Almighty Student - Volume 15 - Chapter 1459
Hears this sound time, the complexion big change of corrupt wolf. Because he understands the master who this sound who is, if were others dares saying that he, he coming up gratefully will hit absolutely, but the master of this sound was not others, was Xia Tian. Let him go with Xia Tian to hit? This is the affirmation, but cannot be absolutely here. But in front of inside that many Expert, upright and frank hits with Xia Tian. Boss, you came finally.” Qi Huan excited saying. Time was just good.” Xia Tian shows a faint smile, afterward the vision took a fast look around one on the bodies of surrounding these people: Brothers who comes to the position long way, family that this world can only have calculation that said that that is our China Xia Family.” Sees Xia Tian that powerful the manner, on these person of faces of scene is envies and worships. They hope one one day can also achieve Xia Tian the Realm. Summer doesn't Senior, why make us go to look?” Some people raised this question. Brothers, in inside, the person who can see the fight truly are not many, person almost anything of surrounding cannot hear, moreover I and their fights are not each family, is the war of life and death, when the time comes I feared that injures accidentally you, therefore is here and other news.” Xia Tian as if not worry, but in patient communicates with outside these people. Sees the Xia Tian appearance, everybody knows that anything is called the true Expert style. This time Xia Tian is the Expert style. Although he must face the war of life and death immediately, moreover match entire Lei all Expert, but his as if worry does not have, on the face is brimming with the smiling face. Summer Senior, we did not delay you, you went in directly.” Everybody has not asked anything again, after all Xia Tian had replied question that they most want to ask.

Goes in must go, but before going, who do I want to ask here the person of Lei?” Xia Tian looked that asked to the surrounding these people. „The Xia Family gate, these people of guarding a gate all are Lei, top Earth Grade Expert.” Some people shout hurriedly, they think that can reply Xia Tian issue, that is very proud matter. Good.” Xia Tian corners of the mouth slightly one slanting. Bang! Bang! Bang! In instance that he vanishes, Expert of that several Lei has fallen to the ground, is only the flash, Expert of dozens Lei completely. As the gift, their things, you can take casually.” Xia Tian said that walks toward the Hidden Sect entrance directly, Xia Family Expert also followed, at this time the corrupt wolf stands in same place, the complexion is pale. Xia Tian unexpectedly like this has disregarded him, worked as his surface to give to hit that many people of Lei. As if in the Xia Tian eye, he is the air is the same. Has not paid attention to him slightly, moreover after having hit the person, but also makes the surrounding these people snatch these person treasures. Hateful, Xia Tian, I must make you pay the price.” Corrupt wolf wicked saying, he also directly followed afterward, but he has walked in Xia Tian they behind, he does not want they to be orthogonal walking with Xia Tian. Boss, do we such go in? What does not draw a scroll to light a fireworks?” Qi Huan asked. Naturally cannot such go, on the road asked to me, so long as is the person of Lei, sees one to call one me.” Although Xia Tian will not plan to investigate these people from now on, but he must hit now. This probably is stands in line to be the same, these Expert choices stand in Lei Feng jia one team, that Xia Tian must hit, making them know the fate of standing wrong team. Such satisfies a craving, the Boss, can we hit?” Qi Huan asked. Naturally is not good, I hit teach them, you hit, that made war.” Xia Tian shook the head, the appearance that sees Xia Tian that face smiling face, Qi Huan and the others are very happy, recently Xia Tian was the pressure was too possibly big, on his face little had the smiling face.

They discovered that before the Boss became no longer looks like, was so open. However now they saw Boss again, that Boss who they know, on the face is always brimming with the Boss of smiling face. Good, wants to repair one really maliciously this fellows.” Qi Huan grasped the fist to say. Ha Ha, you now were a household head, can the dignity, often do not get rid dozen of people, many were not good.” Xia Tian reproved with a smile. I knew, Boss.” Qi Huan said. Quick, they have arrived at the Hidden Sect entrance. Has the Earth Grade strength, if no, leave to me.” Guards very impolite saying, they saw recently for serveral days too fishes in troubled waters, had been blocked by them finally outside. Bang! Bang! Their words just said that the body flew. A person of fist. No one has run. Some people stir up trouble!” Saw that here guard was hit, immediately some people shout, the surrounding these people of Lei all flushed. What person? Dares to act unruly in Lei Jia.” Earth Grade late stage Expert shouted to clear the way loudly. Xia Tian.” Xia Tian corners of the mouth slightly one slanting, afterward his body vanished in directly same place, Earth Grade Expert that at the same time these flushed, was all hit to fly by Xia Tian. What? Xia Tian.” That Earth Grade late stage person has not waited to end surprisedly, his body also flew, afterward his face and ground have made the most intimate contact.

Yeah, insufficiently hits.” Xia Tian shook the head, afterward continues toward front walks. The corrupt wolf looks the person who these hit was more depressed: Hateful, next time must remind these fools, otherwise the people of Lei must be hit one to spread.” Xia Tian this is bullying the person obviously. But they did not have any means that who makes them not hit Xia Tian. Xia Tian continues stand forth, this all the way, Xia Tian saw the person of Lei hits, has overthrown Lei Feng's inhabited area from the entrance, the person who this sees a play all the way may be many, their gradually follows in Xia Tian. In the person who Boss, front these guards a gate has much is Earth Grade greatly complete Expert.” Qi Huan at present one bright. Hits the average person, even if hit has not been feeling well, but if has hit Earth Grade greatly complete Expert, that was called a crispness, at this time Xia Tian saw that these Earth Grade greatly complete Expert probably were the wolf saw the meat was the same. Runs!” The corrupt wolf hurried clashes from behind, shouts loudly. But, Xia Tian moved. Bang! Earth Grade greatly complete Expert by Xia Tian was knocked down. Here is Lei, who dares to act unruly in this.” Earth Grade greatly complete Expert shouts, he thinks himself, so long as shouted Lei, that opposite party definitely will fear. Next person of taking a beating was you, but also T. M in this act high and mighty.” Xia Tian said that the body vanishes once more is in-situ.