Almighty Student - Volume 15 - Chapter 1436

Passes on the position challenge tournament. Xia Tian unexpectedly caused the new pattern, from most starts, Xia Tian entered the stage to shock all people, in addition that five super Expert, frightened to present all people, making here person not dare to act rashly. Also made all people understand a matter, Xia Family had in this world strongest a group of people. Next is status of Xia Family in world, these important people came, this had proven Xia Family has many are paid great attention by the world. Following Xia Tian scolds Prime Minister Island Country. Actually can see some Xia Family multi- cow B from this matter, can your influence again compared with national? Island Country was hit by Xia Tian was docile to admit mistakes. Does that which influence also dare to compare with Xia Family? Finally is Spirit Tool and compounded drug. Spirit Tool and compounded drug that Xia Tian they send out were make others see the wealth of Xia Family, in others eyes Spirit Tool that was the treasure that went all out unable to snatch, however in Xia Family, the casualness can deliver. Moreover obtains the treasure majority of person strength not to be high, regarding them, Spirit Tool can make their strengths promote several scales, this makes these people from the heart thank Xia Family. Now Xia Tian holds one to pass on the position challenge tournament. Today is my birthday, today I decided that teaches the Xia Family Patriarch position to Qi Huan, the title Lion King, today I have held a special meeting position ceremony for him, so long as can win him three types of treasures to choose one.” Xia Tian has shown the mysterious smiling face. Three types of treasures. Three types of treasures in Xia Tian mouth have brought to the attention of all people all of a sudden, the three types of treasures in Xia Tian mouth, how possibly is the ordinary thing.

Is same, weapon 100 of Spirit Tool rank.” Xia Tian light saying. The weapons of 100 Spirit Tool ranks. Whish! The scene has seethed with excitement all of a sudden, a weapon of Spirit Tool rank can cause the war between Earth Grade Expert, even is the bloody battle, but Xia Tian unexpectedly takes the weapons of 100 Spirit Tool ranks all of a sudden. Xia Family unexpectedly has put out these many Spirit Tool all of a sudden, this simply is the large amount wealth. Moreover this is also only in the Xia Tian mouth in three types of treasures is the same. Before everybody guessed the treasure in Xia Tian mouth absolutely is not every, but they have not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly had such big writing skill, first treasure unexpectedly has put out over a hundred Spirit Tool. This has gone beyond the expectations of all people completely. At this time everybody anticipated the second treasure that Xia Tian puts out. The first treasure is over a hundred Spirit Tool, that second should not compare the first difference, because is three chooses one, therefore most at least if also same rank, but actually they cannot think any thing to be able really with over a hundred Spirit Tool same ranks. In a flash, scene thorough was peaceful. They are waiting, waited for that Xia Tian puts out the second treasure, at this time the Xia Tian front had the weapons of 100 Spirit Tool ranks, this on behalf of Xia Tian, not only said. He has put out these many Spirit Tool.

At this time everybody anticipated treasure that Xia Tian then puts out. Then is the second goods, 10,000 gathering miracle cures.” The Xia Tian right hand wields, 10,000 gathering miracle cures appear in the front of people. Gathering miracle cure. The Earth Grade greatly complete Expert long-awaited treasure, before drew also can only leave ten grains, but Xia Tian unexpectedly has put out 10,000 now. Crazy, at this time all people on the scene all cannot control their was crazy, this made them excited simply, these many poly miracle cures, Xia Tian this unexpectedly has put out these many treasures. Perhaps if because of the Xia Family formidable strength, that present already some people did not rush with Xia Tian carries on to rob. But at this time is Earth Grade complete greatly Expert does not dare to rush. The first two treasures appeared, these two treasures deserve are the treasures that in the Xia Tian mouth said. These two treasures already all person all deep shocks. This is the Xia Family strength, in others eyes, the long-awaited treasure, is innumerable in Xia Family, naturally nobody has dared to snatch the thing in Xia Family, otherwise no matter Expert of any rank is impossible to live is leaving from here. After short ebullition, the scene was once more peaceful. „The third goods are very simple, 20 low grade spirit stone.” The hand of Xia Tian wields once more, in the ground presented 20 low grade spirit stone, sees 20 low grade spirit stone time, sound that did not have seething with excitement on the spot. If with the first two goods and spirit stone compared with, that a little indifferently has changed colors, Earth Grade greatly complete Expert wants to break through Heaven Grade, depends upon is spirit stone, in the Heavenly Connection Neidong, low grade spirit stone sufficiently made all people crazy together, the war between Earth Grade greatly complete Expert, but currently here has 20 low grade spirit stone.

So long as any Earth Grade greatly complete Expert obtained these 20 low grade spirit stone, he has 80% possibly turned into Heaven Grade Expert, naturally this has also required the time, but Earth Grade greatly complete Expert most did not lack was the time. Three treasures appeared. Ratio stirring, moreover three types of treasures have their merit, the first type, the weapon of Spirit Tool rank, if some people can obtain that 100 Spirit Tool ranks the weapon, that this person can found incomparably formidable sect Men directly, when the time comes will have innumerable Earth Grade Expert to go to go for shelter. The gathering miracle cure, over ten thousand poly miracle cures can make any average person turn into super Expert directly, can make him build an own super team, moreover own trusted subordinate strength promotion. However although spirit stone is good, may these people understand on the spot that they do not have that life to enjoy, no matter who obtained, under that entire day all Earth Grade greatly complete Expert will chase down this person. Only then Earth Grade greatly complete Expert is eligible for spirit stone. These three types of treasures took completely, has shocked all people, at this time everybody looked at the vision to Qi Huan, because Qi Huan is today's lead, Xia Tian must pass to him the Xia Family Patriarch position, if his ability were insufficient the obedience, that Xia Family prestige will receive some damages. Qi Huan is not Fire Cloud evil god their this becoming famous figure, with the Fire Cloud evil god compared with them, Qi Huan appeared a little does not have the fame, therefore Xia Tian chooses this price to develop today passes on the position challenge tournament. And to a Qi Huan name, that is the Lion King. „The person who wants the treasure, comes up, no matter who has won, can three choose one.” Xia Tian said that the body fell on among that table of positions of directly, at this time on the stage had a Qi Huan person. Qi Huan understands, then, what he will face is the super challenge.