Almighty Student - Volume 15 - Chapter 1439

Whiz! The body of Xia Tian fell on the stage directly. Friends, come here today, before he meets the position, I announced a matter.” Xia Tian looks to the person under stage said. Matter that Xia Tian must announce regarding them, probably is the imperial decree is the same. All people all static is listening. Starting today, the person of Xia Family recruitment entrance door, the person of outside must satisfy several conditions, the first point, the China person or joins the China nationality over three years people.” Xia Tian these words lit the irritable degree of person. The Xia Family hiring, this absolutely is the biggest good news, regarding them, if can have the little relations with Xia Family, that sufficiently boasted for a lifetime. „The second point, momentarily responded the China indication, once the China need, went through fire or water.” Xia Tian light saying. At this time everybody understands why the first request of Xia Tian was to join China, like this, will not have awkward condition. Insufficient this is also reasonable, therefore now many people are the nods that keeps. „The third point, I, no matter before you, is, has made anything, so long as wants to join Xia Family, that cannot take bribes and pervert justice, the optional murder, cannot bully, cannot do all kinds of evil things outside with the Xia Family reputation.” Xia Tian this is to each Xia Family juniors have spoken the words. He does not hope to raise one group of second ancestors. Later is presenting any Xia Family few four. He was really a criminal.

My these three points, other minor matters will confess by next Patriarch.” Xia Tian said that the body vanishes on the stage once more, returned to own position. This speed, Kungfu makes all people all exclaim in surprise. That, I had person to come, the people who wanted to become the China citizen one will contact with my side person, when the time comes he will help you process, the speed absolutely was quickest, does not need to show that you were one.” China No. 2 figure stands up saying that on his face is the smiling face. These people on the scene may be Expert in Expert, if they have also joined China, that also what person dares to threaten China? Moreover Xia Tian also said the request to them, such strict request, Xia Family suppresses, these people will not disturb in China absolutely, actually Xia Tian also understands that the Earth Grade late stage above Expert where has to be possible which to wander about aimlessly to stir up trouble, they wish one could to think means cultivation, moreover already passed through the youth young age, they will not stir up trouble. In other country has several Earth Grade greatly complete Expert assignments, that is gains ground to throw out the chest, feels the unusual cow. Earth Grade greatly complete Expert that however from now henceforth, China can dispatch casually may probably have. Summer is Senior, only then Earth Grade greatly complete does Expert have the qualifications to join? We also want to join.” The following People sound shouts. Anybody is entitled, but the rank treatment of everyone is different, wants to join the Xia Family also shortcut, that is helps China Operations Office complete mission specially, naturally also had many shortcuts, but after I can wait, announced again.” Qi Huan said directly. Hears the Qi Huan words, those present were more excited. „The offensive talk said in front, if presents the spy and so on thing, that embarrassed, kills you not to have any difficulty regarding us, once we discovered that is spy who which country sends, that was more embarrassed, Xia Family ended the life also to make you understand that our Xia Family was not affable, do not challenge our limits, do not try to pass off fake articles for the real thing, Xia Family 1/10 strengths that you saw not.” Saying of Qi Huan coldly. Qi Huan has not lain, present Xia Family was Heaven Grade Expert comes same not to have the means that moreover there is a Zhuge Wanglang detection net, so long as on the world had any person to seep comes not to be impossible to Xia Family. Han Zifeng and Zhong Chuhong have also set up the Xia Family gather intelligence net, they use the ghost that cannot see investigates, effect compared with being better of any organization.

Although Qi Huan had not pledged to anybody that mentioned Xia Family to you any advantage, but all people still also want to join Xia Family, these Earth Grade greatly complete Expert were also excited. After their this ranks, did not have what feelings regarding the country, because of them wholeheartedly in cultivation, therefore traded a nationality regarding them is not anything, as for the posterity, they did not care, because the descendant had the descendant luck. Xia Family Expert like clouds, after joining Xia Family that also will be definitely lively, strength strong can practice with the person of Eastern Man that rank, the strength bad person possibly here bumps into master anything, reaches the sky in a single bound. In brief can join Xia Family is all people's dreams. Excited. All people who this time attended the Xia Tian birthday feast felt one have not come, to grow in experience in vain, moreover some people also obtained false Spirit Tool, gathering miracle cure and Spirit Tool these treasures. It can be said that everyone was the start of sincerity admires Xia Family. Xia Family also became their long-awaited places. Was right, forgot to remind everybody, Xia Family only received ten people every year, moreover must accept the test, the quota later will increase, but had ten quotas temporarily every year.” Qi Huan said. Heard the Qi Huan words, all people all seethes with excitement. Sir, I must become the China citizen.” I remain to make mission now.” My anything tallies, making me join.”

Earth Grade greatly complete Expert did not give a thought to the status, cracked a joke, one year on ten quotas, wants the status now, when perhaps which year went, moreover quota many words, they think on the contrary Xia Family treats them is very optional, but quota one few, they have determined, Xia Family will not treat unjustly them absolutely. Because Xia Family is what kind to them, the person of world looks. Therefore Xia Family will not treat unjustly absolutely their. Suddenly the scene also has been busy, Xia Tian their these tables of people of are also open eat, not polite. Today Xia Tian and everyone chat is very good, continues to crack a joke with several females, returning to him to feel at that time, after a food, Xia Tian received the smiling face on face: I must go to several places.” „Do you want to go?” Eastern Man asked that on -site feeling such asked that the Xia Tian person were not many, moreover felt all right directly asks were less. Does not know that can go to several places, I want to go to Diancang Mountain, Tianchi, Pacific Ocean.” Xia Tian said. You know where Diancang Mountain is at?” Eastern Man asked. Does not know, but on the map doesn't have?” Xia Tian asked. Eastern Man shook the head.