Almighty Student - Volume 15 - Chapter 1456

Wave! Bang! When Xia Tian use wave, the air current flushes away together directly, the current of water as if formed the missile to be the same, flew to shoot directly. Bang! The wave explodes in the stone wall last time, the stone collapsed flew, thus it can be seen this striking power was actually terrorist, moreover this was the long-distance attack, in submarine had the long-distance attack words, after that, if he and in submarine fought, the opposite party has not waited to run up to nearby him by the inadequate human appearance that he hit. At this time deep water overlord dragon by small insect eating, that did not have anything to prevent Xia Tian. Xia Tian directly entered third of pill emperor cavern from the living witness. Puff! After jumping out the water surface, Xia Tian put out the candle to illuminate the entire cavern directly. This cavern is not big, moreover probably will dig out the day after tomorrow, the front has is attractive, the pillar that below that several stone platform carve supports is the different Pill Refining furnaces, stone platform above does not know probably supports with any material quality, is that transparent material quality. If carefully did not look that also thinks that several types of things are the float in airborne. Quite mysterious.” After Xia Tian approaches, goes to the careful observation, he discovered that from far looked is truly transparent, but approached above later to have the character, but Xia Tian has not worried to take these things, but looked to front stone wall. pill emperor cavern third. On stone wall the first line writes these large characters. Like second. My pill emperor.

First few words this, Xia Tian understands that pill emperor affirmed had considered own three buried treasures will not be obtained by the same person, therefore each said that following that several words with second is the same, therefore Xia Tian slightly crossed directly. He looked to behind. This hidden is I have seen the strongest match, but he is bloodata-titlehirsty, the massacre is everywhere innocent, obviously was by the Ancient bloodlines controlling, therefore I hope after being predestined friends person arrived here, easily attempted three drops of essence and blood about in the same place, will otherwise probably turn into second this hidden, I for three miracle cures that in you left behind, my one was used to suppress Baleful Qi, if felt one are unable to control their heart of slaughtering time ate up it. Actually finally I have not flown upwards, but died in own disciple hand, I with this hidden war, is exhausted, finally my disciple sneak attacked, was good uses the final maintaining life method because of me, ran away, what a pity the life was damaged, was impossible to go on living again, I was a person of attaching importance to face, therefore on first two said one flew upwards. If which being predestined friends person can defeat the final that water dragon to enter here, I hope that he may result in my true line, and revenges for me. Although that water dragon is my pet, but its origin is not small, I see its time, it is only a scale, then hatches, hopes that you can kindly treat it, after it, definitely has big using to you. Volume!” Sees here time, the face of Xia Tian was red. Kindly treats? Made that insect on Xia Tian arm eating, but how also to kindly treat. Senior, has sorry, perhaps I could not kindly treat it.” Xia Tian to the stone wall apology. In my life proudest is the Pill Refining technique and controls the hot Secret Art, my disciple the true line of my Pill Refining technique, but also merely is pill's refinement technique, as for controlling the hot Secret Art I have not taught him, because I thought that he not has one's heart in right place. Afterward matter has confirmed me the suspicion. The Pill Refining technique is I homemade, but controls hot Secret Art actually me to discover in a Ancient cavern that is in my life the strongest card in a hand. The words were not many said that waiting for death was the most uncomfortable matter, I am waiting for death now, the soul soon dissipated, said goodbye being predestined friends person. Waits for death, this is biggest suffering.” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head.

pill emperor before dying definitely by enormously suffering, he so is his entire life magnificent, actually died, moreover dies under the sneak attack of own disciple, this definitely makes him very unwilling. However does not have the means. Senior, I will certainly help you revenge.” The Xia Tian entire life most hates is this person, kills including oneself masters, this does not have humanity simply. After stone wall bowed, the Xia Tian vision in the cavern took a fast look around, finally anything had not discovered that without skeleton, in other words pill emperor before oneself die will have buried, buries alive. Quite ruthless, how is he to the hand that oneself get down?” Xia Tian helpless shaking the head. Afterward he moves toward that several stone platform. On first stone platform places is in that pill emperor mouth suppresses the Baleful Qi compounded drug. The Rank 1 miracle cure, controls to be mad pill. The miracle cure is surpasses pill many ranks the compounded drugs, in my life refines pill to be innumerable, but miracle cure only then five, I take next two, remaining three remain here. This controls to be mad pill, takes normally, can strengthen itself the control to the imposing manner. The imposing manner, may be divided, aggressive, murderous aura and Baleful Qi three types. A each imposing manner utilization was good, can play the important role during the fight, but I leave behind such function of compounded drug am to suppress the Ancient bloodlines. Uses carefully! Sees this compounded drug time, Xia Tian understands that the meaning of pill emperor, this controlled to be mad pill to be the compounded drug of miracle cure rank, pill emperor has refined the compounded drug little said also billions, but actually only refined except for five miracle cures. Thus it can be seen, the miracle cure is actually difficult to refine.

Moreover Xia Tian also understood the use of this compounded drug. Xia Tian uses the strength of Heavenly Connection time, uses is aggressive, usually fights time what uses is murderous aura, he has not known as for Baleful Qi is anything, but took this compounded drug after probably, can strengthen own controls to these three imposing manners. First receives.” Xia Tian received this compounded drug, afterward he moved toward the second compounded drug. Sees the second compounded drug time, Xia Tian does not know really should say any was good, the miracle cure is the miracle cure, unexpectedly has such major function. The Rank 1 miracle cure, lives bone pill. Life and death person, meat bones of the dead. So long as the internal organs , the flesh and blood are still retrievable, an arm, seven days restores \; Two arms, one month restore. This compounded drug is I prepares for oneself, what a pity could not use, although I have been cut off a arm, but I must die the person, under the clothing it did not have any to use, therefore one and left you. My little darling, life and death person, meat bones of the dead, are quite overbearing.” Xia Tian by the effect of this compounded drug shaking, but he has thought corrupt wolf, the after arm of corrupt wolf is, is long, should take lived bone pill and so on thing. Also remaining.” Xia Tian looked to the third compounded drug. When he sees the third compounded drug the prefix, the mouth has publicized. Rank 2 miracle cure.