Almighty Student - Volume 15 - Chapter 1455

Bang! Although the explosive force of oxygen cylinder is not too big, but it was away from Xia Tian to be too near, the body that therefore exploded Xia Tian was very painful. What thing?” The eye of Xia Tian to looking around to go, finally anything had not discovered. A moment ago the speed of that shadow was really too quick, the X-Ray Vision eye is unable to catch it, a point that but can determine was, this time absolutely was not the big fellow. Xia Tian has put out an oxygen cylinder once more, in his present small cauldron, the clothes, food, the water, the oxygen cylinder, the flashlight wait / etc. had everything expected to find, to launch, he has prepared many oxygen cylinders. Then troubled.” A Xia Tian brow wrinkle, to the idle mixed position, what his match is long, which in does not know how this may hit, he knows, so long as dare to forward, that opposite party will sneak attack absolutely once more. This time is his luck is good, to only has instead bored through in the oxygen cylinder, that next time? Tries again one time, this time strives to discover its position, or sees clearly its appearance.” Xia Tian has set goal to oneself, this time must complete, moreover this time he does not have the general idea, changed Vampire the body has used directly. The flash, around the body of Xia Tian has covered entirely the black aura, but the eye of Xia Tian also completely turns into the black, but the place of his dorsal left shoulder presented an illusory black wing. After Vampire turns completes, Xia Tian pressure immediately reduced. To! Whiz! The Xia Tian speed obtained growth doubled and re-doubled, in the flash that he rushes, that shadow shoots once more to him, speed very quick, Xia Tian does not dare to continue to forward, because his speed does not have the opposite party to be fast, if continues to forward, will only be hit one to putting on by that shadow. Therefore his hurried fast retreat. Narrow squeak! Air/Qi the mercury, the attraction!

The Xia Tian flash, simultaneously uses these types of abilities. Bang! That shadow was hit to fly by the Xia Tian attraction directly. This Xia Tian saw the shadow true colors clearly, when he sees this shadow true colors, the whole person was shocked. He has a dream has not thought that this biological unexpectedly exists. Although in difference and legend is very big, but he determined that this is in the legend. Dragon! Although this dragon, only then one meter, whole body blue color, but it truly is the coordinated process, China Shenlong of genuine goods at reasonable prices, is not right, is the water dragon, but the dragon in legend is several hundred meters, several kilometers, but Xia Tian at this time front the dragon less than one meter. Whiz! After the dragon has stood firm the personal appearance, vanishes once more, his speed is still that quick. How does this also hit?” Xia Tian this time was completely depressed, although this dragonet seems probably was just born, but he truly is the coordinated process, making a Xia Tian person go to resist with the god beast. The probability of achievement is uncertain. Yeah, in the world the farthest distance is not the birth and death, but is the buried treasure before me, but how I actually cross cannot pass.” Xia Tian sighed saying that at this time he has a dilutedness. „It is not good, I cannot give up, now front was pill emperor cavern third, this hidden essence and blood in inside, I must take it, attains the third drop of this hidden essence and blood my strength likely to have the tremendous changes, when the time comes I had the opportunity to win Lei Feng and Lei 12 kill.” Xia Tian resists solely is not a Lei Feng person, Lei 12 kills. Moreover Lei Feng can promote Heaven Grade with the aid of that gate strength the strength.

Although Xia Tian is known as world first Expert now, but that to Earth Grade greatly complete Expert is world first Expert, but is not Heaven Grade, he has not met Heaven Grade Expert, therefore does not know that actually Heaven Grade Expert has what strength. Puts together one!” Xia Tian clenches teeth, flushes away directly forward, in the instance of rushing, his hand grasped the air/Qi mercury, the right hand uses the technique of second deep meanings eight Qi, the attraction, the left hand to use the technique of third deep meanings eight Qi. The limits of technique of third deep meanings eight Qi are very big. That second casually cannot strive, especially regarding this dragon, its speed is so quick, will not give Xia Tian this opportunity, but Xia Tian must experiment now. He has remembered that point, before is, Dragon Jifei that point, this time, the technique of third deep meanings his beneficial occupancy eight Qi, in this case, when that dragon was struck to fly to be able happen to be attracted. Whiz! Xia Tian saw dragonet starts retreat instantaneously, afterward uses all abilities in turn, exactly right of count-down. Bang! Although the dragonet the speed is fast, striking power, but its IQ is not obviously high, its unexpectedly to a moment ago such fast shuttle in current of water, when it was hit the instance that flies by the Xia Tian attraction. Xia Tian left hand the technique of third deep meanings of eight Qi started. The body of dragonet flew directly to Xia Tian, an ability of revolt did not have, the spirit wisdom of dragonet was not high, Spiritual Force did not have Xia Tian to be high, therefore he is unable to defend this move. Xia Tian just spoke the dragonet to grasp in hand. ! That bug on his arm flew, opens its big mouth instantaneously, afterward dragonet unexpectedly like this was swallowed by it. shit, you have not selected food, how anything eats.” Xia Tian thorough was speechless, he was considering a moment ago still how to cope with the dragonet, but he has not thought that small insect unexpectedly also gave to eat this dragonet.

On the Xia Tian left shoulder were also meanwhile many tattoos of dragonet. Water cover! Wave. This is two new skills that in the Xia Tian mind presents. First tries the water cover.” The Xia Tian left hand wields, a safety mask appears in his surroundings directly, moreover safety mask inside water also completely vanished, in other words Xia Tian does not use the belt oxygen cylinder now: Is so practical, how does not know the defensive power.” Finger of Consonance! Xia Tian own Finger of Consonance has hit directly. Puff! The water cover defended Finger of Consonance, but has also fluctuated, what made Xia Tian surprised was, the water covered unexpectedly to start the automatic repair: In the water this water in the defensive power that covers is almost continuously, even if produced anything to destroy, quick repair, but this move of function on land was not big, once the attack exceeded the withstanding limit that the water has covered, that water will cover will also disintegrate, wanted in the water, the water will cover quickly once more will form.” Xia Tian the water covered effect to be good, like this he profited in the words that submarine fought with others, not only not by the puzzle of hydraulic pressure, will not have the oxygen, the defensive power also will stiffen. The water covered was so fierce, that wave? Xia Tian extended own left hand slowly.