Almighty Student - Volume 15 - Chapter 1457

Rank 2 miracle cure. Sees these four characters time, Xia Tian opened the mouth, the Rank 1 miracle cure has been able the life and death flesh bones of the dead, that Rank 2 miracle cure? The function perhaps is scary, Xia Tian hurried looks to behind. The Rank 2 miracle cure, flies upwards pill. This is only Rank 2 miracle cure that in my life refines, has spent the innumerable day material treasure, for this compounded drug, I have prepared for 50 years, various treasures used not to know many, I went all over across the country, to refine this compounded drug. Compounded drug refines for 50 years.” Xia Tian has held breath cold air, although he understands that this is for the time to seek for various raw materials for medicine and treasures using, but Xia Tian also thought that was really too terrifying. 50 years are only compounded drug. pill emperor also was really wallows Yu Dan dao. Flies upwards pill's function is daytime flies upwards, after an average person takes, the strength may arrive at Earth Grade greatly complete Realm directly, although I called it for the Rank 2 miracle cure, but in fact, its function has gone against heaven's will. Although I have not attempted, but I all removed all side effects, including limit that the average person body can withstand, since this compounded drug will start to hit from the foundation, starts to strengthen from the human body, finally is the strength filling top. Naturally, this flew upwards the pill most major function to give Earth Grade greatly complete Expert to take. Especially cultivation speed quick person. The foundation is not steady, this compounded drug can help its firm foundation. Firm foundation.” Xia Tian at present immediately one bright, Yin Nie had said his foundation is not steady, his cultivation speed is too fast, is greatly complete others cultivation to Earth Grade is spends for over a hundred years, even if the talent high also needs dozens years, but Xia Tian unexpectedly only used six months to be greatly complete to Earth Grade on cultivation, thus it can be seen his cultivation speed quick. Such quick cultivation speed foundation is not definitely steady. Xia Tian has also worried for this matter, but he does not have to think own unexpectedly bumped into here flew upwards pill.

This simply is you wear out iron shoes in hunting round, must come not to be all time-consuming. This flies upwards pill is he most needs now. His cautious and solemn will fly upwards pill to receive, he planned that looked the remaining two platforms take again. On the fourth platform has two jade Jane, this jade Jane with the spirit stone manufactures of remaining many spiritual energy, does not come to see by the eye, but by god knowledge, is Spiritual Force, Xia Tian thinks the knowledge to enter to the first jade Jane. Pill Refining technique! What in this is the pill emperor lifetime sensibility, all pill's refinement techniques, as well as the refinement method of miracle cure, can say that this inside has recorded the pill emperor lifetime sensibility, was here has recorded the appearance of his apprentice. Xia Tian silently this appearance in mind. Afterward he enters the second jade Jane. Controls hot Secret Art remnant! This controls the hot Secret Art, although is only one remnant, but how Professor normal cultivation has actually controlled the flame, can say that this controls the function of hot technique is very big, even if regarding Xia Tian, that also quite useful. Although Xia Tian can also control the flame, what he depends evades the hot Secret Art, his did not call the control flame, but played blindly. Although he has that several types of formidable flame spatially, but he will not use, the time of therefore fighting, the flame absolutely does not have any function, but he, once cultivation became this has controlled the hot Secret Art, that was different. He can fight with the flame, looks like the Northern Army ice is the same.

Although the black fire he was unable to use now easily, but the white fire he could definitely control, after the white fire temperature is the small insect has swallowed that small fire dragon, obtains, Xia Tian will use not to have any burden, so long as his Spiritual Force will be enough, that can the inexhaustible use. The white fire temperature is also very high. Regardless of strong cultivation, if were swallowed by the flame, that is impossible to live, the manpower is unable to contend with the nature, after once Xia Tian practices looked to control the hot Secret Art, his strength will have the tremendous changes. Lei Feng, you are waiting for me.” Xia Tian at this time is incomparable anticipation with Lei Feng the fought. So long as he has defeated Lei Feng and Lei 12 kills, that this world on thorough was tranquil, moreover after he has solved Lei Feng them, he will also go to the world of human beings the entrance, they also one and solves the drunkard. Such this world will again not have the person who anything surpasses the limit, although also has the monster jade, but the monster jade will only help Xia Family, will not feel embarrassed Xia Family, is unable to send for in a short time again as for the demon entrance and world of human beings entrance, because each faction person comes, that needs to spend very big resources. Afterward Xia Tian moved toward last stone platform, that blood Xia Tian incomparable familiar, it is also Xia Tian arrived here ultimate goal. This hidden essence and blood. Obtained it, that Xia Tian strength can have the tremendous changes, but at this time this hidden essence and blood by seal in an airtight vessel, if before, Xia Tian will open this easily directly to absorb this hidden essence and blood without hesitation. However looked at the words of pill emperor, Xia Tian has not worried. He understands that pill emperor is not frightening him absolutely. Once after he fused three drops of this hidden essence and blood, that really may becomes will refuse to acknowledge family, finally may even slaughter, he does not hope one turn into a killing devil. Xia Tian this walks not to know that has killed many people.

He does not understand one so are why bloodata-titlehirsty. Initially when under Diancang Mountain, that statue told him has maintained the conscience, moreover finally the statue was changes into the powder directly to enter to his body, this point Xia Tian has guessed. The strength of Heavenly Connection he obtains is an attribute of bloodthirsty. But the master of that statue knows after one obtain the strength of Heavenly Connection, does not have the means that but extinguished the flame the matter to move the opposite party, therefore the powder of opposite party effort statue helped itself kill the heart stably, will not be taken killing devil path by oneself. Naturally, all these are only his guess. Whistling! This hidden essence and blood.” The Xia Tian left hand took that close vessel directly, afterward he took in that vessel the small cauldron directly. Flies upwards pill. Xia Tian put out flew upwards pill, the first matter that he must do, was consolidates own cultivation is, moreover was here, cultivation time most abstained from that was disturbed, where has not compared here more peaceful, therefore Xia Tian started cultivation directly here. So long as consolidated my cultivation is, my strength will also be increased, moreover after me, to not promote Realm worried.” The Xia Tian whole face anticipates looks flying upwards pill in own hand. Thump. Xia Tian swallowed directly flew upwards pill.