Almighty Student - Volume 15 - Chapter 1444

This rush of blood to the head phoenix can only look to the end, actually cannot see the tail. Big! Greatly is very very big, at this time the two eyes of this rush of blood to the head phoenix stubbornly is staring at Xia Tian, Xia Tian is also staring at this rush of blood to the head phoenix. A pair of big eye, is staring the aperture. I definitely am having a dream now, will be the dream so will be why clear.” Xia Tian is clear, oneself are having a dream, he so has not been sober in the dream, but he can actually feel itself at this time clearly in the dream. However what gets him to feel strange, the person should be the day has thought of the night to have a dream . Moreover the thing that the dream arrives at can also be had seen or has thought that but he has not thought this colossus. Why then he will appear in his dream. ! That rush of blood to the head phoenix cried loud and long, afterward the Xia Tian entire dream broke directly. Ah! Xia Tian sat directly. At this time his whole body is the cold sweat, the dream good terrifying, that rush of blood to the head phoenix to call one, but as if entire world was ruined. How?” Eastern Man and the others also by the Xia Tian cry waking. Has had a dream, a very terrifying dream.” Xia Tian big mouth is panting for breath, that dream was too real. Yeah, on the past, the pressure should not be big tomorrow.” Eastern Man thinks that Xia Tian thinks his father, will therefore have a bad dream, he can also understand Xia Tian, after all a Xia Tian birth has not seen mother, in childhood, the father also died, continuously life was very bitter. Master, do you know my mother?” Xia Tian looks to Yin Nie, he asked that since continuously an issue that he most wants to know.

Em.” Yin Nie nodded. Can tell me?” Xia Tian asked. Cannot.” Yin Nie decisive saying. With does not use such cool.” Xia Tian helpless saying. Ha Ha Ha Ha, your master is always such cool.” After Eastern Man hears their dialogs, laughs was saying. Good.” Xia Tian can only helpless shaking the head. His master obviously is the matter that knows concerned his mother, but his master did not say that this inside answer must need him to look, this time awoke, Xia Tian again could not fall asleep. To the dawn, Xia Tian has not gone to sleep. Dawn, several people have eaten a thing simply. Maintains the condition, a while will possibly feel that is depressing.” The Eastern Man reminder said. Good!” Xia Tian nodded, he has prepared the body and psychological, his body now is the most flourishing condition, moreover he is also ready that 1% hopes were disillusioned finally. Advance! Walked less than a half hour, Xia Tian feels the illness on body, this uncomfortableness very intense. How compared with previous time also strenuous, previous time I come time is Profound Grade, although is uncomfortable, but so is not intense.” The Xia Tian brow tight wrinkle, he felt that he walks strenuously. You how?” Eastern Man saw the Xia Tian condition.

Has enough to do, previous time came the time pressure to be probably bigger than dozens times.” A Xia Tian face strange looks to Eastern Man they: „Haven't you felt?” Absolutely does not have, although is uncomfortable, but that condition can ignore regarding our ranks.” Eastern Man said. I am all right, continue.” Xia Tian understood, this was certainly related with last night that dream, here as if had very big suppression to be the same to him, he and Eastern Man their several same places walked in this. Eastern Man they nothing. However he actually felt that takes the trouble very much. Several people continue. Xia Tian discovered that he is away from there to be nearer, his exceed hard sledding. There regarding him, seems the place that cannot go to is the same, but he must pass. Walked once more for more than ten minutes, they have anchored the footsteps. Was front.” Eastern Man said. At this time they can see that cliff. You look here tree, has almost the wound, was past Wei Guang stays behind.” Eastern Man light saying. Xia Tian moved toward these trees, although passed many years, but these wounds still, thus it can be seen past years's that war actually intense. Regarding Xia Tian, here significance is great, because this is his father has presented finally the place. He still remembers now the father walks told his words.

Is admitted to a university, is living well.” Is these words, therefore Xia Tian to will gain admission to the university, otherwise he already did not read, works, his then living condition was not good, his father left behind money to him, but can only take out 1500 dollars every month. Now thinks that his father this is good for him, definitely was not short of money by his father past strength, but only let him every month to spend 1500 dollars, if that card can put out 100,000 every month, perhaps that Xia Tian also will turn into these stubborn juniors. Near Xia Tian trend cliff step by step. In the past his father fell down from here. Yeah!” Xia Tian sighed. Boy, wants to give a try does, otherwise you will not be resigned for a lifetime.” Eastern Man understands that Xia Tian definitely is thinks also try, although Yin Nie has tried, after all what falls down is the Xia Tian father, therefore he must certainly try. Good!” Xia Tian nodded, afterward he has put out a string from the small cauldron, is that type of escape rope same string, half arms are so thick, inside is steel chain, definitely will not be cut off, moreover this chain unusual long, how long Xia Tian has not calculated specifically, but he said with Xu at that time the longer the better. Now measures with the eye, most at least must have several kilometers. Makes such long string, you will not want under to arrive at the bottommost directly, the boy, you do not breakneck, below does not have the oxygen, the barometric pressure is also low, moreover you must consider a point, you get down time cannot challenge own limit, because you come up time still does not have the oxygen and barometric pressure, therefore you felt one withstood two-thirds times must, otherwise possible to be in danger.” The Eastern Man reminder said. I know.” Xia Tian understands the meaning of Eastern Man, if he gets down to come up to the limit, that definitely could not come up, because comes up time must withstand the barometric pressure and does not have suffering of oxygen. Careful, under that possibly has the strangeness.” The Yin Nie reminder said. Heard Yin Nie saying that Xia Tian was naturally more discrete, at this time he has fixed the pulley, what Xu gave him to prepare was the complete set, the pulley and steel stick, had the pulley to get down and come up are very convenient. Each minute I draw a time string, if over one minute, that definitely were I have had an accident, that needed you to draw me to come up.” Xia Tian looked that they said to Eastern Man.