give a present, what Lei Feng sends is what gift? Suddenly, all people all looked to Zhuge Wanglang. „? His unexpectedly will also give a present, mentions listens.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. He does not know that what method used to gather the sea beast in sea, these sea beasts were attacking Island Country all sea areas and coast defense lines, at this time the Island Country navy was facing the unknown and formidable match, the present Island Country coast defense line should collapse completely, who can win the sea beast in groups in the sea?” Zhuge Wanglang has not continued. However all people understand that being out of Island Country navy, this time Island Country navy perhaps ended, this time, Island Country thorough ending.

Good, Lei Feng this fellow has also sent a nice gift.” Xia Tian satisfied nod. Xia Tian.” Prime Minister Island Country has soon been wild with rage, his angry loud shouting. Shouted me to do, was not I does, had to plant you to ask Lei Feng to revenge, if you can help me kill him, I wished for earnestly, I must thank you.” Saying that a Xia Tian face badly smiles. All people know that Lei Feng and Xia Tian are the enemy, Xia Tian naturally hope Prime Minister Island Country looks for Lei Feng has troubled, but does he dare? Lei Feng does not have the clique, he will be everyone will not be being used. You dare to go, he dares to kill. Prime Minister Island Country naturally also knows that who Lei Feng was, does he dare to ask Lei Feng to revenge? Naturally does not dare. Can he blame Xia Tian? Also cannot, what because begins is Lei Feng, but is not Xia Tian, said again, Lei Feng others have controlled the sea beast, does not get rid personally, he is gets the gate not to have any evidence. Is unable to speak out about one's grievances, this time is unable to speak out about one's grievances. Prime Minister Island Country already thorough does not know that should say any was good. Xia Tian, I have made a mistake, you said that actually you how are willing to let off our Island Country.” Prime Minister Island Country collapsed completely, he really has feared now, he understands, person who Xia Tian is that type does not have the bottom line, his anything matter can do, moreover can do cleanly, without any evidence. He knows that he could not offend Xia Tian, the news that otherwise which day he hears was Island Country does not have. He feared that he feared very much. Now his thorough recognizing has instigated, he understands that his prime minister position could not do, but he must preserve the Island Country vitality. Do not say that I have not made anything to your Island Country, I just am a birthday.” Xia Tian light saying. Xia Tian, do you want me to kneel to ask you?” Prime Minister Island Country asked.

That kneels down.” Xia Tian very optional saying. Xia Tian, was OK.” China No. 2 Senior Official said hurriedly that he possibly makes Prime Minister Island Country kneel, otherwise this will make very big public opinion. Good, I pledged, so long as your Island Country does not stir up trouble, from now henceforth some people will not look for the trouble of your Island Country.” Xia Tian nodded, his commitment, representative may not only be he, but is China and world all Expert. The commitments of some Xia Tian, everybody naturally will show due respect for the feelings. Island Country already damaged sufficing, they have been able to anchor miserably today. Good, said it and meant it.” Prime Minister Island Country as if heard the vitality to be the same. Nonsense, father never said two, you can walk, today not your anything matter.” Xia Tian pointed to the door directly, hears Xia Tian to point to the door, Prime Minister Island Country naturally will not have treated, he treats is here more uncomfortable than anybody. Other gifts, I do not look, experienced several happy matters a moment ago, that then I must make everybody also happy happily, draws to start.” Xia Tian said that Qi Huan has put out a big box. Now starts to extract false Spirit Tool.” Qi Huan shouts loudly. Xia Tian pulls out 30 numbers directly. 101 tables of 3 rd.” I have drawn a prize-winning ticket, false Spirit Tool.” Person excited shouting of Profound Grade. . Qi Huan 11 read number, these people of lieutenant general were all crazy, their thorough fell into crazily, especially these Profound Grade people, their crazy, false Spirit Tool regarding them absolutely was the most precious object. How many Earth Grade Expert also obtained false Spirit Tool, what treasure regarding them although false Spirit Tool could not be regarded, who will dislike own treasure to be many?

Very happy. However other people also anticipated. Because behind also has Spirit Tool and gathering miracle cure. Xia Tian has extracted 15 numbers one time, all people all were look to Qi Huan that anticipated, they were waiting for Qi Huan read the number. Now what I read is the gathering miracle cure, the person who read mounted the stage to receive an award.” 12 tables of 7 th, 1409 tables of 8 th.” The person who this time read altogether had two Earth Grade to be greatly complete, three Earth Grade late stage Expert, Earth Grade Initial Stage, four Profound Grade late stage. At this time these people all became the focal points. On the face of everyone has shown the joyful look. The following person is looks to them who envies, some people were even fantasizing one were that person on stage. Was good, everybody do not envy, is five Spirit Tool.” Qi Huan shows a faint smile. This time, five person unexpectedly are the Profound Grade late stage people, this, the scene has almost seethed with excitement, Spirit Tool regarding the Profound Grade late stage person, quite therefore an average person suddenly 5 million was the same. This type could not conceal joyfully completely. Believes people who obtains the treasure was very happy, person but who has not obtained the treasure does not leave happily, luck thing is this.” Xia Tian looks to the person under stage said: What then I must announce passes on the position challenge tournament.”