Almighty Student - Volume 15 - Chapter 1449

Although his strength once more breaks through now. However he understands that Lei Feng absolutely is not a simple match, especially in that gate front Lei Feng, is super Expert, therefore Xia Tian must have the full assurance to go facing Lei Feng. The day that the present range he and Lei Feng fight a decisive battle was getting more and more short. The tour of this time Diancang Mountain, he does not have to come in vain. The strength broke through to Earth Grade greatly complete Realm officially, moreover obtained the black fire. However he does not dare to use the black fire at will. Used the black fire the side effect is really too big . Moreover the speed of black fire was not fast, if were not of these monsters is too big, Xia Tian is unable to hit that several monsters. Therefore although black fire striking power, but the actual combat almost cannot use. This time goes to Tianchi. He wants to experience fierce of deep pond water monster, moreover wants an buried treasure under experience launching, if his strength can be increased once more, he regarding to fighting Lei Feng's fight confident. Boy, is your present motion convenient? I do not want to be possible that to run at the back of you, no matter what I was also an age.” Saying that Eastern Man is not feeling well, although on his mouth always teases Xia Tian, if Xia Tian has an accident, he always wants first putting out a hand, looks like, saw that Xia Tian cannot move, he does not have slightly hesitant after has carried on the back the Xia Tian back directly. Relax, walks or does not have the issue, moreover went to the place, my strength should restore was similar.” Xia Tian strikes one's chest the guarantee saying that who he is? He is Xia Tian. Now was called the world strongest person. That is good, your boy when the time comes launches not to be a drag on our.” Although Eastern Man their this times not getting down cliff, but to Tianchi, they have been possible to be plans to launch, after all they do not have Tianchi, has filled curiously to Tianchi. Xia Tian may be a sickly person now. If who sneak attacks Xia Tian now, that Xia Tian must die absolutely without doubt, but the premise is sneak attacks that person unable by Eastern Man, Northern Army and Yin Nie these three super big Expert discovered that otherwise the person of sneak attack has not waited to begin by these three person direct Insta-kill.

Said sends. One line of four people arrived at Chonji directly. At this time from the day of duel already remaining 20 days. Xia Tian had said at that time, 20 days later Hidden Sect asks Lei Feng to fight to the death, Lei Feng when he celebrates a birthday has sent a big ritual. It can be said that recent China was more and more imposing. Expert of world larger part has all become the China citizen, now the spy in any country dares to enter China, finally will die, moreover Expert of your anything rank disturbs, is impossible to live is leaving China. Moreover that new energy that Xia Tian snatches was also studied, that thing is the benzine, where that thing places, that month later, there will present the petroleum, is the big piece petroleum. In the international stage, petroleum is more precious than the gold, before the China petroleum was very scarce, but China starts to present a number of secret petroleums now. Nobody knows that which the China petroleum from comes, but China did not purchase the petroleum outside. Helps China have such big change, is the benzine, had it, China will present the continuous petroleum. Because of the Xia Tian influence. China turned into super power all of a sudden, directly enters to the world in the ranks of strongest country. But the Xia Tian military rank also again promoted. He now is the China flood and field army chief marshal, can transfer China all navies and armies willfully, this proposition is China Senior Official raises, finally undergoes everybody voting decision. As a result, unanimously passes.

Everybody understands that a truth, they give the Xia Tian position to be higher, that Xia Tian is China pays are more. Conversely, although Xia Tian has that authority. But will he use? Cannot absolutely. No matter what happened, Xia Tian can process, even if he could not process, that also had the Xia Family armed forces, therefore his root this level will not mobilize these armies. China these senior officials also understand this truth. Therefore they unanimously passed this proposition. Moreover this flood and field chief marshal's name also temporarily adds, before did not have this position, is China for the contribution that Xia Tian makes, the institute raises specially. This time Xia Tian has not known matter that one win a promotion. Their several people arrived in Chonji now, when they appear, the Yin-Yang of Maoshan protector appeared, the present Maoshan is by protector to manage a household cloudy, after the help of Xia Tian, cloudy protector must immediately break through Earth Grade to be greatly complete. Moreover Maoshan can also continue to maintain supplying of compounded drug now. The blood always blamed after knowing the Maoshan old ancestor's death news commits suicide. He has not looked for Xia Tian to revenge, because he knows that he is not the Xia Tian match, but he also hates himself, if were not initially he led into Maoshan Xia Tian, that Xia Tian will not obtain that many compounded drugs. Is more impossible to catch the Maoshan old ancestors strikes. If Xia Tian died at that time, the Maoshan old ancestors did not use.

Yeah! Helps my elaborate funeral he.” Xia Tian sighed to say. No matter what, the blood old monster has also helped his busy. Relax, we already elaborate funeral, moreover there is a specialist to clean.” Protector to say cloudy. Many thanks.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile. Said anything to thank to me, if not the compounded drug and material that you subsidize, that Maoshan will dismiss in less than ten years.” Protector to say cloudy. Was good, several of us must prepare to launch, you go back to shut tightly the entrance.” The Xia Tian reminder said that their this time goes to do with the deep pond water monster, once they have enraged the deep pond water monster, that nearby water monster can the rebellion, if when the time comes the disciples in Maoshan will meet with a disaster outside. Good, I did not accompany you, after you came up, can ask me to drink.” Protector to say cloudy. After saying goodbye has protected buddhist law cloudy, Xia Tian looked that asked to Eastern Man: „Has your age also planned to launch? Does not fear.” Your boy looks to punch.” Eastern Man saw that Xia Tian teased with him, enraged saying. This all the way, Xia Tian took his age to say the matter frequently, one will say that your so was old, but also ran everywhere , not shy sickness nobody looked after anything. Northern Army helpless shaking the head. He knows Xia Tian in adjustment atmosphere. Drove out the cold pill and evades to caulk eats, we prepared to launch, has remembered, after launching, do not wander about aimlessly, our several were moving together, this should not have an accident.” The Eastern Man reminder said.