Almighty Student - Volume 15 - Chapter 1443

You shut up to me.” Xia Group that management shouts loudly: Thanks the Boss, I take.” Elder brother!” That man hears his elder brother's words, puzzled looks to his elder brother, he has a dream cannot think that will most love his elder brother to agree with the opposite party words. Closes the cabin door of first-class cabin.” The travel long person to cockpit said. The person in such economy class cabin could not see here situation. Ka! The sound of four sounds bone smashing conveys. Ah! A pitiful incomparable cry shouted from that male spigot. Is the Xia Group management, you tolerate your younger brother to harm the Xia Group reputation everywhere, I break your two legs, you take to refuse to accept.” Xia Tian looked that asked to that Xia Group management. Thanks the Boss, I take.” That Xia Group management said. Ka! Also is the sounds of two bone breaks. Um! The management eyeful capillaries of that Xia Group, he is nipping his tooth stubbornly, has not shouted actually that this pain is not the average person can endure, but this stiffly bore.

Thanks. Old. Big!” Said these four characters time, that Xia Group management fell down directly, fainted. Leads them, some people will process.” Xia Tian said. Good.” The travel long nodded, is called the person, lifted the airplane their these two brothers, after having alit from the airplane, person who in the airport some people delivered to the hospital them, Jiang Hai City had Xia Family everywhere, especially Xia Tian must go on a journey, that affirmed that on a road already had the Xia Family juniors to prepare in that so long as Xia Tian had anything to tell that they can the earliest possible time appear. The person in first-class cabin is a face strange looks at Xia Tian. They do not have to think figure in own unexpectedly and this legend rides an airplane, but they hold in awe and veneration to Xia Tian, those who respect Xia Tian is, he request to his subordinate is strict, after that absolutely will again not present the fellow who bullies, otherwise others raise Xia Group, that affirmed that nobody dares to offend, is from now henceforth, if some people had been bullied by the Xia Group person, they only need to consider to Xia Family, that nature has the person to take responsibility for them, Xia Family will also verify the situation to begin again. What fear is, Xia Tian starts truly very ruthless. However they also understand that Xia Tian is so strict to own subordinate, he definitely casually will not bully the person, so long as everybody does not offend him, that naturally cannot have any issue. Moreover Xia Tian they just started airplane time, four people are merry, is optional, is the same with the average person. If not this fellow is initiative to find fault, that will not have this matter, this is really the day behaves badly lives probably, from behaving badly cannot live. Family grows, this matter will definitely have.” The Eastern Man comfort said. I know, but if the first person indulges, that definitely will have second, third.” Xia Tian does not think Xia Family that establish laboriously, turns into the China clothes eating insect finally, if there is such one day, that Xia Tian will unable to bear ruins Xia Family personally. However he also believes that Qi Huan ability, Qi Huan certainly the Xia Family development is better. I agree with your viewpoint.” Northern Army said that ice is not small, the influence is also very big, although he cannot guarantee that the ice family member people saw anyone to be friendly, but the person of most minimum ice dares to take bribes and pervert justice outside nobody.

Em, I understand that what I want to ask, on the airplane has the camera, Senior sexually harassed the video of stewardess to be a moment ago retains, turns head to look for the travel long to want.” Xia Tian nodded to say. Hears Xia Tian these words, the face of Eastern Man once more changed green. Xia Tian, best not to sleep, otherwise I will unable to bear kill your.” Eastern Man knows that normal to fighting him definitely cannot hit Xia Tian, but if Xia Tian did fall asleep? This, should not be Senior, how you possibly feel all right to Junior get rid.” Xia Tian said hurriedly. Studies not to have the priority, reaches is the master, your boy is fiercer than me, I possibly am how embarrassed.” Eastern Man very impolite saying, although Xia Tian has called him for Senior, but in fact, he and Xia Tian early is a person of rank, even Xia Tian is fiercer than him. All the way, Xia Tian and Eastern Man unceasing speech, but the sound is not loud, Northern Army has one not one is responding, Yin Nie eyes closed has maintained mental tranquility. After having alit from the airplane, they looked for the car(riage) to go to Shennongjia directly. Previous Xia Tian comes time walked was very long, because here road was very difficult to walk, everywhere was the tree and weed, but this time was different, although the road was difficult to walk, but at that time he was only ordinary Profound Grade Expert, but he has been able to defeat Earth Grade greatly complete Expert now. Their four all are great Expert. Whiz whiz whiz! Their four are going forward. The speed of this advance was faster than ten times before. This is his progress, moreover this time he knows the position of destination, therefore he so will be relaxed.

The direction that your boy walks right, it seems like your previous going should be that Diancang Mountain.” Eastern Man saw Xia Tian direction is completely right. Em.” Xia Tian nodded, he also almost confirmed one direction was right. Do not walk, rests a meeting.” After running for probably 56 hours, Eastern Man proposed. Good.” Xia Tian put out the gathering miracle cure to be used to restore to everybody, although the gathering miracle cure can also restore spiritual energy, but was used to restore Spirit Tool too to waste directly, but Xia Tian could waste, because he had 1 billion gathering miracle cures. Puts out the gathering miracle cure and spirit stone each time time, Xia Tian can want to detonate the day, the thanks broken day of the heart, therefore he decided after spirit world, must help the broken day find that person. At our speeds, before the darkness, can, but I did not plan the darkness in the past, because there unknown were too many.” Eastern Man said. Em, after that to, rests one in the evening, next morning will pass.” Xia Tian proposed. Good.” Eastern Man they rest has met, continue, soon arrived in the destination they to stop, passed the night there, night, Xia Tian has had a dream suddenly, in his dream presented a black hot phoenix, he has not seen that big hot phoenix, a feather had over a hundred meters probably, moreover sharp probably was the bit is the same, around its body braved the black flame, this type of flame as if can burn down all. That rush of blood to the head phoenix looked that his vision is cold, probably was looking that an enemy is the same. The both eyes of hot phoenix probably are humanity are the same, is dynamic.