Almighty Student - Volume 15 - Chapter 1445

Good, we definitely at the maximum speed will draw you.” Eastern Man nodded. If I have drawn ten strings continuously, that do not move, possibly was I discovers anything.” Xia Tian does not dare to have slight careless, after all here situation is very special. Previous time he comes here time, that sound has almost killed him, although this time did not have that sound, but here was very big to his pressure. Ties up the string after oneself body, Xia Tian starts to get ready to getting down, in the string has a switch, so long as he presses, the string downward will put, as soon as he loosens, the string will anchor. Be careful.” Northern Army very serious saying. Em.” Xia Tian nodded, afterward puts down string directly, he has not put down too, will otherwise create the pressure to the string, he has put down ten meters first, then stopped. When he stops, his vision looked to the wall. Has the trace, here is with small pit that the foot steps on.” Xia Tian discovered that on stone wall unexpectedly has small pit, moreover that small pit that obviously was stepped on: Is the father?” Thinks of here time, Xia Tian on incomparable excitement, therefore he shouts loudly: Here has the trace, steps on with the foot, probably is the qing gong.” What? Yin Nie, did you get down to have trace before?” Eastern Man asked directly. No.” Saying of Yin Nie confirmation, he gets down very time has inspected stone wall carefully, including the trees weed and so on, anything does not have. You get down to have a look again, many meters have a trace.” Eastern Man shouts. Good.” Xia Tian drops ten meters once more. He discovered that is ten meters. Ten meters place also has trace. Has, is ten meters.” Xia Tian shouts loudly.

Xia Tian, your present Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step can go out far?” Yin Nie asked hurriedly. Four meters.” The Xia Tian response said. You get down again three times, if also some words, immediately come up, your father has not possibly died.” Yin Nie shouted loudly, hears this suspicion, on the faces of these people presented the excited facial expression. Ten meters! After Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step cultivation to certain Realm, can achieve one ten meters. This time Xia Tian one four meters, words that then Xia Tianlong has not died, he had the possibility to arrive at Heaven Grade Realm very much. Thinks here time, Yin Nie all of a sudden seemed to be excited. The Yin Nie life has a friend. That is Xia Tianlong. Can say, if can find Xia Tianlong, that has completed his life biggest desire. Whiz! Whiz! Whiz! Xia Tian has gotten down 30 meters once more: Has, every ten meters have.” Xia Tian transported Inner Strength, loud shouting, at this time is 50 meters, the ordinary frontline propaganda could not hear. Good, you have come up first, your father has not possibly died, moreover he definitely has come up.” Eastern Man shouts loudly. Good!” Xia Tian shouts.

Hissing! At this moment, the string became less crowded suddenly. Xia Tian starts the fast drop. What?” At this time is drawing the string above Eastern Man and the others hurriedly, but the string dropped several hundred meters all of a sudden, moreover their strength unexpectedly have not drawn. Lets go quickly, otherwise our three will fall down.” Eastern Man shouts hurriedly. Three people also let go, they understand, even if they do not let go, does not draw the string absolutely, if such falling down words, they may die in this, but preserves itself first, later can find the way to rescue Xia Tian. Finally the string when dropped more than 1500 meters to anchor. Stopped, can trying draw.” Eastern Man direct seat of honor. Drew. But at this moment, he discovered that in the string transmitted has pulled the strength. ! Two!. Ten. Enough ten. Sees such situation, on their three faces simultaneously one happy. Ten, this is the response of Xia Tian, proves Xia Tian to be all right, moreover he has still discovered anything below. Ha Ha Ha Ha, I said that this boy has good luck ever, his unexpectedly is all right.” Eastern Man excited saying.

It seems like under has any situation.” Northern Army nodded. „Are 1500 meters, actually what situation can the cushion 1500 meters gravity acceleration?” Asking of Yin Nie doubts, the string has gotten down 1500 meters, is 1500 meters altitude, the gravity acceleration is fearful . Moreover the following barometric pressure is also low, the breath is difficult. Ok, do not guess that when he came up not to know.” Eastern Man said that now his is happy, Xia Tianlong has not died, this is a good news, after Xia Tian falls down to be all right absolutely, this is a good news, to be honest, he is not less than with Xia Tianlong with the Xia Tian friendship. In Hidden Sect. Big brother, your meaning is, does this world have the place that your this strength cannot go to?” The corrupt wolf looks at Lei Feng surprisedly, now the corrupt wolf and Lei Feng's friendship were getting better and better, are getting more and more along with the contact of Lei Feng and corrupt wolf, Lei Feng was coveted the luck of wolf shaking, he also determined that the corrupt wolf can bring the good luck to him in the future absolutely, his dream one day reaches his father's altitude, becomes right-hand of that person. Before he thought that this matter was uncertain, but he discovered now that he may grow to that altitude, especially had the corrupt wolf help. Therefore Lei Feng the manner to the corrupt wolf also had the huge change now. Em, this world is mystical, in the spirit world, called here is the female star, because in the spirit world had big figure of many highly respected person all from this world in the past, therefore the person, the monster, the demon tripartite will influence send for guarding here entrance, must know to deliver us, the resources of that expenditure can definitely make a city, and regardless of our anything strength, after being transmitted, can only maintain Earth Grade greatly complete Realm, only if were can display the Heaven Grade strength around the entrance.” Lei Feng answered. „, Big brother, where can't that go?” The corrupt wolf asked. First, the entrance of tripartite influence definitely cannot go, if others come my this, I will be also same will kill, only if that person arrived at Heaven Grade, will be spiritual energy of this world is thin, will also not have spirit stone, will want to arrive at Heaven Grade, 200 years cannot leave one, even if appeared, our tripartite will influence also meet first discovered when the time comes will extend the olive branch to that person.” Lei Feng answered. „? Doesn't the spirit world have many Expert?” Corrupt wolf puzzled asking. Spirit world Heaven Grade Expert is many, person but who goes to the spirit world from this world, so long as finally does not die, that can become super Expert absolutely.” Lei Feng's light saying. Is so fierce?” Corrupt wolf surprised saying: Where does that have cannot go?” First, is Diancang Mountain, went is the dead end.”