Almighty Student - Volume 15 - Chapter 1450
Deep pond water monster, I came.” In the Xia Tian vision has filled excitedly. Defeats since regarding him, previous time saw that the deep pond water monster that deep pond water monster has been he has also hoped he almost dies under the mouth of deep pond water monster, moreover at that time was chased down by North Korean crown prince, therefore Xia Tian has been escaping. Now is but different. The previous his strength is only Profound Grade, moreover is the severely wounded condition, but his strength early has exceeded North Korean crown prince and Maoshan old ancestor. Therefore Xia Tian wants the frontage to try the strength of deep pond water monster. Puff passes! One line of four people plunged into the water directly. When they dive to about five meters. ! Submarine has broadcast a sound, afterward they saw a Tianchi water monster, but the rank is ordinariest, Xia Tian strength or Profound Grade time has been able to cut the Tianchi water monster that kills this rank. Therefore now regarding him, radically is not the difficulty. The Xia Tian left hand changes. Five fingers and make three. Seizes dragon. Puff! The flash, his finger pricked in the flesh and blood of Tianchi water monster. Bang! The Xia Tian left hand makes an effort, has thrown the Tianchi water monster directly.

! A pitiful yell sound transmits. In this time Maoshan. All disciples heard that pitiful yell sound continuously, the master of this pitiful yell sound they knows that is the Tianchi water monster, biology that usually they must facing of cautious and solemn. Moreover they also shut tightly the entrance now, all people know that must have the important matter to occur. When Xia Tian they dive to ten meters, actually to feel the hydraulic pressure existed, moreover here Tianchi water monster were also many. The spatial bright fist of Eastern Man turns here has, the wave with rippling, the Tianchi water monster could certainly see, they do not understand to fend. Sword not sheath in Yin Nie hand. However here most old-style fan device must say that was Northern Army, in the water, his cold ice ability was handy, waved to form the ice casually to puncture with the ice cone, moreover outside was bigger. Senior military officer, the ability in the water has stiffened.” Eastern Man puts on the oxygen saying that before they get down, has prepared the oxygen, to prepare emergency requirement in Xia Tian. That was natural.” Northern Army very proud saying. Whiz! Three people continue to dive, arrived at 20 meters deep place. At this moment, Xia Tian has as if discovered anything, beckons them, afterward their several swim away to that direction with Xia Tian, on the road has met the Tianchi water monster, their several get rid. Swam probably for about five minutes, they arrived at a cave entrance, Xia Tian they have swum away to this cave entrance directly, after swimming has met, Xia Tian direct upwardly swims away. Puff! Xia Tian jumped from the water surface directly, at the same time his left hand wielded lights several to hold on, throws above the wall, the candle has not extinguished, this showed that here had the oxygen . Moreover the candle can also regard the thing that the illumination used. Here unexpectedly is different.” Eastern Man surprised saying.

Em! This is a living witness, looks like a jar stands upside down in submarine is the same, is not being able to come in water, because here does not have the air vent.” Xia Tian nodded, afterward they walk toward inside, after walking has met, Xia Tian starts to inspect the ground and stone wall: „Before here, should have many compounded drugs and materials, but all moved out, should be the spear Shan ancestor does, here did not have the thing, we continue downward, can perhaps not bump into the taken away treasure below.” Good, was a pity, here thing moved out, moreover stone wall was also destroyed, actually otherwise can also have a look here is where, is who remains.” Eastern Man shook the head, he understands that destroys person who the stone wall person takes away the thing, he as if to avoid future trouble, therefore does not want to know here secret. However their several may be present age strongest Expert. Therefore they are definitely old ancestor to penetrate compared with Maoshan submarine, when the time comes found one passively not, that can yes what's the matter. Four people continue to dive, the water pressure was getting bigger and bigger, moreover here Tianchi water monster strength was getting stronger and stronger, they start active threat Xia Tian several people, as if must they expel to be the same Xia Tian. 25 meters! Seizes dragon. Ice cone! Spatial bright fist! Uses the sword! Getting rid that their four people of keeping, gets rid each time very decisively . Moreover the strength is very big, these Tianchi water monsters retreat in defeat again and again, but they are fierce do not fear clashes forward. Really troublesome, below definitely has the treasure, otherwise these fellows are impossible to breakneck.” Xia Tian understands that he cannot continue such to get down again, otherwise their spiritual energy have not waited for consuming by these Tianchi water monsters. Air/Qi the mercury! The left hand of Xia Tian has gripped air/Qi mercury, at the same time, his both hands fast selects to above. The technique of second deep meanings eight Qi. Attraction! Bang!

A leader Tianchi water monster, like this had been thrown by Xia Tian, hits with other Tianchi water monsters in the same place. Is now.” Xia Tian started the fast submergence, Eastern Man their several has also seized the opportunity, afterward dived with Xia Tian together. In Maoshan. Outside exactly what happened, the submarine Tianchi water monster all rebellion, the water surface mighty waves were probably turbulent, moreover often also had the roar of Tianchi water monster to transmit.” Does not know that but listens to the old ancestor absolute right, the old ancestor makes us shut tightly the entrance not to exit, we will not exit not to have anything to be dangerous.” Actually the disciples in Maoshan now were very curious outside what happened, but they also understand that now cannot exit, otherwise might suffer the attack of Tianchi water monster very much, moreover they want to exit unable to exit. Now the entrance has many Expert in a there hand. No one is able to exit. ! At this moment, they heard very terrifying sound, this sound back and forth passes on Maoshan, hears this sound time, all Maoshan disciples were all shocked, they know what this on behalf is anything. The deep pond water monster, some people enraged the deep pond water monster. That is in Tianchi the most terrorist biology, but some unexpectedly people have enraged it now, ended, the entire waters must start the rebellion, the appearance of deep pond water monster can let the above these Tianchi water monster complete rebellions. They will fear. Saw that anything attacks anything. At this time submarine Xia Tian and the others dived to about 38 meters, so long as dives to 40 meters, they will start to seek for cave entrance, is at this moment, they by a huge form blocking. Deep pond water monster, bumped into you finally.” In the Xia Tian vision is to all fight intent.