Almighty Student - Volume 15 - Chapter 1441

Saw that Yin Nie starts directly, Xia Tian their three were shocked. Xia Tian is first responds, followed directly. Feeds, you act shamelessly, have his Master Bi to have his disciple.” Eastern Man shouted while pursued. Who manages your many, lost do not act shamelessly, cannot break through carefully for a lifetime.” Xia Tian shouts loudly, afterward he directly fast runs to front, regarding any Realm person, the sensibility is most important, sometimes the little minor matter at heart is putting is not small, had the possibility not to break through. Moreover they four relations are not ordinary. If lost has not fulfilled the commitment, after that could not gain ground in the face of their several. Suddenly. Four world topest Expert like this like were the child start pursued. Specific speed. Xia Tian is not weak in anybody, although other three people are his elder, moreover is becomes famous many years of old Jianghu, but he is self-confident to his speed, started overtook his master. The Northern Army speed is not slow, moreover he to win has not haggled over the consumption of Inner Strength, the entire journey is ice-skating. Eastern Man at this time is last. It seems like I must a bit faster run, their several are to become famous worthily many years of old Jianghu, the speed is not slow.” Xia Tian under foot Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step full, the speed quickly to was early inconceivable. But other three people now are also under the most flourishing conditions. Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step is ghost Gu Pai Martial Arts, moreover Xia Tian father Xia Tianlong and Yin Nie are also many years of good friend, they to each other Kungfu and Movement Technique already had the research, therefore Yin Nie will also use Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step, and speed is not slower than Xia Tian many. At this time here most relaxed was Northern Army. He seems is not competing, but in leisurely and carefree ice-skating, so long as is not the curve place, his speed is also having Yin Nie to haul in Xia Tian.

Hey, my such age, you cannot let me.” Eastern Man shouts loudly. Senior, I, although wants to let you very much, but several of us want to visit you to sexually harass the stewardess time the appearance.” Shouting that a Xia Tian face badly smiles. On solemn China four big Expert Eastern Man unexpectedly must sexually harass the stewardess. Thinks of here, Xia Tian wants to smile. Is good your brat, doesn't let is?” A Eastern Man under foot Movement Technique revolution. Bang! His tip of the toe makes an effort, the whole person has jumped out directly, probably is flying to be the same, these has jumped out more than 100 meters directly, has surmounted all of a sudden Northern Army. Bang! His tip of the toe called the roll of officers and assign them tasks Xia Tian and Yin Nie once more also all ultra passed, distance originally difference between their several were not many, at this time his two charges, all ultra passed all people directly. shit, does anything, this is also good.” Xia Tian has not thought that Eastern Man also kept such one. Nobody told you ginger is old spicy?” Eastern Man proud saying. Bang! Also the sound conveys together, Northern Army directly has also surpassed Xia Tian and Yin Nie, his unexpectedly regards the spring to use the ice. „Is your this is doing?” Xia Tian this time a little admired them, unexpectedly can apply flexibly this Realm the ability, this was really too fierce. Bang! The sound conveys once more together, Yin Nie whole person unexpectedly flies in the imperial sword, flew more than 100 meters, at this time Yin Nie returned to first, Northern Army second, Eastern Man third, Xia Tian first from the bottom.

„The Xia Tian boy, knows that now anything was called to respect the elders.” Eastern Man said with a smile loudly. Senior, was embarrassed.” The Xia Tian sound just fell, afterward his whole person had the huge change, braved the black air/Qi, the eye also completely to turn into the black from top to bottom, latter carried on the back to present a black wing. Flash that the wing presents. The Xia Tian whole person disappeared. shit, the boy is flying, this also how ratio?” Eastern Man depressed saying. Xia Tian has been instantaneously over their several, moreover his form disappears in them before long at present. Airport. Xia Tian limited standing there. Afterward his master also arrived. Senior military officer, don't you such have the loyalty? Cannot wait for me.” The Eastern Man sound has also conveyed, but he is in Northern Army at this time behind 40-50 meters place. Do not make, my such big age, I must want this shamelessly.” Northern Army has not planned to decelerate. Resembles my young as to result.” Eastern Man indignant shouting. Northern Army first. Shouted!” Went to the place Northern Army long expiration, obviously was relaxed. However the face of Eastern Man actually turned into the sauce purple, very ugly, he most does not excel is the speed, if by the attack and defensive power, he absolutely is in four people are strongest, in the situation that if Xia Tian does not use the card in a hand fights Eastern Man certainly. However their several of Eastern Man absolutely and Xia Tian in the speed has no way to compare.

Old Senior, I favor you.” Xia Tian has given a Eastern Man keep it up expression, afterward has taken the boarding pass. Old elderly fisherman, keep it up, I believes you.” Northern Army grasps the fist to say to Eastern Man. Em.” Yin Nie numerous nods, then also walked. Eastern Man also can only finally helpless followed, afterward boards craft. Four first-class cabin positions. Old Senior, we do not need to worry, we can wait, the airplane must fly in any case for several hours.” On the Xia Tian mouth said can wait, but vision actually continuously stubbornly stares at Eastern Man, the air/Qi is resulting in Eastern Man root straight itchy. Brat, you wait to have the opportunity next time.” Eastern Man knows one cannot delay, this probably is on the execution grounds is the same, the direct (spear|gun) has killed, the feeling that you have not possibly feared died, but if in front of you have killed ten people, that kills these ten people time, every time dies a person, your heart will fear, the time is longer, jumps over the suffering. Therefore the Eastern Man plan must die dies a happiness. Comes.” Eastern Man beckons to a stewardess. Sir, what need has?” That stewardess walked respectfully. You are really attractive.” Eastern Man seemed 50-60 years old, the white beard, his unexpectedly came up to say directly you were really attractive, this sexually harasses the words of stewardess obviously, the stewardess was shocked directly. In the first-class cabin other customers all were also shocked. Well, rascal, old rascal, this is through old rascal.” A Xia Tian face shuts out looks at Eastern Man, Yin Nie and Northern Army also intentionally toward far sitting, similarly is the appearances that a face shuts out. Hee hee.” The stewardesses have smiled directly, how she can also not look clearly, Xia Tian their four have come up together, definitely is the same place, Eastern Man said that awkward degree not weak, therefore the 18-year-old young miss vindicated, obviously by Xia Tian their several compelling. Your three did believe me now to kill you.” Eastern Man was about to be wild with rage.