Almighty Student - Volume 15 - Chapter 1440

That where?” Xia Tian asked. You had also heard past years's that war, you think really in the past that war was the army of country does not want to attend the Jianghu dispute not to go? I know that outside rumor has, but I tell you today, is not they do not want to go, cannot go, Diancang Mountain in the jungle of Shennongjia, army several days cannot arrive, moreover, therefore your father meets the island of resistance to be without help, your master initially wants to save your father, but cannot catch up.” Eastern Man said. Yeah!” Yin Nie sighed, as if there is very big regret to be the same. In Shennongjia?” Before Xia Tian, had gone to Shennongjia, but he does not know that inside has Diancang Mountain, otherwise initially he already in the past had a look. Right, the concrete Coordinate does not have, but is the forest of ten points cover, there is also very strange, so long as approaches, not good feelings, I once will listen to the person saying that below passes on the howling of wild animal, but there deeply does not see the bottom, does not know where the voice of wild animal from passes on.” Eastern Man said. „The cry of wild animal, approaches meets not well.” Brow of Xia Tian immediately a wrinkle. He has remembered that place suddenly, if initially were not Heavenly Connection Fragment Scroll, he died there. There that sound made him have the sense of fear of death. Is there Diancang Mountain? „Have you gone?” Eastern Man puzzled looks to Xia Tian. I am indefinite, goes to one again.” Before Xia Tian , is just the Profound Grade strength, but was now different, he has been able to kill Earth Grade greatly complete Expert easily. Therefore he plans to go to Diancang Mountain again. Em, careful, do not think that your present strength has not been serious, I have also gone to there, I will also feel that is very uncomfortable.” The Eastern Man reminder said that Eastern Man long before was Earth Grade greatly complete Expert, therefore this was reminding Xia Tian. There is very dangerous. Xia Tian has truly perceived, he also thinks a moment ago his strength has stiffened, went to there should not to have the issue. However he has not thought that unexpectedly links Eastern Man this rank Expert to feel is uncomfortable.

However he must pass to have a look, after all in the past his father fell down from that cliff. Diancang Mountain deeply does not see the bottom, I attempted, when under me to 300 meters soon could not feel the oxygen, moreover is very cold, 300 meters altitude will be Earth Grade complete greatly Expert also will plunge to death, moreover below deeply will not see the bottom, among this will not have any branch cushion.” Peaceful Yin Nie has opened the mouth to say. Hears the Yin Nie words, all people are surprised, his unexpectedly has also gotten down, obviously to look for Xia Tianlong. All people know that Yin Nie and Xia Tianlong are good friends. However they have not thought that Yin Nie looked for Xia Tianlong. Moreover next to 300 meters, there was very dangerous, but Yin Nie unexpectedly is below stiffly to 300 meters, thus it can be seen, Yin Nie, for looked for Xia Tianlong to take the big effort, what a pity finally had not found. Many thanks master.” Xia Tian has not thought of Yin Nie for his father unexpectedly under that place. Before his hopes, that was his father had not died at heart, possibly fell to below by branch anything caught, but his hope reduced now, this matter, his master Yin Nie has confirmed. Without the branch. 300 meters altitude, even if Earth Grade greatly complete Expert will also fall meets a cruel death, only if his father were the corrupt wolf has taken possession , the luck full house, might not die, but this type of probability was less than 1%. Yin Nie has not spoken, still restored his callous appearance. I cannot stay put, Xu, books an airplane ticket to me.” Xia Tian said. Two.” Yin Nie opens the mouth to say suddenly. Hears his words, one table of people looked to him, although he only said these two characters, but actually represented him to Xia Tian follow together. Master.” Xia Tian puzzled looks to Yin Nie, regarding Yin Nie, wants cultivation now in Xia Family, he will break through the Heaven Grade opportunity to be big, but his unexpectedly choice must follow Xia Tian.

Four!” Eastern Man also opened the mouth. Senior, you.” Xia Tian does not know really should say any was good. Six.” The Fire Cloud evil god wants to lift the hand. You shut up to me.” Xia Tian has scolded one directly: They are my Senior I cannot control, I could not have controlled you, in this cultivation, goes to the most central position well, although you now the strength has compared ordinary Earth Grade greatly complete Expert too to be many, but your foundation is unreliable, the operational experience is not rich, recently you at home consolidated your foundation.” Xia Tian has stopped the movement of Fire Cloud evil god directly. Good.” The Fire Cloud evil god pretends very suffering from injustice saying, if this table has the bystander at this time, that can startled fall down to spread open, in the legend of Fire Cloud evil god unexpectedly China four big Expert will also sell to sprout. Has subscribed.” When Xia Tian they chatted, Xu has booked the airplane ticket, this was Xu management speed. If others want to book the airplane ticket, that possibly said that will subscribe at noon, in the afternoon went, moreover may not subscribe obtains, Jiang Hai City was recently irritable, is a Xu start to talk, that four first-class cabins by the airplane ticket, prepares immediately. Ate to the full?” Xia Tian looked that asked to their three. Nobody answered. Whiz! Whiz whiz whiz! Four people of bodies all vanished in same place. Really goes ahead.” Fire Cloud evil god helpless shaking the head of. Whiz! His body also vanished in same place.

Whiz! The Great General also walked. Really is one group of waving the arms about storekeepers, you finished eating, I have not eaten, ok, gets down to propose a toast first.” Qi Huan helpless saying, he stands up afterward, walked to the China No. 2 figure that table first. But he now the Xia Family head of the clan, the interpersonal relationship must result in well. This time Xia Tian and the others already outside mountain village. Everywhere how is it? Looked that who arrives at the airport first.” Xia Tian looked that asked to their three. Compared with, what the gambling stake is?” Although Eastern Man is old, but he is childish. That this, who lost, after on airplane, told the stewardess that you are really attractive, how is it?” Xia Tian proposed. Hears the proposition of Xia Tian, other three faces were green, their three how old, moreover is resounding Expert, making them go to and stewardess speaks these words, that shameless lost completely. Especially Yin Nie, he usually is most callous, if made him say, that was equal to killing him. Rub! Also nobody complies, Yin Nie vanished in same place. Master, you act shamelessly.” Xia Tian also hurriedly pursued.