Almighty Student - Volume 15 - Chapter 1442

Murder? Snort, probably you kill have been same, in the morgue which person is you kills?” At this moment unharmonious sound appeared together, hears this sound time, Xia Tian their several all received the smiling face on face. They were cracking a joke with Eastern Man a moment ago. Eastern Man shouted that is also awkward in alleviation, but the emergence of this sound makes their several all unexpected. Provocation. Their four at that time strongest a group of people, but some unexpectedly people dare to provoke their four. Suddenly, the vision of four people all looked to that person. That person seems over 30 years old is, a western-style clothing is straight, has an appearance of successful public figure. Looks at anything to look, refuses to accept, was right, you open mouth kill people, definitely refused to accept me, then killed me.” Saying that man provokes. Four people have not spoken. Xia Tian in their four people, Yin Nie usually does not like speaking, Northern Army is the coldly disposition, the Eastern Man words are quite many, but he, once did not speak, that represented him to erupt, but Xia Tian usual when will speak. Eastern Man they have the graciousness to Xia Tian. Xia Tian this person is this, you said me to be able, I will possibly retaliate your two, or does not respond you from the start. But if you dare to disrespect to my family member friend, that was embarrassed. Eastern Man is one generation of Expert, moreover got old, if he gets rid at this time, will make the person look not to have the demeanor. I give you an opportunity, now gives him to apologize, then under the airplane, I do not feel embarrassed you.” Xia Tian expression very light saying, on the face does not have any fluctuation, nobody can look that he is thinking anything. I will not misunderstand, your unexpectedly said that makes I apologize, you know that who I am? Jiang Hai City whose best B? Naturally is Xia Family, my brother is the Xia Family management, has seen the Xia Family Boss' person.” That male very proud saying.

Knows Xia Family, where regardless of this walks is worth boasting that moreover his elder brother or Xia Family management. Such status simply is the super cow. Hears the status of this man, the people cannot help but hide by far, they are afraid, after is this man such person of they cannot offend likely. Rub! Xia Tian stood directly, if this man did not say a moment ago these words, that Xia Tian may also let off him, but Xia Tian has not planned to let off him at this time, he most was worried was the Xia Family person bullies, but he has not thought that thousand against ten thousand guarded, unexpectedly could not defend the person who bullied the weak by relying on powerful connections. This Xia Tian must set up prestige. Tread! Xia Tian walks toward that man directly. What's wrong? Can kneel the apology? Snort, your such person I saw.” Saying that man disdains, he seems is showing off his victory to be the same, what a pity he showed off mistakenly the person, his these words, that showed that he used the Xia Family reputation not to have outside little bullies the person. This makes Xia Tian cannot let off him. Tread! Xia Tian unemotionally walks toward this person. Em?” That person discovered finally is not a little right, the Xia Tian appearance is not apologizing likely. Tread! Xia Tian was away from him near one step.

„Do you want to do?” That man has put out telephone directly, has dialed a number: Elder brother, you have not walked, on the airplane some people must ask me to trouble.” Anchored. This Xia Tian has not gone forward, he has anchored his footsteps directly. What's wrong? Feared?” The men see Xia Tian to anchor the footsteps, thinks that Xia Tian has certainly feared, therefore he intenser shouting: Snort, the boy, you ended, my brother arrived immediately, I told you, in Jiang Hai City my brother was half the sky.” Xia Tian has still not spoken, but is standing of coldly there. The stewardesses go to report that here situation is long hurriedly to the travel. Ha Ha Ha Ha, boy, when my brother came, you knelt on the ground also without enough time.” That male incomparably excited shouting. Over ten minutes, a man in hurriedly the airplane, had not walked toward the first-class cabin directly, the person has not arrived, the sound first arrived: Younger brother, who bullied you, I took responsibility to you.” When that man moves toward the first-class cabin first saw his younger brother, afterward he looks to younger brother's opposite, because this person definitely was that person who offended his younger brother, when he saw his younger brother's opposite that person, direct both legs one soft, almost knelt on the ground. Kneels down.” That man saw own elder brother came, that imposing manner was stronger. Puff passes! Elder brother, I have not made you kneel, I make him kneel.” That man looked that his elder brother unexpectedly has knelt down, holds his elder brother hurriedly. His elder brother is but direct to knock it off him in the place. Elder brother, you draw me to do.” That man puzzled asking. You shut up to me.” The elder brother of that man said hurriedly.

Elder brother.” That man also wants to say anything. Your T. M shuts up to me.” His elder brother angry shouting. Xia Tian slowly looks to the elder brother of that man, this person he truly has seen, is a Xia Group manager, the rank is not low, is a little talent, but Xia Family most does not lack is the talented person, the one who lacks is the moral behavior good person, so long as Xia Family shouted outside advertises for the management, under that entire day the able person will change job in abundance. „Is he your younger brother?” Xia Tian looked that asked to that Xia Group management. Boss, I have made a mistake, is he does not recognize a superior perforated.” That Xia Group management will say. Hears him to shout Boss time, the person in entire first-class cabin was all shocked, Xia Group management unexpectedly kneels down to shout the Boss to others, the status of that this person guesses casually can also want to result in came out, he is Xia Group Boss. At this time the younger brother of that Xia Group management already completely there. I have said that Xia Family and Xia Group person cannot bully, your younger brother said that he has bullied the person outside, moreover hits the Xia Group name to bully the person, you said how I should handle you.” Xia Tian looked that asked to that Xia Group management. Boss, I knew mistakenly.” Saying that Xia Group management keeps. This time travel came steadily, after the travel was long surprised looks at front situation: Mr. Xia, is you, I said why Xu will say several big figure want the airplane ticket.” Em.” The Xia Tian slight bow is the response. You are not Xia Family main family juniors, I do not kill you, but your younger brother bullies everywhere, today I am cut off his four limbs, making him lie on the bed for a lifetime, you take to refuse to accept.” Xia Tian looked that asked to that Xia Group management. I refuse to accept, why, you think that who you are.” The younger brother of Xia Group management has not waited for his elder brother to speak, oneself shouted.