Almighty Student - Volume 15 - Chapter 1458

Xia Tian to fighting Lei all Expert? This news spreads the world has shocked, although the Xia Tian strength is obvious to all, everybody also called him for world first Expert, however the strength of Lei was not cracks a joke. The strength of Lei most core is Lei Feng, then also has the technique of jointly attacking 12 to kill compared with Lei Feng also strong Lei, finally also has of corrupt wolves China four big Expert. The strengths of these people are topest. Xia Tian unexpectedly must by these Expert of person of strength alone war Lei. Although the Xia Tian strength is truly strong, but everybody does not think that he can succeed. After all the strength of Lei is not weak. Their family is known as the world most Qiangjia Clan. „Did you hear? first under Heaven Expert Xia Tian takes one person to fight Lei all Expert, hears probably the war of life and death.” I heard before them, has grievances, moreover now their family is in the world the biggest family, if not destroy completely a side, that another side is unable to sleep peacefully, was just a pity that this time allows the person strength that watches to result is above Earth Grade, the Earth Grade following person can only outside and other news.” Yeah, has been a little a pity, such splendid war unexpectedly does not have the means to watch.” The matter that now in the Expert mouth in world discusses is this, they understand that this fought unable to avoid, they must certainly have a side to disappear from this world, if Xia Tian has won, then the person of Lei could meet with a disaster, if Xia Tian lost, that Xia Family person must meet with a disaster. This relative.

Looked that finally who can obtain to win. Both sides that at this time is going to carry on the fight both very tranquil, all in Xia Family with normal time is the same, does not have the slight tense feeling, everyone is as is always busy at own matter. The person of Lei does not have, rests in own family. This time Xia Family. How Boss has not come back, subscribed the good day to arrive.” Qi Huan depressed saying. He should go to Hidden Sect directly, did not need to manage, time almost we, before walking, opened family big was good, when the time comes affirmed that nobody dares to sneak attack, simultaneously protected is selecting the Jiang Hai City public security.” The Eastern Man reminder said. Good , can only go to Hidden Sect to look for the Boss.” Qi Huan nodded. In Hidden Sect. Big brother, the time will draw near, you said that Xia Tian clearly knows will lose, why does he also want to agree with your meeting?” Corrupt wolf puzzled asking. He is young and impetuous, therefore is impossible to reject, although his strength is good, what a pity here I can mobilize the Heaven Grade strength, regardless of he is strong, will not be my match.” Lei Feng very self-confident saying. Big brother, can that let me and he fights one? Has you in any case, he cannot I be what kind.” The strength of corrupt wolf had been recently increased, especially after spirit stone and compounded drug have shipped, he now regarding his strength that is very self-confident. He believes that could not win Xia Tian, before the looks like that was also impossible to lose was so miserable, in the Heavenly Connection tower, he fought with the fists by Xia Tian but actually, this matter regarding him was the shame, he must struggle this face.

Even if loses, cannot be so miserable. If can win, that was better, he can renovate him the image in world person heart. Good, you practiced recently, Xia Tian is not an affable lord.” Lei Feng reminded, he knows the Xia Tian skill, he does not think the corrupt wolf can win Xia Tian, but he must be self-confident to the corrupt wolf, because after corrupt wolf , may help his busy. In his front, corrupt wolf will not have an accident absolutely, when the time comes covets the wolf, so long as lost, he immediately gets rid to rescue. Thanks the big brother.” The corrupt wolf was also worried that Lei Feng did not agree, hears Lei Feng to agree now, that was the mood is naturally extremely good. Me told that anything thanked, time remaining are not many, went to cultivation with a sense of urgency.” Lei Feng smiles was saying. Was getting more and more near from the time of martial arts contest. Inside and outside Hidden Sect totally has blocked, only then Earth Grade above Expert can enter Hidden Sect, the Earth Grade following person can only in the Mount Tai superior news, Xia Tian Expert all come, but has not seen the Xia Tian trace. They have not worried to enter to Hidden Sect, but is waiting outside. Summer hasn't Senior come? Other Xia Family people came, is he preparing what big unique skill? Really too anticipated, if I if there is opportunity to experience this war, that is makes me little live for ten years I also to want.” Do not have a dream, side some people said a moment ago is willing little to live for 50 years, the custom that others decide is this custom, we definitely could not go, but we can actually witness the time of this miracle, had the news, we can hear, after remaining sides were, world strongest strength.” Right, after this matter definitely is, capital that everybody talked, so long as we heard this result, after that exited, how, no matter others said that we can correct him, because we were the people who received the firsthand news.”

At this time outside these people also very excited, although they are unable to go to watch the competition, but their does not have, wants to wait for the good news here. In these people have to support Lei, there are to support Xia Tian. However majority of supports Lei, because they think that Xia Tian is impossible to win, because here is the domain of Lei, Xia Tian must defeat that many Expert of Lei by a person of strength, this is impossible to complete. „Does the Xia Family person, Xia Tian dare to come? Does not dare to come to admit defeat, leaves here the ink marks, you have a look at the time, this soon was a better time.” The corrupt wolf comes out to shout from Hidden Sect loudly. Corrupt wolf, you forgot the old Freshman fist to knock down the person who you matter, your this company second move could not catch, had any qualifications to comment our eldest children.” Qi Huan very impolite saying. You court death.” The corrupt wolf most hates is others mentions him with him by Xia Tian has punched the matter. Corrupt wolf, do not know the profound appearance, if not the Boss does not make us begin, I already killed you, depended on you also to match with me speaks this words.” Qi Huan puts on three sages to come, present he bumps into Lei Feng he not to fear outside that say nothing was the corrupt wolf. Qi Huan, you , if man, that, compared with me, I must have a look at your Xia Family to have any cow B but actually.” Corrupt wolf wicked looks at Qi Huan to say. „Didn't corrupt wolf, I punch you?” At this moment, drank to pass from behind greatly.