Almighty Student - Volume 15 - Chapter 1446

The corrupt wolf has not thought that this world has these many secrets, goes to the spirit world from here the person, so long as does not die unexpectedly to become peerless Expert finally. Thus it can be seen this world has differently how. However when he hears Lei Feng's words, knits the brows slightly: Which I from have heard Diancang Mountain probably.” You have certainly listened, in the past Xia Tianlong died in that he is honored as most has the opportunity becomes the Heaven Grade Expert person.” Lei Feng answered. Right, is the Xia Tian father, Xia Tianlong, in the past overcame the cliff there by Wei Guang.” The corrupt wolf thought. Xia Tianlong is jumps, he was not hit, moreover he by severely wounded condition resistance entire Quicksand, if in his heyday, Wei Guang not any stratagem which ensures success.” Although Lei Feng and between Xia Tian has grievances, but he also has to acknowledge that Xia Tianlong truly is super genius. What danger there has?” Corrupt wolf puzzled asking. There is known as the Forbidden Land place, especially our types from spirit world person, if dares to pass, that is unable to live absolutely departure.” Lei Feng looked at a corrupt wolf to continue saying: There repel many strengths, you should better do not pass, even if will be the normal person will also think in the past unusual was uncomfortable.” „!” The corrupt wolf nodded, silently Diancang Mountain in mind. Second is Tianchi, but there, so long as you will not be thorough will not have any danger, in Tianchi water monster strength will not be low, especially deep pond water monster, the strength will be very formidable, the water will be deeper, the strength of water monster will be stronger, some people said that Tianchi deep water inside buried treasure will be innumerable, but you must have the life to get down.” Lei Feng said. Big brother, have you gotten down?” The corrupt wolf asked. Has gotten down, but I under 50 meters have only come up, below is similar very fearful living thing to stare at me.” Lei Feng answered. „.” The corrupt wolf nodded.

Tianchi he has also gone, but he has not thought that unexpectedly links Lei Feng this strength to feel the terrifying there. „The third place is four oceans, is away from recent our is Pacific Ocean, that inside unknown living thing were too many, the time that Earth has possibly had hundreds of millions years, change again and again, destruction and regeneration, but similarly, definitely had the biology that the history left behind, you think that can live such a long time biology, was what rank? In Pacific Ocean that I know has a strength very strong monster, probably is called eight Qi Dashe.” Lei Feng said. Truly so. The sea is so big, the unknown biology that inside has is definitely innumerable. Has remembered, regardless of your strength is much strong, even if you are most Expert of this world, you still have the thing that is unable to defeat, for example the strength of nature, if were involved in the tornado, that must die without doubt, looks like that Sir is the same, although his strength has almost reached the pinnacle, but some of his still many places do not dare to go and unable to go.” That person who Lei Feng said is demon lord. Under Diancang Mountain. In Lei Feng kou most dangerous place. This time Xia Tian when Diancang Mountain below, instance when he falls, he thinks that he died, because the string could not anchor . Moreover the speed of this drop was too fast, he radically without enough time the speed that went to the cushion to drop. Although his strength is very strong, but also absolutely impossible to fall down from such high place does not die. When he almost despairs, he discovered speed unexpectedly that one drop slowed down, although the air was getting more and more thin, but he did not have that weightlessness to feel, probably fell on the cotton is the same. The instance of landing, Xia Tian has drawn the string hurriedly, he knows that Eastern Man they definitely are worried about themselves. Here dense fog, probably is the cloud is everywhere same, although he felt that he stepped on the ground, but he did not feel relieved that does not dare to wander about aimlessly, the X-Ray Vision eye opened, isolation of this type of smog is good, even if the Xia Tian X-Ray Vision eye , can only see about three meters situation.

This range is not big, if suddenly presents any crisis, that is not easy to do. Therefore Xia Tian cautious and solemn looks at the surrounding situation, bit by bit walks forward, he walks forward. Shouted, here oxygen restored much, the barometric pressure is not high.” Xia Tian felt that was not so uncomfortable, recovered, above he felt unusual is uncomfortable, probably was suppressed was the same. However now this feeling completely vanished. This type of smog is very strange, helped my cushion gravity a moment ago should be this type of smog.” Xia Tian traces the surrounding smog with the hand, he discovered that this smog unexpectedly can feel. Although cannot hold, but can actually touch obtains, his right hand, a weapon presents in his hands, him lets go afterward directly, although weapon in whereabouts, but the whereabouts speed is slow. One meter high, has fallen for three seconds, falls on the ground, moreover falls does not have any mighty waves on the ground, even the sound does not have. Really is the ghost who this type of smog does.” Xia Tian continues stand forth. When he walked more than 20 meters, he has anchored, because he discovered that front smog does not have, in other words, the smog only behind has in him, so long as he treads forward one step, thoroughly could not see the smog. At this time his front has a palm of the hand big bird. Said that is the bird is not right, because this bird is in his dream the deflation version of that colossus. When he sees the bird, his present unexpectedly presented a huge incomparable empty shade, this moreover in his mind reappears the strength that automatically this bird has soared, spoke thoughtlessly together the flame, as if entire world will be ruined to be the same.

The black flame, will never be put out. Burns down all strengths. This strength can destroy the world the strength, Xia Tian never feels so terrifying strength strength from him on the bird to transmit. In his mind reappeared astonishingly that one secretly, a black feather was only giant on the incomparable black hot phoenix to fall from that fell, in the ground turned into front of him the flamingo. In other words, at this time in front of him the small flamingo, is only the feather of that black hot phoenix. Originally is only a feather, frightened me to jump.” Xia Tian long spitting vented anger. ! In the mouth of small flamingo has sent out a Changming, afterward its body increases fast, is increasing at the naked eye obvious speed, in an instant becomes huge incomparably as if that form in Xia Tian mind is exactly the same. Control successor, death!” In the Xia Tian mind presented a sound.