Almighty Student - Volume 15 - Chapter 1438
The Xia Tian words lit the great unrest once more. One V three. His unexpectedly must three to resist Qi Huan together. Must know, the person who at this time can get rid of may be Earth Grade greatly is all complete Expert, even if Qi Huan is strong, perhaps is also only Earth Grade greatly complete Expert, similarly is Earth Grade greatly complete Expert, can really one dozen three? My Boss said that can in three same places, all you consider that on which three people.” Qi Huan always does as one is told to Xia Tian, since had known after great strength of three sages, Qi Huan had been anticipating. Today he has the figure of opportunities and these world most peaks finally carries on to fight. However he will not rely on three sages. Before then, his master Yin Nie has reminded him, but Qi Huan Yin Nie only successor, Xia Tian, although is also the Yin Nie apprentice, but Xia Tian has not learned the Yin Nie swordsmanship. Only then Qi Huan learned. Today reason that Qi Huan dependent three sages, to deter the world person, making them know fierce of Xia Family. Therefore he uses three sages today. Before that has made Qi Huan be full of confidence with three sages. He has not thought that three sages unexpectedly can be so fierce. At this time heard Xia Tian saying that made him hit three, he has also been full of confidence. Hears the Qi Huan words, under the stage has three people to nod mutually, then all jumped above the arena. Fist Venerable, fat emperor, the great hammer king, unexpectedly is their three, but their three each has its strong points, their three collaborated at this time, that also has any person is they three matches.” „The strength that although Qi Huan showed a moment ago is very strong, but also has the ingredient of sneak attack, now three people got up together, he surely did not have the opportunity of sneak attack, this time looked how he deals.” Perhaps this Xia Family was blows in a big way, that three prizes or guaranteed.”

The person under stage all surprised looked to these three super Expert on stage. Their three may be becomes famous very long Expert, and has created super Expert of miracle, now their three collaborate, that also who is their matches? This Qi Huan bumps into the genuine match. VS three. Everybody, offended, fires off me to ask you to drink.” Qi Huan cups one hand in the other across the chest slightly, afterward is direct stand forth, he has not accelerated, but stand forth gradually. Offended.” Three people nodded mutually, afterward simultaneously attacks to Qi Huan. These three people are the aggressive very strong people, they saw the defense of Qi Huan a moment ago, the ordinary attack definitely cannot break, therefore these people planned that copes with the defense of Qi Huan with this striking power famous person, these people do not grow perceptibly in the defense and speed, but attacks compared with the ordinary Earth Grade greatly complete person. Bang! Bang! Bang! The attacks of three force hit directly above the Qi Huan safety mask, Qi Huan has not moved, but very optional standing in same place, safety mask any fluctuation, three people of attacks still have not broken the defense. What?” This all people were all shocked. Qi Huan so relaxed standing there, his unexpectedly defended the attacks of these three striking power very formidable people. This simply was too inconceivable. If links their three unable to break, opening that also who can break. Bang! When three person gods, great sword direct in Qi Huan right hand sweeps away, flew three people of all rackets. Hits three. Such won. This is the Xia Family strength, this is the Xia Family new Patriarch strength.

Since continuously, although everybody knows that Xia Family has peerless Expert, Xia Tian, then also has Eastern Man, Northern Army, Great General, Fire Cloud evil god and Yin Nie, but they have not thought that Xia Family unexpectedly also has Qi Huan this grade of Expert, thus it can be seen, what they know is only the Xia Family tip of the iceberg. This let their this time not come in vain, after this went back, enough they boasted for a lifetime. Today these people on the scene were the true experience anything are true Expert. Does not satisfy a craving, this ten, I add 70,000 gathering miracle cures again.” Xia Tian shouted loudly, hears the Xia Tian words, the scene has seethed with excitement again, anything was called richly, anything was called the local tyrant. Draws cash the time of pounding to pass. Earth Grade greatly complete Expert which is short of money? But they richly cannot buy the gathering miracle cure, each gathering miracle cure is the treasure in treasure, now Xia Tian wields conveniently, once more added 70,000 gathering miracle cures. Then is called the strength. Moreover Xia Tian unexpectedly said that makes Qi Huan one hit ten. Now the Qi Huan strength obtained everybody's approval, even if he accepts the Xia Family new Patriarch position now, everybody does not have anything said that but Xia Tian wanted was not the approval. But shocks. How Xia Family Patriarch possibly makes everybody approve, Xia Family Patriarch must shock entire day below strength. Ten? Summer Senior will not be insane, similarly is Earth Grade is greatly complete, how possible to hit ten, summer Senior is not cracking a joke.” Looked that the summer Senior appearance is not cracking a joke likely, is Qi Huan Heaven Grade Expert? That is impossible.” „It is not the Heaven Grade Expert words, how hits ten.” All people all do not believe that Qi Huan can hit ten, person that after all dares to come to power definitely is Earth Grade greatly complete Expert, words that ten Earth Grade greatly complete Expert collaborate, that is not cracking a joke. My Boss said that making me hit ten, does everybody has to be interested.” Qi Huan shouts loudly. Ten people, these many rewards, what does not move is the fool.

A person does not have the opportunity, three person a little opportunities, that ten opportunity of person is very big. Good, we come.” Ten Earth Grade greatly complete Expert come to power directly. Wanted, no matter victory and loss were brothers, let loose the hand, but following, if I had anything to offend, everybody do not blame me.” Qi Huan light saying. Summer Patriarch was polite, you let loose hitting of hand.” Everybody started to call him for summer Patriarch, his present name is summer Qi Huan, his strength obtained everybody's approval, therefore everybody naturally must call him for summer Patriarch. I came.” The Qi Huan sound just fell to the ground, he disappeared, like this vanishes in the people eyes. Bang! Earth Grade greatly complete Expert was hit to fly directly, afterward the body of Qi Huan vanishes once more. Bang! Bang! Bang! The body of person like this was flown by the Qi Huan racket one after another. Their bodies fell on outside. Ends the victory. Although they not by any serious wound, but they fell on outside of location, this Qi Huan ends the victory. Xia Tian has stood directly.