Almighty Student - Volume 15 - Chapter 1437

Boss, black market hasn't Boss come?” Zhuge Wanglang sits in the Xia Tian side asks. I have not seen.” Xia Tian said. Boss, you must thank black market Boss well, if not he, Jiang Hai City already turned into the ruins, these hide in the blasting explosive of hidden place, can ruin one-fourth Jiang Hai City, is the black market Boss has the person 11 the blasting explosive arranges, moreover comes to attack Jiang Hai City part of Expert is he has the person to intercept.” Zhuge Wanglang said. „, It seems like I also really thank him.” Xia Tian nodded. He is a businessman, he such did also obtained the advantage, although before black market was also very stable, but many Expert did not show due respect for the feelings, some places were very difficult to do, but under the entire day knows that now black market had Xia Family to cover, who also dares to offend black market? After going, will be Earth Grade greatly complete Expert will be honest, otherwise the black market Boss personally will get rid to cope with the opposite party, the opposite party has not dared to retaliate, moreover does not dare to be what kind of the black market Boss, after all everyone will fear to offend Xia Family, today, that nobody dares to provoke black market.” Zhuge Wanglang said. That is also good.” Xia Tian most feared owes is the debt of gratitude. Since the black market Boss obtained, that Xia Tian that now he needs naturally did not owe him anything, but Xia Tian planned to send for sending to spirit stone and gathering miracle cure. „The black market Boss is also keeping the name of that 12 health/guard now, all people also know that is one of your black market 12 health/guard, therefore everybody does not dare to provoke black market.” Zhuge Wanglang said. Em.” Xia Tian has not gone to say anything. At this time Qi Huan on stage is now the focal points of all people. Today is the Xia Tian biography position challenge tournament, crossed today's Qi Huan is Xia Family new Patriarch, naturally, he must also accept everybody's challenge today, his ability must frighten world all Expert sufficiently. Like Xia Tian. Xia Tian is Xia Family first Patriarch, his strength shocks the world. Then Xia Family second Patriarch? Qi Huan most at least must result to display not to be lower than the Xia Tian strength, this can make everybody see the Xia Family future. Most minimum Xia Family is stronger and stronger, but is not one generation is inferior to one generation, short magnificence. Wants the treasure? Comes up to hit with me, who won has been able to be optionally same.” Qi Huan shouts loudly, his sound was the lion roar merit seems to be same, has spread over each corner of scene. Hears the treasure, the following person could not sit still.

Whiz! I come! The form fell above arena together directly. unexpectedly is the soft sword emperor.” Soft sword emperor is known as murder innumerable Expert, true Earth Grade greatly complete Expert, figure of Pyramid most peak.” It seems like this Qi Huan was bumps into the match.” All people all looked to Qi Huan and soft sword emperor, the soft sword emperor was one became famous over a hundred years of Expert, his soft sword was superb, nobody knows where his next sword can appear. Even if Earth Grade greatly complete Expert does not induce. The sword in his hand looks like the spirit snake is the same, as if will move is the same. Mr. Qi Huan, offended.” Soft sword emperor very polite saying, after all Qi Huan, but Patriarch of next generation, he must be polite. Good, can win my words, I asked you to drink.” Qi Huan very straightforward saying. Regarding here person, is if they who they are worried now won Qi Huan, that can suffer Qi Huan from now on retaliation, but saw at this time the Qi Huan appearance they understood. Qi Huan as if to losing anticipates to be the same. Moreover the Qi Huan manner has indicated that he will not retaliate any person absolutely. This everybody had the energy. Starts.” Qi Huan shows a faint smile. Good, I came.” The soft sword emperor reminded intentionally, afterward the soft sword in his hand seemed the spirit snake leaves the hole to be the same, direct thorn to Qi Huan.

dāng! When his hand medium-soft sword punctures Qi Huan immediately, he discovered soft sword unexpectedly in own hand to keep off by any thing outside. What?” The soft sword emperor looks at Qi Huan surprisedly. At this time a Qi Huan face smiling face visits him, motionless standing there. dāng! dāng! dāng! The soft sword emperor launched attack once more, but his attack kept off by the safety mask outside completely. This is how possible.” Soft sword emperor puzzled asking. At this moment, the Qi Huan right hand wields, in his right hand presented a great sword immediately. Bang! Soft sword emperor god time, the great sword of war of Qi Huan right hand lays out directly. Bang! The great sword flash on the racket on the body of soft sword emperor, the body of soft sword emperor had been patted to fly directly. Bang! The body of soft sword emperor fell on the ground directly. Be eliminated! A move.

A Qi Huan unexpectedly move has defeated the soft sword emperor, but soft sword emperor Earth Grade greatly complete Expert, but his unexpectedly had defeated by Qi Huan one move, moreover his attack unexpectedly one has not hit Qi Huan. This is main. Earth Grade greatly complete Expert unexpectedly cannot break the defense of Qi Huan, moreover was hit to fly by Qi Huan one move. Earth Grade greatly complete is Expert so frail? Naturally did not have. Qi Huan strength unexpectedly so is but formidable. Before Qi Huan absolutely was not celebrity, but this Qi Huan reputation will spread over thoroughly entire day under. „Is this possible? Earth Grade greatly complete Expert was defeated by one move.” Attack unexpectedly of soft sword emperor does not have to his effect, this was also too terrifying, in Xia Family all was the monster, monster one after another.” No wonder Xia Tian wants to pass to him the Patriarch position, his unexpectedly strength is so strong, probably is not worse than Xia Tian.” All people were all shocked, they have not thought that the Qi Huan strength can such formidable, Earth Grade greatly complete Expert also seems the child's play is ordinary before him. Was embarrassed, turns head to ask you to drink.” Qi Huan looked that said to the soft sword emperor, Qi Huan cultivates the behavior to like becoming friends with the friend, moreover this was also to fully the soft sword emperor face. Good, I am waiting for your liquor.” The soft sword emperor sees Qi Huan to him under the stair, the innermost feelings naturally thanked. Looks at Qi Huan on stage, the following person is really the feeling a great deal, they have not thought that Xia Family unexpectedly has such formidable strength, although before , they know Xia Tian to be fierce, but saw with one's own eyes the Xia Family strength to go beyond their expectation. They cannot see. Bored, is really bored.” At this moment, Xia Tian said loudly that hears the Xia Tian words, all people all looked to him: Since three prizes, that is inferior to one time on three, if three people have won, that three treasure also good differences.”