Almighty Student - Volume 15 - Chapter 1448

After Xia Tian draws the string, direct fast retreat. This next time, I remember previous time comes here time probably also heard this howling, here should have that black hot phoenix to defend, therefore these wild animals do not dare to come, but the flame phoenix has been eaten by the small insect now, these monsters must run.” Xia Tian saw that moment of statue smashing knows one definitely caused trouble. Bang! Xia Tian has been able to see the opposite these monsters, that is one crowd is long the grotesque monster, their are very big, has more than three zhang (3.33 m) probably high. The speed is fast, at this time they are running to Xia Tian here, the speed is fast. What living thing is this?” Xia Tian surprised looks at front these monsters, at this time Eastern Man they had the response, they start to draw Xia Tian upwardly, but these monsters rushed to the Xia Tian front quickly. Without enough time, since the black hot phoenix suppresses them here, that is perhaps black the fire to be useful.” Xia Tian thinks here time, the left hand wields forward, he controls his Spiritual Force, transferred that black hot phoenix on oneself left arm directly. Bang! Above the left hand of Xia Tian presented the black flame. Goes! Xia Tian gives a loud shout, the flame in left hand flew directly. The flame changed into more than ten Fire Cloud, Fire Cloud shot directly on the bodies of these monsters. Bang! The flash, the black flame all has swallowed that ten monsters, burning down anything does not have remaining. Is so fierce.” Xia Tian completely by this type of black flame being shocked.

However he discovered the flame, although has not increased, but has not extinguished , to continue to burn there, the surrounding vegetation was burnt down cleanly, the stone probably was lit. „It is not good, cannot make it continue such getting down, otherwise, here flame will not have here thing fever.” Xia Tian has drawn ten strings hurriedly, after he has drawn ten next, the string stopped. Afterward the body of Xia Tian drops once more, when his body falls to the ground once more, almost directly falls down. What's the matter? I so am why weak.” Xia Tian felt that own head sinks, the whole person was paralyzed was same place, moreover his spirit was also weary. Definitely is releases the black fire the reason.” Xia Tian clenched teeth, little crawls forward: Hateful, cannot let him again.” Although the Xia Tian present body almost cannot move. But he does not think, because own reason has destroyed this paradise, moreover he has determined, his father has definitely lived before here, but left recently. Therefore he cannot make the black flame ruin here. He each crawls forward one step, the body can present the web the ache, moreover he probably must faint to be the same each time. Puff! Xia Tian has broken by biting directly own tip of tongue, this can play the role of state of mind awaking brain. One step! One step crawls forward! Although only then more than 30 meters distances, but Xia Tian crawled for more than 20 minutes, more than 20 minutes regarding him is a huge tribulation, many times he almost fainted. But finally he endured.

Arrives around the black flame, Xia Tian extended the left hand, the flame vanished in his control directly, more than ten flame added not to arrive at the finger to be so big, but can actually kill these monsters with ease. Thus it can be seen black fire might. Shouted, finally destroyed completely these flame.” Xia Tian relaxed. Whistling! Does not know where blew wind. After this wind the statue will fall a moment ago broken, these sand dust all blew the body of Xia Tian, afterward Xia Tian has fainted. Child, you have the benevolence, to protect here was not destroyed by the hell deep flame, had insisted here falls the fire to extinguish, I believe that you can defend your conscience, remember, is sure not to slaughter becomes second nature.” The sound reverberates in the Xia Tian mind together. When Xia Tian wakes, he appeared in Diancang Mountain above, is Eastern Man they draws him. Thanks.” Xia Tian now is still very weak. Narrow squeak, actually you what happened under, if not we draws you, you might die below very much, moreover your present body extremely feeble.” Eastern Man puzzled asking. I saw below place that my father practices martial arts, is Unrestrained Immortal Traversing-Cloud Step and Finger of Consonance, here trace should be he stays behind, therefore he definitely has not died, but I do not know why he does not see me.” Xia Tian spoke a few words every time, probably exhausted the complete strength to be the same. Was good, first do not say, your physical condition is not quite good, we leave here first, what thing on your forehead is?” Eastern Man asked. On my forehead how?” Xia Tian puzzled asking.

Eastern Man put out a sharp weapon to treat as the mirror to Xia Tian: You look.” Xia Tian by the weapon discovered that on own forehead unexpectedly presented a as if birthmark thing, when he uses the X-Ray Vision eye carefully to look discovered that is not the birthmark, but is the statue, is under that statue, but this statue was too small, therefore the normal person cannot look: This I do not talk clearly.” Ok, you let alone words, I carried you to walk first, looked that your appearance cannot get away.” Eastern Man helpless saying, carried Xia Tian to walk toward outside afterward directly, one has not met Xia Tian to fall asleep. He has not thought that his body unexpectedly weakly becomes this, they used for two days to go out of Shennongjia, but Xia Tian enough weak five days, the body a little got better, has been able to move, but was unable to begin to fight with the person. For these days, Xia Tian said the following situation simply, but he has not said the matter of that rush of blood to the head phoenix, but said that following had the monster, under the matter of smog. When Eastern Man they heard to say smog unexpectedly can alleviate the gravity very surprised. Although Xia Tian this time became very weak, but this harvest was not small, not only knew the news that his father had not died, but also obtained the black fire, the might of black fire he saw with one's own eyes. Then the big monster only needs the yellow pisolite size the black fire to extinguish directly kills. However what most makes his happy is another matter. He broke through. Bewildered breakthrough. Now he is Earth Grade greatly complete Expert, moreover his within the body completely is spiritual energy, can say that he is away from breaks through is not far to Heaven Grade. Body also slow was similar, should go to Tianchi.” Saying of Xia Tian whole face anticipation.