Almighty Student - Volume 15 - Chapter 1453

Whiz! Hears the Xia Tian drinking sound. That deep pond water monster frightens the disappearing trace directly. Quick. Unusual of running is quick. Sees such scene, Eastern Man and the others very speechless, they have not thought that Xia Tian unexpectedly this deep pond water monster making into this, looked at Xia Tian trembles, actually a moment ago thus it can be seen it was hit by Xia Tian miserable. After the deep pond water monster escaped. The Xia Tian their group four people entered in the living witness. Since later, quick, Xia Tian they stood above the water surface, was just the same as a situation on living witness, after Xia Tian the dark space will have lightened, their four people were shocked completely. Day material treasure. Everywhere is various types of day material treasures, although is that type air dries, but the year looks few is over a hundred years, precious raw materials for medicine in various types of fables all here . Moreover the front also more than ten compounded drug mountains, these compounded drug mountains seem very grand, colorful anything has. My little darling, no wonder the Maoshan old ancestors must regard here are the goals, obtains these compounded drugs and raw materials for medicine, that Maoshan most minimum in 1000 will not need to worry for the supplies.” Xia Tian finally understands the power of Maoshan old ancestor Xiatianchi now. After he definitely the first thing took away, experiences grand of this buried treasure. unexpectedly so many compounded drugs, the compounded drug in each compounded drug pile is the attribute is all different, [gold/metal] Mushui the fire clay, the restoration, cultivation, therapy, treats illness wait / etc., the compounded drugs of various function have, moreover each compounded drug pile of most at least over a billion compounded drugs, these many compounded drugs can definitely support any family to be prosperous.” Eastern Man was also shocked by present situation.

Do not look, receives, you come first, when you receive me to receive again.” Xia Tian looked that said to Eastern Man and the others. Good.” Eastern Man not polite, they have their Chu bag, but the space is not quite big, therefore they received in front of each same compounded drug, finally their three compounded drugs of receiving added less than 100 million, this is their Chu Wudai limit. After seeing they received, the Xia Tian left hand wields. Directly all took in the remaining all compounded drugs and materials the small cauldron. „The thing that boy, your this Chu Wu uses is good, unexpectedly has such big capacity.” Eastern Man exclaims, he is also first time noticed that Xia Tian uses the small cauldron to receive the thing, moreover receives the speed of thing to be also quicker than them. „The Chu bag is just the most preliminary Chu equipment, later had the opportunity to go to the spirit world, there should have high-grade Chu to equip, my small cauldron was special saving.” Xia Tian answered, although nine revolutions of universe cauldrons and military vault of heaven sticks were known as was extremely two big most precious objects of Witchcraft Sect and Maoshan. But in fact, the function of small cauldron was old ancestor that stick to strive to excel compared with Maoshan too. From the ancient book of Maoshan, Xia Tian knew, before Witchcraft Sect and Maoshan, is sect Men, but is because such thing lost, therefore two brothers quarrel to become enemies, after afterward deliberation, Xia Tian discovered that the person who steals away that thing is not others, is the first ghost millet. Looked quickly, on the wall has the character.” Eastern Man walked directly, above that cavern character was destroyed, but this cavern has not come, therefore the character had not been destroyed. pill emperor cavern second. On stone wall the first line writes these large characters. Xia Tian they understand actually finally this was any buried treasure. pill emperor cavern.

No wonder here everywhere is the compounded drug, does not have the weapon. I am pill emperor, is infatuated in the refinement of compounded drug entire life, the collection day material treasure, enters by pill, cultivation arrives at Pinnacle, I may act according to tow to the world of higher level, but my wish, an enemy had not eliminated, its this hidden, he is the blood group king, his within the body has the Ancient big god bloodlines, if not remove him at this time, in the future I will decide however am not his match, therefore I and he will meet in this. My they have fought enough 30 days, finally I strike the powder his Yuan god, but this hidden is actually divided into three bloodlines in within the body, changes into three drops of essence and blood to flush away to three directions, finally I only held a drop of seal on third, and with compounded drug neutralize internal Baleful Qi. pill emperor cavern altogether three, first, I keep pill 200 million, the rank one to nine levels, I call pill \; Second, I leave behind compounded drug 1.9 billion, completely is over seven levels pill \; My three I leave behind miracle cure three, Pill Refining technique. However in the past I crushed the rock with this hidden war, the spate inflow ravine, forms this Tianchi, this inside has me to raise the pet, they protect three entrances separately, each pet strength is different. End! The character on stone wall did not have. Looked that these characters they understood finally, this is the buried treasure that Heaven Grade Expert leaves behind, moreover this person is also not ordinary Heaven Grade Expert, is a super Pill Refining master, becomes a lay priest by pill, changes into the legend. Moreover match unexpectedly of his last war is the blood group first ancestor in legend, this hidden. They are Heaven Grade Expert, moreover is not ordinary Heaven Grade Expert, because ordinary Heaven Grade Expert impossible to penetrate the ravine absolutely, moreover this Tianchi unexpectedly is they fights create. Thus it can be seen in the past the highest strength in this world absolutely was not only Heaven Grade, but was higher, but afterward arrived at Heaven Grade to be attracted the spirit world by that strength. Xia Tian and monster jade chatted. And had Heaven Grade to say.

Heaven Grade Expert that although this world flies upwards are not many, but truly is exists, moreover they, once cultivation arrives at Heaven Grade, cannot continue to stop over in this world, within seven days must choose the person, the monster, in demon three entrance, will otherwise be inhaled in an entrance by random. Rule. This is the rule of this world. This world is unable to hold Heaven Grade Expert, spiritual energy that because Heaven Grade Expert absorbs are many, he suction spiritual energy in this world, such situation of Earth will become more and more bad. Before the situation of Earth was not this. In the ancient times, there are many Expert, at that time spiritual energy between world very rich, so long as were the cultivation Martial Arts person, wanted to arrive at Heaven Grade is not the difficulty, but the cultivation person were afterward getting more and more, spiritual energy that in the world produced was unable to provide for these Expert, finally these Expert were inhaled the spirit world completely. Why this is Kungfu as if all of a sudden the primary cause that vanishes from this world. If not Xia Tian bumps into monster jade, he is impossible to know this matter. Treasure we have succeeded in obtaining, walks, should leave here.” Eastern Man said directly. I want to go to third.” Silent Xia Tian has opened the mouth to say suddenly.